Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Sometimes F You is All There is To Say

There are times when my immediate, and lasting reaction to someone or some thing is F*** You!!!!
The above photo is such a case.

Having lived through S. Florida's massive immigration period, and having visited several of our third world neighbors many years ago, even getting a taste of early Castro, I am hyper aware of the blatant lies and hypocrisy of so-called immigration activists.

We have much more lenient, far more hospitable policies that just about any country.  Mexico will kick your ass if you try to hop over their southern border without permission. If you are lucky.  I understand they shoot them a lot.

If people were not so scared of freedom, and understood that compassion is not stealing from one neighbor to serve another, most of what now complicates immigration would not be.

I have considered living elsewhere for extended periods of time.  It never occurred to me to enter a country without observing their laws of entry,  then to protest and demonstrate because I wanted them to spend tax money how I see fit.  I want more services from this place, whose language and signs I don't understand, so I will make a big scene.   OK.  In most countries, if you try that, they'll yank you off the streets in two seconds, and they won't treat you well.  Get locked up, and if you are fortunate, get deported.

Seriously, check out what it would take for you to live in another country for a few years, or forever.  It is impossible in many cases.   New Zealand likes you if you are young and rich. No average Joes .  Certainly be younger than 50 or 40.  And you best be a person of means.  Certainly don't expect to be welcomed anywhere but the USA if you have no means.

It is another problem that has been created by filthy corrupt idiots.  Now, because it means huge voting blocs and power, the same corrupt idiots pretend it is new, unusual and pressing so they can reap the harvest.

My message to those who cross the border near where I live:   Stop with the litter!!!!  The mess these people make is substantial.  At least put it all in a bag and hang it on a tree.  They throw toilet paper--used-- up on bushes, diapers, too, bottles, cans, paper and cloth of all sorts, just scattered about.    But that toilet paper thing.  It is like someone decorated the bush like a Christmas tree, except they used used toilet paper from which to fashion the ornaments.

Duped.  People are so duped, and in many circles, unless you are happy with that, you are not cool.
Some ATF stuff back in news--mostly because those evil republicans are hammering them still about Fast and Furious, and about retaliating against whistle blowers who expose their corruption.

Why have an ATF?  The motive is corrupt from the start, so you think the agency is not going to be shite?

The world people are willing to accept and finance, with ATF, IRS, Health insurance mandates,  and rules so numerous no one knows how many exist--they multiply too fast to keep track---is not a world in which I do well.  The people I should have beat to a bloody pulp in 4th grade are running the show.

If you found it as annoying as I do, there would probably be a huge uprising of some kind, or at least a resistance which is now not evident.  But, I am the one who is a misfit.  The Che T-shirt crowd, neo-bolsheviks, and obnoxious theocrats, and those who will follow anything that keeps them feeling part of the crowd are the mainstream majority who carry the day.

Not the smartest people ever, but they see it to their advantage.  Short sighted, unprincipled creeps.  Oh well, it is better to be considered cool, and never fall into a group or belief which might be ridiculed by an ignorant comedian than to admit what is true, right, or about to run you down and ruin your life.


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