Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Some Things

Misinformation, defamation, and excused cruelty seem to be the way of it,. At least as far as media/hollywood/NY entertainment and trend setting goes. Letterman has become unwatchable, and he epitomizes the syndrome.

One thing I've noticed which I resent, and think is destructive, is how hollywood has portrayed and, in some ways, diluted AA. Their portrayal amounts to half truths, and the result in real life is the sort of thing you see with celebrity rehabs and the jargon that goes with it. Sex and alcohol are not synonymous, neither is food. There may be some common element, but the actual deal is not the same. It is a sick world.

Once again I feel like there is a media propaganda blitz going on. Maybe on more than one front. Of concern is that anyone opposed to over bearing big brother style government is somehow considered a radical. Any militia group is called right wing and Christian. I'm not sure how SDS and their modern counterparts are labeled. If you don't know SDS, ask the Chicago democratic party operatives. The smear is dangerous because it seems to be happening in a way that makes it hard to reasonably explain that one favors freedom over the alternative, and that he sees the direction we've taken since before FDR as a path toward the alternative. The racial struggle tended to mask that, and at least the caste was broken in the legal sense.

I wish everyone had benefit of hearing and reading Thomas Sowell and some of those people. Too bad he's getting a little old to be president. He'd have never taken a job like that anyway. He would rather just live a good life and tell the truth, like it or not.

I finally mailed in the stupid census form. I can just hear that one smarmy character on one of these blogs lecturing with the same drivel the advertisements for it spew. Does it not seem odd that you have to pay money out of state, then beg for the money back to meet local needs? Do you think none is lost along the way? Geez.

Why do they need to know if I rent, what's my name, and my phone number? It is not paranoia. The reason the powers were so limited constitutionally was because the people writing it were paranoid that given the chance, any state would grow into a big brother oligarchy. Obviously, they were right. Additionally, despite assurances that the info will not be used to prosecute people or collect tax, that very thing has been done and documented in the last 15 years. Agencies have developed a habit of breaking their own rules and getting by with it. The IRS has no rules so I guess that means they are squeaky clean.

So, I answered most things on there. I do not technically own a phone so no number for them. If you have a phone, what possible good would it do to provide that. They may have a question about an answer? The only legitimate question is "how many people live here?". That is easy to understand.

The race one is tough. White is not a race. Not even a skin color. That is the color of white out, whiiped cream, and computer paper. Never have seen skin of that ilk. So, if you aren't sure of all your mix, but you look more English than African, I guess you be a cracker. I've been called "cracka m--f--r" before, and "gringo", too. Are those racial slurs?

I almost checked the box for other, under the race question. I thought about putting "gringo" in the blank. Or taupe.

Sick world. Because there are groups who are all about jumping up and down so big bro will cast his favor upon them. They think the short term gain will be worth it. Suckers. They'll eventually get slammed like the rest of us. You cannot nail one group to benefit another for long without it being trouble. You'll see. Freedom is the best way, and that precludes this racial favoritism and letting ethnicity substitute for reason.

I know. That stuff has really been driving me nuts lately. So much pretense. Oppressive states almost always claim they are about a higher purpose and paint the picture of the greater good, and people's glory. It is bullshit. We are living in a country that is headed toward it.

There are people in congress who think Castro's Cuba is a realistic model for healthcare and else. Have these people ever known a Cuban who wasn't part of Fidel's government? Are they just plain idiots?

Winter's back. It's down in the low 40s. Brrr. Sort of like dog years; 42 deg. F in SoCal is like minus 2 in most places.

I'm starting a new thing; sun day. It is time we took steps to save the sun. It's up to us. I believe the sun has a fever, or maybe a cold. Whichever it is, if we don't act now, next summer is going to be hotter than it has been all year. So, best way to help is to use mirrors to recycle the sunlight--send it back where it came from so we don't run out. I'll bet I can get school kids to go along with this, and their teachers will no doubt go along. Then we can put pressure on parents, and perhaps the little offspring will report to us if their parents are hogging sunlight, contributing to the demise of the sun.

I'll bet there are ways to tax this behavior. Those who create highly reflective deserts should get tax credits, and trees, and other sun suckers should be taxed. I'll be selling photon credits.

Maybe It Is Just Laziness

Maybe, but more likely it is the confusion that comes when reason meets conventional wisdom and other well worn lies. It's the same sort of thing that causes people who have it all to trash it for gutter snipes and the like. Then they go to sex rehab in AZ.

I don't think these things are the result of overactive libido or much else other than the internalizing of what many sources tout as fun and upllfting. Possible interpretation of peer views regarding things that boost ego. Some are more susceptible to nonsense than others. I stand guilty of that much of my life, even if not quite in the same way as these famous rich nincompoops, whose names are unimportant. We know who they are.

If only the clash left me rich and driven like it does some. Instead I remain somewhat frozen. For decades now, I remain. And I go back and forth with cigarettes. Such a dumb thing. Then again, the general reaction to it is even dumber. I'll handle it. At least I find the lozenges useful. What happened? I was quit for long periods at a time.

Nothing happened. I just don't know what I want out of life, or for my life. I can't form the mental picture, even though I believe the solo life with minimal interaction is not healthy. Besides people look at you (or I imagine they do) and think, "'s the quiet loners who usually do those crazy crimes". But, I don't. Really. I'm just frozen much of the time. And at the same time, I have it pretty good.

I have friends who know what they want yet have almost none of it. That leaves them in a bad space. Deep down I think I believe I can get what I want to materialize, should I know what it is I want. Maybe I am actually content to some degree but feel guilty because I think I should not be content. The lack of drama is a good thing, in my book.

It is all luck on my part. Without the kindness of strangers and friends, no telling where I'd be. On a good day I'm able to prove useful to some degree to those same people. That is always a relief. Half the time you want to be useful or helpful and it is all for naught.

I saw a vulture fly off carrying what appeared to be the remains of a snake. Either that or it was a healthy length of intestine from a unit of road kill. I saw no evidence of that so the snake gets my vote. It was an unusual sight. The thing flew up right in front of me as I was driving on a slow curvy road out there. Could be an omen of some kind. Probably foretells great fortune and a magnificent love life.

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