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Radio Talk Show Host Review: Rick Roberts is another self serving bastard

OK. Call me stupid. Ask me, "What did you expect?". No problem, because I already beat you to it. I thought I'd see what it was like to call a show since I had a vaguely supportive, but coming from another angle, point.

Rick Roberts (spit grr, vomit) was playing Michele Obama's latest public service ad encouraging parents to lie to their kids to make them run around the house, up and down stairs. He also played her take on the ad in which she had to bring up race and claim that particularly "in the African American community" kids did not have the chance to play sports and join leagues, etc.

That assertion, alone, took me aback. It was my impression that professional and amateur sports are peopled by a disproportionate number of minorities, and that many of the world's very best athletes are Black. Nothing wrong with that, but they could not have got there sitting home getting fat. A huge number of pros were raised in the 'hood. Granted it is a sucky place, but I think obesity is the least of their worries in those locations.

That is actually neither here nor there. I decided to call to put forth the idea that the ever growing tradition of first spouse using public funds to spearhead a pet cause seems like overstepping since they were not elected and it is not the proper job of an elected official's spouse to spend tax money on a personal soapbox. I have thought it for a long time, through Republican and Democratic abuse. It is subtle way of pretending the presidency is a title of nobility--a royal office, therefore the spouse is queen (or king if a woman gets elected).

So, finally Rick, that ego driven phony, gets me on.

Fine, thanks, etc.


Regarding the obesity ads and Michele's comments, I'm sorry she brought race into it. Given that so many professional athletes come from the community she targeted, it is odd for her to imply they have to sit home getting fat--but that is not my point.
It seems a subtle conditioning to view the president and spouse as

What? No way!!
"THAT'S WHAT YOU SAID. HEY JIM YOU THINK ALL BLACK FOLKS SIT HOME GETTING FAT?" [jim being some sort of useful sidekick]
Hey! You know damned well that is not what I said. That is what she implied!! I'm objecting to using tax money...(interrupted again)


And I'm obviously cut from the audibles, so I say You F'ng Idiot and hang up. How'd he decide I'm not Black? Phony bastard.

Now, this guy pretends to be rational, although I do disagree with him much of the time. I have friends who are big fans of his. He does allegedly good charity work--all for charities which bear his name, of course. "Look at me. I am doing so much good, let's all pat me on the back".

He's got an exceptional radio voice but sometimes his corky deep bass seems a bit affected and gets on your nerves. He does well at sounding rational, calm, and authoritative. Not knocking the talent. He's a jerk and not interested in the substance like he claims. (I know I should have known that. I'm terminally naive).

It is abundantly clear that he is willing to pretend to put a racist in his place when no racism was in the mix.

I think tax money ought not be spent for first ladies to carve out a legacy (the point I was attempting to make), and I think Michele was further polarizing the races by telling a lie, pretending that some unknown force has sequestered African American children in their homes due to dangerous neighborhoods. There may be a germ of truth there, but not the whole truth.

Why does she not spearhead a campaign to help the good people in those neighborhoods drive out the gangs and crime? I guess that would require positive action which would not include fueling resentment between races. You can fool people and keep them down if you encourage and play on resentment.

Of course, to clean up inner cities, and many other places, you'd have to rethink the whole DEA war on drugs approach, and that would make it tougher to bust down doors and search without warning, etc. Less excuse to abuse the public. Never fly.

Whatever the case. The people she targeted live in houses with an upstairs, downstairs, and a basement? Wow. I never had such a dwelling. Of course, in Miami, building a basement is not smart--sea level being so close to ground level. But I haven't had such a place in NC or California or Maryland or Tennessee. Some of the states where I resided. Maybe all the states I called home for more than a week or two.

Anyway, it was a low trick to twist my words to make himself look funny and clever, and holier than thou. I was "thou" in that scenario.

He is talking about running for office. Of course it is because so many people are begging him and he feels he loves this country so much he owes it to us to "give back". PUKE!!!!

Now I know what it is like to call a radio show, and one that usually seems less likely to cut a caller off than some. Of course, there are times when he, like others, misses the caller's point altogether. He rarely sees a point beyond his own preconception, even if he doesn't know much about it.

I swear, I was concise, articulate, and did not do that halting slow speech thing that often plagues me and makes people think I am stupid. I was on my game. There are many shows I'd never call because the host never shuts up long enough to engage the point. Apparently Rick Roberts is not the exception he pretends to be. Maybe he was once. Now that his ego is big enough to seek public office he has gone to the dark side.

Whatever the case, it was a cheap shot which I did not appreciate. I guess if I had started by kissing up like callers often do, then went into nitpicking Obama this and Obama that he'd have behaved. My gripe is more that we pay for those stupid ads and the whole "national diet conversation" than with whatever is said. Belaboring their points and faults just gives validity to the system being abused to provide them the platform.

I consider it an insult that government is involving itself in "the obesity epidemic". Our debt is bigger than the entire economy. Is this stuff necessary? Don't trust that the radio people aren't a perverted part of the entire boondoggle. Like everyone else, if it makes them money and gives a feeling of power, they are happy not to change a damned thing.

So, they'll kill any point that would truly promote freedom, while they promote the idea that sticking with the two big parties will ever yield a true change. They are a part of the Big Pretense. Shocking, I know, but without Obama, Clinton, and someone like Bush doing pretty much the same things, these guys are out of business. Not that I support any government effort to control them. I do not.

The big war between democrat and republican is a show, as far as substantive philosophy goes. Useful idiots in Hollywood manage to demonize republicans in a stereotypical way, but in action they are not effectively different than the dems. It sucks. I wish they were because I am one who believes in very few laws, very simple controls, and extremely limited government. And that certainly is not the democratic party. I don't agree with personal attack on some levels. Talk show hosts and Chris Matthews are fair game.

I will certainly never vote for Rick Roberts. He showed his stripes. I'll vote for a third party if his opponent is also an ego bound power hound.

Now that I've done it, I will not call any show again. Unless, of course, I have an alien encounter or similar experience. Then I'd call George Noory. I still trust him.

Happy Dumbass Holiday for Sheep

If you are in a good committed relationship, or good marriage, do you really have to be told once a year how and when to be appreciative and romantic?

If you don't know what you want, aren't in a specifically committed relationship, do you need a ridiculous commercial holiday to force you to either lie, which may falsely lead people on, or do nothing, which then hurts feelings? Lose/lose.

Unless others, who may be potential targets of your lies, refuse to sucker for the manufactured, peer-pressure-foisted-upon-the-public-by-those-who-sell you diamonds, flowers, chocolate, cards, and overpriced dinners, holiday, you will end up disappointing people. Especially if you do not go the lying route. But then, even if you do play along and lie, you are buying trouble.

Trumped up days of recognition and appreciation are an aberration of modern civilization. It is a subtle attack on nature and the free market as it exists in nature. If you are worthy of appreciation, you usually know it. If your kids show no appreciation of you without the stupid Mother's or Father's day obligatory observance, then either your kids are ingrates and lack something in their upbringing, or you are a pain of a parent undeserving of kudos, or you simply gave birth to a defective unit and it is not your fault.

The trumped up days only allow sociopaths, psychopaths, and other emotional phonies to hone their skills. Sincerity cannot be forced anymore than affection. These days bring up a disgusting mix of guilt driven pretense and confused conformity in all but the few who actually feel like showing the affection and appreciation anyway, and have the time and money to play the game happily on the assigned day.

Those few have no need to be told.

Maybe this is why I am not attached. Of course, some people are not alone solely for that reason--can't be alone, so they partner with first willing candidate. They in no way like their significant other; certainly do not love it/him/her. I'm unable to commit if I don't believe it, and if I am not sure being with me is the best thing for the crazy woman. Although I have resolved to learn not give a damn if it is any benefit for the other or not.

These guilt trips put out in ads are not good. That is the way charities and government agencies sell themselves, too. As if it is your fault that little Jimmy has perfuddledipophobiaginitis and lives in squalor in a remote corner of Uganda and drinks dirty water. It is nice to help people out. But the tone and usual implication that it is your fault when someone starves or dies of AIDS in a remote land, or even across town, is garbage. It is highly unlikely that it is your fault, and if it is, you already know it.

The fear of not going along with the crowd, of being weird- of being judged cold, heartless, and a misfit-is a tool used to manipulate people. It is a tactic so effective that people can be manipulated to actually cooperate with their own destruction in subtle (and not so subtle) ways.

So, Happy Spend Money and Get Lucky Day. (As if spending money wouldn't bring that kind of luck anyway). Shhh. We are supposed to pretend that is not the case.
Just like we should pretend that looks have no influence on our mating choices.

Another Movie

The Rage in Placid Lake, an Aussie film--independent, I guess--was another HULU offering. A pretty good flick about misfits and strange parents.

I'd see it.

Oh. I did.

I like the science chick. She was the coolest of people.

At the very start, I didn't know what was up. Very quickly my fears were put aside.

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