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It is enough to make one wonder, for a minute or two.  I find I brighten up when I see things like a picture of a Texas flag with the word SECEDE printed across it.  On my gig box, now my video stuff box I have a sticker with the Conch Republic's logo.   That is from the time when the Florida Keys were declaring themselves the Conch Republic and seceding from the union.  It was not entirely serious although a few may have wished it were.

Echoes of the days when I was labeled rebellious due to the content of my contributions in class discussions from elementary school on haunt me these days.  I find myself less and less on board with the sort of thinking and philosophy that governs anything I can do to make a living.   The big goal is to avoid letting the oppressive climate of the day prevent you from having dreams and having the nerve and faith to follow them.  

Under the present system I think it is best if your dream does not include hiring full time employees.  You get your ass kicked for that and you need to be prepared to pay for two or three if you hire one.  More and more you are responsible for the person's past history and compliance with laws you may not even like.  If the health care/slave state bill passes, it will be even more of a headache.  

I think the best things to be involved in are personal and home security, ammunition and firearms (lots of legal scrutiny and hoops there, though), and any technology that makes you independent of gas prices, municipal water supply, and utility companies.   I know there are plenty of marginally useful solar and wind systems for home power but it is the government rebate and subsidy that makes it affordable and worthwhile.  It would make me nauseous to buy a thing like that and take the money.  Maybe I'd do it and maybe not.  That is one area in which I think it would be OK to re-invent the wheel; another tag attributed to me when I wasn't being called rebellious. 

Actually, I don't think I am rebellious.  I just don't care to run the lives of others and I despise those who do.  

The most encouraging thing that has happened in years is the emergence of so many people who have reached the limit as far as being willing to be controlled and robbed.  I'm aware of the fact that I disagree with most of them on some of the finer points but the tone of rebellion and dissent under present conditions is not bad.   Some even openly suggest that the IRS be abolished.   That is my litmus test for any national candidate.  If the person does not suggest getting rid of this tyrannical agency then that candidate won't get my vote.

That agency is at the center of all the corruption in our government and its ever growing control over our lives.  It is at the core of what makes this health bill possible, and makes it possible to force participation.  Because it is the tool used for backhanded bribes and the "partnership with the private sector", no politician who depends on doing special favors to keep in office will broach the idea of the Fair Tax or anything else that kills this SS style agency.   
Ron Paul is the only one up there I've ever heard mention getting rid of it.   He's a bit liberal by my standards but he's close to the point.  It was his campaign that often used the slogan "Legalize Freedom".   Best slogan I've ever seen in politics.  

I've seen the ball rolling this direction all my life.  The pile of lies and criminal management is monumental.   The corruption and lies cost many lives in VietNam and elsewhere.  First we go in, then we tie the hands of our own soldiers.  It is criminal.   For awhile they use the term, "limited war", then it was "police action".  WTF?   I am not personally willing to risk my life for a vague police action, or a limited war.  The limited part means you are putting your own troops at higher risk for longer periods of time.  Do it or don't.  The mid ground is disaster. 

Anyway, I wonder what rebellion is in the 21st century.  We can't so easily claim the states and throw off our modern day King George.   For one thing, too many people are oblivious of any of it.  When it hits them they think only in terms of the item of the moment, not the principles being violated.  If they honestly believed in the divine rights of the individual they'd think differently.  People have no beliefs, on average.   Yet, on average, most people are not overly dishonest or mean or unkind.   They just sell out real cheap.

You Are OK, in my book

And you know I have a book or two.

I think you should know that I am almost out of that home made jelly.   Always a treat.  That is just one of the lingering benefits and treats that surround me because of you.   Not to mention the ideas that float around in my somewhat empty head. 

I may yet scale that cliff to retrieve the errant glider.  Now we know to draw in the missing eye on the pilot.  Otherwise he flies in a big circle and that leads him to crash.   Next time.  

OK.   Thanks

Unknown Bill Number, maybe 3290 or 420 plus acid

I tried like hell to filter through the new improved alleged affordable health care senate bill.   The mandatory part is tied to the IRS.  Any month that you don't have what they mandate you should have in the way of purchased coverage, they fine you.  being an IRS thing, I guess refusal is dealt with by putting you in insurance prison.  This is absolutely unacceptable. 

The bill takes up a couple of pages rationalizing in language straight out of old USSR double talk to justify why it is constitutional and better for the common good.  The basic argument is that insurance is interstate commerce and that by not opting in you are affecting the economy of the nation because it influences the risk pool of insurance companies, and insurance is economic and most carriers (they actually said most carriers) deal in more than one state so it is interstate commerce and a good idea for all. 

That sort of logic has no limit. It can be twisted to apply to almost anything.  No matter who you think ought to pay for medical services, this bill is not a good thing and won't make care better or more accessible.  It is a heavy cumbersome process for removing money and power from the people.  What they say, and what they are doing is built on a pack of lies, with many special interests being fed with the dollars taken from the public.  It may be hard to see but this is a measure which will further ensure that those locked in poverty and dependence will remain in that condition. 

How do you cast out tyrants in the modern world?  In the 1700's it may have been a little bit more straightforward.

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