Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Bears: have we given them too many rights?

One of the most surprising revelations from my experience on the BallisticTour was that everywhere you go in the west you are badgered about how to treat bears. No one seems to be asking the bears to be polite, only the people. Of course many people have fed and otherwise trained bears to know where junk food is, what coolers are for, and to seek human activity for free meals and vandalistic entertainment.

Even so, I hold that they need to observe at least a few rules themselves. Number one would be, don't mess with my stuff. Or eat my children. Well some children might not be missed, but most of them should be off limits. I think this is a real fear.

Just check out this evidence of a bear about to eat a cute child, then tell me this special bear treatment hasn't gone on too long. It is time our fellow mammals are taught manners, as well as those humans who appear to be witless.

case closed

Ooops!!! Maybe we were too late

Movie Review: Eli

Actually, it is called The Book of Eli. I won't spoil it but there is a twist to it here and there. The tough part is buying into the premise of the villain's motivation. Denzel's screen presence works regardless of story or script. The acting was good enough all the way through. Pretty much. Jennifer Beals and Mila Kunis were good just because they are naturally hot.

Much of the story uses the same technique some promos for local news teams use; slo-mo walking with camera angle shooting somewhat from the ground up to give that bigger than life effect. The NFL promos used to do some of that too. If you like slo-mo walkin', this is the flick for you.

It held my attention throughout and I would have stayed and watched the sequel had they kept going. It looks like one could happen, but I doubt it would work well unless they are more clever than I think they are.

It's set in a post massive war era. Must have been a nuke fest. This won't spoil anything, but the people who made cannibalism their main dinner habit all had very shaky hands. That's how people knew. You go into some strange place and they want to see your hands to be sure you won't filet them when they aren't looking.

Now I need to find out if a steady diet of human really does that. It could prove useful in avoiding cannibals down the road sometime. You never know. And since predators generally like herbivorous prey, I fear that normal omnivorous humans who turn cannibal might want to eat vegetarians first. Of course, I'd be happy to throw the obnoxious ones, who try to influence the diets of others, to the wolves, as it were.

I'm going to learn that slow motion power walk thing. People automatically think you are special, somewhat mystical, and tough when you can do it right. It is better for your image than even the moon walk.

I give the movie a solid B maybe a B+. Just solid B I think. Not bad. I actually wanted to see The Blind Side, but it wasn't playing there any more, and this was the movie that was playing in just a few minutes when I arrived at the theater.

A side note: the place is called Edward's Cinemas, however at night, since the neon is not working throughout the sign, it becomes "Edwar inemas". I never enter after dark--just in case.

This was a late birthday present to myself. One of many, I'm sure. It seems I've only seen one other movie there. I don't hit the theater much. A costly place. I wait for Hulu or Redbox. Or the library.

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