Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Cop Motto

"Protect and Serve" is painted on the doors of police cars in many places.  I guess it is San Diego city that has that.  I don't know about the others or what is on highway patrol.

But how many times when I encountered or observed police were they protecting, or serving?  Not often.  I usually see them hiding, trying catch someone on a traffic violation so they write tickets.   At times they do protect people.  Those are generally the same instances in which their behavior qualifies as serving, I think.

A more accurate motto would be, "Mop Up and Disturb".  Most of the time, when you deal with a cop, it is after a crime was committed, violent or otherwise.  They are mopping up the mess.  Or they are disturbing you, maybe at a roadblock, or when you are minding your own business at an overlook on Sunrise Highway.

Just another example of how we accept language that is way off the mark.

Thank You, whatever you are, etc.

I thought I'd start of with a nod of thanks to whoever and/or whatever has looked after me all this time.  By rights I could be unhealthy, dead, dead more than a few other times, or homeless on the street in any of the listed conditions.  Unhealthy and dead are about all that I listed.  Still, I think I get a lot of milage out of the little bit of constructive effort I exert, and the few good decisions I make.

It really is my own fault that I don't have more to show for my time here on this planet that seems to need saving.  It seems that way to lots of people, but I never would have thought in terms of the planet needing saving--not in those words.

I was writing down ideas for all kinds of recycling products long before Hollywood geniuses were suggesting we use only one square of toilet paper per visit.  Long before they were experts on renewable energy and the evils of exhaling CO2.

That is partially why I believe good engineering and clever business would naturally gravitate toward things that don't require fishing new resources out of the ground as much, and would be cheaper.  It is how the honest inventor thinks, provided his God is not government and public money.  That is how I thought before I found out how it work and went into a decade of pure shock and grief.

I understand the need for certain regulation, to a point, but that does not change the fact that people are, and been, suckered.  Some of it may be the natural flow of things--not conspiracy, not planned, just the result of allowing the system to evolve as it has.  The point is, government influencing industry through subsidies, grants, etc., and over regulating--with chosen members of "the business community sitting in and advising--slows true beneficial progress, and even kills it sometimes.  No way to see that from the outside because the casualties rarely get that far.

Thugs are thugs, whether they be in business or government.   Odd how the thugs of business tend to be in bed with the thugs of government.  Even the good guy who got where they are without that biblical knowledge of politicians and other officials, tend to eventually join the club.

Why do you think that is?  I don't think it is to promote an environment which would give rise to a Steve Jobs or Bill Gates in that industry.

Checking out Huffington Post.  Man, they are so wound up in Democrat vs Republican land they lose sight of why anything is there at all.  Their latest contribution to divisive politics is a poll about who would want to see in Congress.

At first I thought it was a quiz on how much you'd love to see me there, or Batman, or some particular person.  No, it was about what condition of birth would you like to see the members possess.  Seriously?  I would like to see more semi-anarchists, highly libertarian leaning people there.  What does that have to do with women or men?  I'll take all Asian women if that is how they think.

Huffpo tends to group people by ethnicity and sex, then pretend you don't really belong to that group unless you think a certain way.  The way they think; which means when considering what you want from the group that wields power over things some prefer they not, in many cases, first thing you consider is tribal ID, based on race and whether they are male, female, or other.  Huffpo readers would like to see more women there.

I would like to see more restraint, and generally more running things the way I prefer it.  If that unlikely fantasy group turns out to be women, fine. If it is 100% White men, fine, 100% Black men, fine.  The point is, I don't care what they look like.  I care about what they do.  And I'm not even sensitive to the feeling of ethnic groups.  But I am apparently less racist and sexist than a big chunk of the population, and less so that Huffington Post.

Sorry, it was on my mind.

Lots of work for this little period of time.  Work here at behest of landlord.  Work elsewhere because of I don't know what.  And the new me project is still moving toward the goal of neat, tidy, organized, and seductive.  The good things is that I haven't allowed any backsliding on the progress that has been made.  Habits are improving.

Unlike many people, I can change certain habits.  Some are tougher than others.  My advantage is that I have never been anywhere too long, and never tied myself to anything or anyone to the point that I can be all that set in my ways, even if I want to.  That has an obvious downside, but I'm mining the silver lining here.

That fits in with my thought that as much as I'd like to own this cabin, I think I'm better off not owning anything out here.  Too many things trap people in this area and then they almost have no choice but to stay.  There is always a choice.  Just not always a pleasing choice.

That is another thing that blows me away;  we live in a time when ownership of much is punished in many ways, yet the many of owners in this nation tend to support self-punishment.    I'm really not a nut.  People have always pointed at differing viewpoints and labeled the nutcases, often finding in the long run that the nutcase was right.

You'll see that I am right, if you live long enough.  It may take awhile.  Already I'm seeing comments about how insane the idea of getting rid of the IRS and this tax code is.  Some ignorant stuff about how that is putting us back pre-Constitution to the Articles of Confederation.  Hey, there was no income tax for a long time, and they had to ramrod an amendment to the Constitution to get it done.   There are other ways which do not involve abuse, confusion, corruption, and prejudice.

You would not believe how great it feels to walk into this place in the evening or afternoon.  Cool, calm, inviting.  It is like entering another dimension.  From the front, there's no way you'd guess what it is like inside and out back.  The impact is far greater with 90% less clutter than there was.


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