Thursday, January 8, 2009

So I Remember the Bliss

Many times over the last several months I've found myself enough in the moment that regret of the past and angst for the future disappear. I was at a spot in Alpine today which afforded a cool view of mountains and a highway down below. It brings on a feeling that is hard to tag. Appreciation of being in that place at that time, I guess. And I feel extremely fortunate that I am here. It's like finding unexpected treasure; I feel lucky.
Perhaps it is a disorder of some kind, but I have always been affected by the geography of places, and on top of that by the vibe---whatever that is. Different places have a different feel. Often, I like a place but don't feel very at home. Some places, I just don't like the feel.
So far I feel more at home here than I have anywhere. It is likely that because California is known for being nuts and over the top, it feels more normal to me than other places I've lived. Hopefully it will remain so. Of course I'm not in San Francisco or LA or Oakland or any of that. One thing I noticed, which is a stark contrast to the South; people don't appear to care if you're "not fum 'round here". Of course, out here there is less reason to have a bumper sticker that reads, "We don't care how you do it Up North!" (or in New York).
It used to be a thing that people would rant about "Up north..bla bla bla.." Or "In New York, etc ..". That happened enough that there actually were bumper stickers like I said, and everyone knew exactly what it meant. I'm glad to be out of the fray, although I get defensive when people express a view of the south which is like the Hollywood cartoonish view. I guess I still consider them family, so I can say they are nuts but if you express some stereotypical view I get offended.
I'm happy if you write off CA. I'm here and glad, so who cares if anyone else shows up? So many people are already here that the place could break off any day from the sheer weight of the population.

Another Secret Musical Rite On Ballistic Mountain

Caleeforneeya, like the sea, does strange things to a man.
This is a secret melody which operates not wholly unlike some of the better rituals of bygone religions. All the best ones have been driven out of business by the "God is no fun" folks.
This little tune will put some zip and zing into the coming year. so to speak.

This is also how I get the coyotes to pipe down when they party too raucously. So, two birds with one stone; secret rites of a classified nature, and coyote crowd control.

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