Monday, April 9, 2012

Good News and The (alleged) News

First the good news. I found my Holy D Lee Oskar harp<---slang for "an harmonica".

Now The News: The Great Pretense has evolved into an even greater level of mass denial, and mass resistance to reason, than it has known for many years now.

It, the GP, has jumped to a new level. Instead of the trend in thought being of the usual, idiotic, "if I can't see it, it ain't real" school of logic, it has now moved more into the "I don't care 'bout no facts, and I don't care what is in front of my eyes. If I don't want to believe it, and if it might somehow make me uncool with my peers, then it ain't to be believed. I'll stake your life on it".

Had to get that out of the way. Take it however you wish.

correction on previous post: My friend's name is Don Felps, not Phelps. That is the songwriter guitar singer on his way to Texas. He lived in Austin at some point. Very likable and interesting guy.
Maybe I'll hit a hew (to me) open mic tomorrow night with Cliff. He and his wife said they were going so I guess I will. She just agitates, she doesn't perform. Great shill to have in the crowd you play. Hold on while I search this place out to see what's up.
brb---that means be right back, I think. OK. That I will do. I won't be lmao, or lol, or some of that though. This is a silent journey and I will return intact.

I'm back. It is Cosmos Cafe in La Mesa, and it gets good reviews on the net. Seems like a chic, trendy coffee house, and the girl who didn't work out took me to lunch there not so long ago. She works across the street. Cowgirl. Never mind.

Anyway, they book acoustic acts on the weekend, but they require that the acts play original music. I'm all for that, far more than most anyone I've ever played with. I don't know if the open mic thing on Tuesday is all original or not. I can always get up and ad lib an instrumental which is original if nothing else. One of the tunes I played with Cliff on Sat. was an original he wrote, seemingly just to give me something cool to play off of. It is a rather good song if you ask me--which you probably did not.

Now I am looking forward to going. I gave up on giving up playing. I also figured out that I am not as bad a player as I thought. I do what I do, and it is not the same as what most people who play an harmonica do. I decided never to say "a harmonica" again. I'm going with "an harmonica" from now on.

Then again, someone told me to never say never, but he and/or she (don't know, most likely some of each) said it twice in one unsolicited, advisory sentence.

PS: my VirusBarrierX6 by Intego caught a trojan. It may have been one tht nails windows systems. I'm set to catch both so I don't infect, even if I'm immune. Could have been dangerous to me. I forgot the name so I don't know. It is a goner. I'm liking the features of this software. So if you have Mac, it ma be worth testing out.

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