Tuesday, November 17, 2009

It Is Not Easy, being crazy

That is my experience.  Perhaps you are one who finds being a nutter a walk in the park.  Not me. It is rather frustrating and sometimes sad.  

Then again, I suppose the condition does have its moments.  Even so it leaves one continually self punishing over the stupid things done or not stupid things not done.   You look at it and wonder why you're such a stranger in your own mind, then you know; nutter.   

Don't worry, it doesn't encompass any psycho human tricks in my case, although  the quiet ones who mind their own business are the ones that you have to watch.  That is what they say, no?  At least a paraphrased version. 

Now that I think of it, that philosophy has swept the nation, especially since 9-11.   Unfortunately, it is another of those false truisms.   Sometimes the ones who look and act like killers and psycho-kooks really are the killers and terrorists.   Even now, for some reason, this concept, especially the out loud expression of this concept, is so distasteful to certain people that they would risk your life and their own rather than investigate the validity of the assertion.  Better to focus on the harmless, they aren't likely to do anything rash.

See how it works?  I start somewhat close in, and before you know it I've moved the conversation off to generalized comments on national affairs.   That's as close as it gets.  I'm not so sure that is a good thing.  Have I just made the case for my original premise?   I should be an abogado.   Spanish.  Lawyer.  

I just saw an advertisement in which a family is in a Mexican standoff pointing TV remotes at one another.  They all want to record a different show.   Along the way civilization must have taken a wrong turn.  It could be that I am less of a nutter than most, when you compute the final tally.

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