Thursday, April 2, 2009

CA Road Flotsam Update, and else

Today's household road treasure was a washer and dryer on The whatever number. I'm seriously considering going into the road salvage business or seeing if I can market tie down devices on the on ramps. I've made it a point to tune into the radio to catch traffic reports just to see what lies on The 5, 8, 805, 15 and Jamacha, pronounced hamasha, Road. That is what I've become. Some people age and worry about the youth of today, and some just become fixated on road salvage.

Today was a curious one. It involved various tasks which seemed to disagree with whatever tendon mechanism operates in my hand. The final insult was some plumbing work, replacing the faucet in a friend's kitchen sink. All went well until I discovered one of the feed lines sprung a leak that could not be fixed. Too late to go get the myriad of parts that need replacing. Everything was corroded to the point of certain disaster. At least the cold water works, for now. It was a surprise. I thought I was going to do X but the other party understood I was doing Y. Y being work which left my hand useless for feeding myself the fine supper which came as part of the deal. I'm somewhat ambidextrous so I'm now well nourished. Now I won't rest easy until it is as it should be, hot water and cold with a minimal amount spraying or dripping under the sink.

It is rare I sympathize with Obama, but I have to say I'd find it very difficult to go meet the queen. The whole monarchy mentality and protocol grates on me. The US went way out of its way to distance itself from that sort of thing. Oh my God, she touched the queen. I can't get into all that. I'm sure they are marvelous people but all the kissing up that is taken for granted, forget it.

That's about as far my sympathy goes. Playing rock star on public money and not getting any significant benefits for the public from it is not something I can cheer. What the heck. The president and wife are at the polar opposite of me when it comes to view of what they ought do or not do, so I doubt my view matters much to them or those in this country who crave home grown royalty and the validation of class envy and hatred. You'd think it would be a kind of internal contradiction there.

I wonder if it is a good sign or a bad one that the songs which keep going through my mind are ones that I wrote. They've yet to be played by anyone, especially played as I envision them. They've changed a bit over time, too. I think they are better than when I first wrote the words. I hope I can find the words. Often I reach a point and just do that lalala thing I do with other people's songs when I don't know the lyrics.

I doubt the guy in the white car who was tailgating a motorcycle reads this, but if he does, Hey, tailgating a bike at 70 mph so close you could have spit on the girl on the back is not only stupid, it is dangerously stupid.

UN Has Sense of Humor

UN chief Ban Ki-moon warned Thursday.."I fear worse to come -- a full-blown political crisis defined by growing social unrest, weakened governments and angry publics who have lost all faith in their leaders and their own future."

I put in the bold part.

Oh my God, weakened governments, what would we ever do with less authority in the hands of say, Barney Frank or Hugo Chavez? Where has this guy been? There are plenty of angry people who lost all faith in their "leaders" long ago. Many never did have faith in them and refuse to see the need for leaders as much as responsible administrators of essential government functions.

Banky, as we call him, is quite the one for dry wit and subtle humor I see. I'm sure he is only making the joke.

Hopefully no officials in Missouri will read this and think I don't revere the UN. That's a sign of militia malcontents and a dislike for the authorities in the USA. According to their profile it means one who might be a big domestic threat. Someone who is not on board for the present agenda. I should just say I fully believe that the UN is not a corrupt and vile body, and I think congress should spend even more money we don't have in order to fix everything and so we will have world peace. That should cover it.

"Ban called for a "truly global stimulus" package, and argued that developing countries need one trillion dollars over 2009 and 2010."
That Banky. Make it a trillion trillion baniziliion.
Something tells me he was volunteering the money of others, not his own cash.

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