Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Norton Buffalo, he left and I didn't even know

Oct 30, 2009, Norton Buffalo , I can't seem to say died, I suffer from magical thinking and mystology, and in his case, mistology, he ceased life on this plane. He was a great harp player and composer. Some of my favorite stuff is on the albums with him and guitar wizard Roy Rogers. Not the Dale Evans cowboy.

They did several albums together. Slideways is a great one. Norton did some of the scores for Garfield and Charlie Brown. Who knew? And guess what? He was not quite as old as I am. I envy lives well lived. I'm convinced I don't know how to do that. In the mean time I try not to lie cheat steal or otherwise cause trouble. That's why I don't drink. That was the sort of disaster which eludes you somewhat until you can clearly look back at it. Or get thrown out of places or lose friends cars and money, and maybe your soul. Sorry, just how it goes. I may not have ever lost anything, but think I did.

I'm sorry to see Norton go.

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