Thursday, July 25, 2013

It Won't Matter When I'm Gone

The ever present attack of personal liberty and choice has been going on since before God was helping people win battle with the jawbone of an ass.  Things have evolved to the point where the thing is run by the brains of asses.

But, it won't matter if a speeding bus takes me out tomorrow.  So, why do I even care?   I do not know.

The fact that people are mean and stupid will not change in my life.  That assertion is backed by the support given to agencies, which intrude on lives and terrorize citizens, by the citizens themselves, and their alleged representatives.

It is bizarre.   The IRS thing should have led to its demise, but no, it becomes dem and rep establishment vs tea party if you read Huffington post.  The nature of the acts, and the principles involved mean nothing.  The IRS is purely the tool of bullies, is so far outside the law they don't even bother to pretend, yet those who point that out are deemed kooks.  Collectivism is like that.  Centralized control quickly becomes arbitrarily uneven and abusive.

The 911 pretense still prevails in matters of surveillance and national security.  Had they acted upon intelligence they had in hand prior to 911, on more than one front, it may have been prevented.  The unlawful collection of data on everyone is not a cure.  It is another weapon for those in power to ue against those who may not support those in power.  Yet, representatives and citizens seem perfectly OK with this all seeing arbiter of our lives.   At least enough of them so that the abuse of power by NSA won't be reigned in.

The whole thing is a very messy, very orchestrated play, which is so muddy and complex that many of the most vocal supporters of an all powerful state, in which we have privileges rather than rights, are unaware of the possibility they may one day be on the receiving end of the monster's wrath.  It is enough for them that, right now, their perceived enemies are hurt and don't like it.

People are shamelessly shallow.

Obama administration's assertion that Fast and Furious, Benghazi, IRS, NSA, etc. are "phony scandals" is only true in the context that all these things don't look good for the phonies being exposed.  They are not phony scandals.  They are symptoms of a society who sees government as their parent or God, and the answer to all ills, even those created by government.

If you think republicans are cool, check the split on the vote to defund NSA over reach.   Interesting that strong numbers in both parties were willing to reign in this abomination, but for once in our lives, more democrats wanted to cut funding to this agency.

If you think democrats are cool, I'm sorry for you.  Both the dem and rep establishments are immoral, lying, abominations.

Both parties were fairly well split on the issue.  Some went through dramatic speeches about 911 to justify trading freedom for an invasive government.  The trouble is, proof of anything being claimed is tough to prove or disprove.   For one thing, you cannot actually prove how many lives have been saved or snuffed, even though they spout figures and statistics.   Can't really prove it.

How much of this global threat we all must fear to the point of giving up our autonomy is the result of a hundred years worth of bad foreign policy?  Or just the erroneous notion that God wants the USA to run around the world "spreading democracy" at gun point?   We aren't supposed to spread anything.

Oh well.  I don't really care that much.  I think the obvious mistake of how things are run and people bullied by the state just adds to my mounting personal fears.   I'm so tired of being on the edge, in a fog, and in painful solitary that I don't dare own a pistol, although I am for very loose gun laws.  Maybe even for no gun laws.  The ones in place do little to protect the innocent.  Just look at the place with strict laws.   They either get violent in other ways or shoot each other regardless of law.

You are safer in most parts of the US than you are in Britain when it comes to violent crime.  A a matter of fact, if you take a few of the craziest cities out of the mix, you are safer here than in most of the world.

Not going to change any of that.  So, what do I do while I wait for my last breath?  I don't know.  Not every day do I wake up glad to wake up.  Living being should have a bit of a better outlook than that.  I am tired of it.  I blew it and I can't shake the disappointment, regret and, sometimes, horror that brings.

I'll continue pretending so my family will never know the real deal.  I owe them that.

The ultimate answer may be to drink the koolaid, and become another mindless fool following one or another of these parties or movements.  

Is it because I am white that women act nervous when I show up in an empty parking garage where they are exiting or entering their cars?   Our buddy who saved Guam from capsizing, Rep Hank Johnson, is sure it only happens to black men because we all hate them, and crime statistics in no way indicate that you are more likely to be mugged by a particular age and gender specification of a particular race.

I never discriminate like that. I hide from everyone.

Is it normal that police accused me of a robbery I didn't commit, cornered me in a diner about some bank that jut got robbed, threw me against a wall a few times for poor performance of a breathalyzer test, made me follow a pen in circles and figure 8's for fun when I'd done nothing wrong and hadn't had a drink for more than 20 years,  stopped me in my driveway, blocking me in with five cop cars, searched my car, didn't give an excuse for over an hour, then it was a lie,  stopped me about five different times for no reason then trumped one up and finally took off,  gave me a speeding ticket instead of the person in front of me who was really speeding, gave me a ticket for turning my lights on at night?   Is all this because I am white?

If I were black I'd be sure that every unexplained abuse by employers, police and women who broke my heart was all due to race.   It is not, and what they are promoting now is only half truths and outright lies.  Another shameful Obama ploy to divide.

Oh, and I have been scoped out in department stores and elsewhere.  If I walked in acting thuggish, I'd expect it.  I expected it in the old days when I was with friends who did not know how to act.

I'm a victim too.  I want laws tailored to me, and I want to go stop traffic and break things to prove I'm a victim.

I am no fan of law enforcement in most cases, but mostly because of the laws themselves, and the methods used to enforce laws.  Sting operation are 90% entrapment schemes and wrong.  Roadblocks and random stops are just wrong.  I could go on. But I already went on too long.  In many ways

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