Thursday, February 18, 2016

Well, Insurance Lady is Single

And well within the age envelope.   Almost my age, but not already an old spooky person.  Some people do that, become old spooky people.  And some don't.

Hey, it is just a thought.  The lady really helped me out because governmental research and insurance and bureaucracy are not my forte.  She got me squared away on the last day of the buy or die insurance window a year or so ago.  This year she has got me up to speed on all the new mandatory stuff they do based upon age.  All the social security things, too.  That is not something I will deal with this year.

You never know.  There is some other one that asked me to go do stuff too, so I guess I am not completely hopeless.  Just not really emotionally present I suppose.  But it is nice to have some attention.  It is how I am constructed.

This week I have two gigs.  I consider each of rather low importance but they'll be fun.  I have played those spots in the past.  Money is minimal, all lower case for sure.

Plus I have practice with the two girl and stand up bass group tonight.  Both shows are with them. Then I have two more next weekend with Valor and Lace.  Those will pay a little better.  One venue we'll play is on Mt. Laguna--Pine House Cafe.  I love that place.

That will keep me off the street.

In April, one of the very best diatonic harmonica players of all time will be staying at the resort house I maintain.  I won't drop the name because that would be improper.  He is one of the pioneers of the overblow technique, which allows him to play chromatically on a diatonic harmonica.  Why not just use a chromatic harp?  Because the sound and feel is not the same.  He's also a classically trained pianist, but his deal is harmonica.

I doubt I will bother him, but who knows.  I'm afraid if I ever met him and talked shop, I'd throw away my harmonicas and never play again.

It would not surprise me if I move to Austin or somewhere in Colorado within a year or two.  Seriously have that feeling.  Who knows why.  If it was a Colorado move, the reason would be to contain the aquagenic pruritus or general pruritus associated with the bone marrow malady.  Cool temperatures, low humidity and rarified air at altitude are my friends.  But I may finally just reverse the disorder and be fine in the hot a humid jewel of Texas.  The demographic seems similar to Seattle--a place I could live also.  I may need more sunshine though.

Tanning is one of the number one things that ease the AP.  OK, initials can be annoying.  That's the lingo of the aquagenic pruritus crowd.   I may have to go out in the desert to the naked place for a day to reboot the tan.  I am not drawn to tanning beds.  Some of these people get them in their home and it is covered by their insurance.  Hell, no one cares who or what at the desert place. I prefer sun and when you suffer this stuff, you don't care about much.  Or maybe I won't.  Nothing to lose except the minimal cost.  As cheap as the artificial method.

Fatigue is a big enemy.  Oddly, the best thing for that is exercise.  Too tired to move but moving is the cure. OK.  I can do it.

Let's hope this mood swing lasts.  I'm less down than I've been for awhile.  I am aware that it is a cyclical thing.  But the periods of low and high are not often equal.  Highs tend to be shorter lived.  I know the down is made of cruel lies my mind throws out there, so I try to weather it with that in mind.

The only other people I know who seem to have the same patterns are PTSD veterans.  They have an excuse.  That is what is puzzling.  Maybe this is so I can understand them better and be of some use to my friends in that predicament.  They obviously seem to trust me more than they do most people.

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