Thursday, September 13, 2012

Got to be Kidding

Here we have the Secretary of State, the President, and no telling who else apologizing for a film which was unknown until embassies were attacked. It is clearly a trumped up diversion. Seriously, if they wanted an excuse they could find any number of things on the internet which do not discuss islamist states or that whole culture in a favorable light.

I seriously doubt Hillary and Barack have viewed any of this flick. It is comedy, at best. I couldn't find the full length version but I found various parts, which combine to account for maybe a third of the film, assuming it is 1.5 hours in length. It was very amusing because it seems to have been shot against a green screen then pasted over the desert background.

In one part he is entering and exiting a tent, and since the desert part is an added background, it looks like everyone is walking in mid-air.

No one in the world would reasonably consider this the usual American made movie. And no one of any sense would apologize for it on behalf of a nation, especially since hardly anyone had ever heard of it until they began ranting and pillaging overseas, using the film as an excuse.

It is serious business what is happening, and seems to be choreographed, but by whom, I wouldn't speculate. One thing for sure, there is no way that this unknown bit of comedy movie making is really the culprit. To even address that by condemning it or acknowledging it does nothing but give validity to the murderous vandals and to the film itself.

The entire scenario, and the official reaction, is impossible to believe. I wonder what is really up. The stories being put out about outrage over an unknown video and an inadequately protected embassy stretch credibility to say the least.

This is the result of governments and religions running amok in the world for so long. People are conditioned to believe in both in a way that precludes reason or productive rebellion. So we all become useful idiots for whatever program of control it is that is being promoted.

At any rate, I wouldn't pay money to see that film, but it is good for some WTF? type chuckles. It is certainly less offensive than real life films of religious stonings led by imams.

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