Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Hoping to Adopt the LocaL Cat

Here on Ballistic Mountain it is generally a bad idea to have an indoor-Outdoor cat. There are many dogs, judging by the barking heard. Sound travels a long way here. The dogs though are somewhat confined to whatever property they are defending. Fences don't do much to retain cats, and I wouldn't have one in-house only. Besides, my agreement here is no pets.
Nothing says I can't have a wild animal association. Making a house captive of it, or anything, is not my desire.

We saw a bobcat just down the dirt road that leads out of the hood on our way to cure the ills of the world by playing the Saturday benefit. I'm hoping it will cruise around my place and become my pal. I doubt I would ever try to pet it or pick it up, but I am not beyond talking to it. Maybe we can make a deal and it will play guard dog, shredding any intruders and keeping rabbits out of the neighbor's garden.

I don't know if it was male or female so a name would need to be neutral. You can never go wrong with Sparky. Calling it Bob would be too cliche.
Maybe I can bring it to me with the didgeridoo.

Movies That Make Me Cry

It could be that you have to experience some things in order to understand. Even if you only live a very small insignificant version of the experience with which you have deep empathy.

The first movie that ever made me cry was not Bambi--I never saw it. I'm pretty sure no one else in the theater had the same reaction. My first crying movie was Tucker.

I just watched a movie about the Wright Brothers and had a similar reaction. It was an interesting flick, and claimed to be true, not just based on true. They admitted to some license with a few characters but not the story.

Anyway what was pretty cool was that they actually found themselves in a race with a government funded project to do the same thing. They were up against people with impressive credentials and reputation. It did my heart good to see that they did it on their own without the grant.

Even back in 1900, graft, corruption and politics was killing spirits and thwarting reasonable advances. Watching it happen in the present but on a larger scale is somewhat nauseating. When I look at those speech impaired pompous twits pretend to know all about everything from auto design to climate control, I can not comprehend the gullibility of the public, or else the stupidity, but most likely jealousy and meanness. The latter accounts for the fact that we accept having a tyrannical agency like the IRS, and the general hatred and villainization of individuals who invent great things or build profitable businesses.

The biggest hurdle in bringing an idea to fruition is government and thieves. That's redundant. It takes so much effort and trial and error just to get a thing right, but that is nothing compared to battling the Tribe.

Now we are faced with a Cap and Raid bill which is guaranteed to help kill real innovation in true energy independence and screw with every average or below average income person in this land. You cannot raise the cost of everything and have it otherwise. Besides all the green mandates and initiatives from government are merely the dictates of GE and others who profit from bogus science and promotion of things they make. The bogus science leads to insisting on wind mills, for example, and GE makes the turbines, so forget any better designs finding an easy market. Locked out. That is just one example.

I was told that to do wind there is some law mandating a back up of natural gas. It provides a guaranteed market for oil companies who find they want to sell off the by product of their oil wells. On and on. Dimwits think penalizing them is the thing. The thing is to just let people live and tinker in peace.

Is it illegal, even now, to build your own still? Probably. I recall Ohio or some state coming down on a guy who produced his own fuel. They wanted to tax him under some fuel tax law.

If I believed legal means and writing and all that would do any good I'd be on it. This place is so far gone I think any effort you make just paints a target on you and there is no more due process. Just wait until some huge disaster, man made or natural, then there's a shot. In the mean time, I guess I'll just cry at inventor movies and find ways to enjoy life and avoid the insanity of the collective.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Things That Cross A Vagabond's Mind

For one thing, I have come to realize that I've been a vagabond in more than just the sense of moving here to there with ties either cut, forgotten or never formed. Odd, since that is probably the last thing I would have done, if I were me. I was raised and brainwashed to believe leaving is what you do, and that personal affection, and sentimentality are irrelevant. That is not my nature although you might never know it. People are made to form bonds. The world as we know it tends to stifle human nature to the point that it takes getting out of Dodge to feel any personal freedom. That's another thing people are designed to do, be free.

Herd instinct, tribal loyalty, illusory security, and things like that tend to be forces which engender inner conflict when it comes to individual freedom. That's why faulty logic is so easily used to promote restrictions and practices which actually penalize people for their intrinsic nature. Often, as we see more and more, people sign away their autonomy and rights willingly. If you have had experience trying to conform but just can't make yourself fit the prescribed mold, all the encroachments scare the hell out of you. Without ever doing anything morally off base or wrong, you can end up in hot water; just because you don't understand the set up. If you just don't fit, the only thing that is scarier than loneliness is authority.

I was remembering some incidents that happened when I was 19. In one sense I really was a jerk, as some others concluded. At the same time there was some misunderstanding and people who decided the haughty self righteousness of interfering in the business of others took precedence over the free will of their "friend". I was not really the only jerk. Just a guy who didn't know better. Either way, the whole thing was no good.

The event is not the crux of the matter so much. It is the realization of how lacking I was in certain aspects of my interpretation of the motives and actions of others. I'm glad that some of that has changed.

I had to be a social vagrant in order to come full circle. That's the sort of thing that crosses your mind if you are me. Probably some sort of effort to forgive myself for being here now, as I am, and for my many shortcomings. Acceptance is most likely a prerequisite for moving on in a healthy manner. That forgive yourself part can get a little weird I think. I'm not sure I did anything all that bad. Maybe hurt some feelings, but had there not been the busy bodies buzzing about, who knows? Two lives may have turned out drastically different. Mine sure may have. You never know though. Is normal good influence likely to overcome the influence of mescaline? Those were some screwed up times.

OK. These are screwed up times, but I'm not fooled by them now. My own world is a better place. Time goes much faster though.

From now on. That is all that's worth considering with any seriousness. If the past was flawed, then make different mistakes in the future. No need to repeat history.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Slowpoke Mountain and a few minutes of the benefit gig

Lately my cellular deal is running spotty and slow. I'm used to the old fashioned rabbit eared TV setup, with the new fascist HD box, cutting out, losing signal or just catching every other second or so of a broadcast, resulting in the people on TV talking halting gibberish. Once in awhile I can catch what they are saying. Sometimes it works well all the way until the climactic twist of the thriller movie so I am left wondering if the hero really perished in the explosion. It doesn't always make for happy endings, and certainly is not satisfying. Possibly an ugly metaphor for other aspects of my life.

I'm trying to upload a clip which includes some pieces of the benefit we played. It was fun, but I now see that I'm not performing very well. Just not up to snuff. I'll amp up the game next time. We are better than that when you consider the individual abilities. What I do can improve the whole and I'd feel more like I'm carrying my weight.

It's so different from what I thought it was I do. This is not out there, fly through subspace, music. No acid rock/jazz/blues to it. It is time I realize that that was illusion anyway, enhanced by the vitamins, vegetables, and beverages I included in my diet at the time. We are not on that diet and haven't been for awhile. It's a tough life.

So, I wanted to upload another video, yet to be made but this slowness is too much. Since it is a bit warm in the cabin tonight, I think my patience is thinner than usual. That means I have to get to work on my home made cooling device. It will be some kind of evaporative set up disguised as something else.
OK. looks like the video uploaded
I honestly wonder why I play but I do it anyway. The thing is, if I'm going to do it, I need to raise the bar some. Maybe next time. If it is on video then I'll know if the next one is better. I cut out most of the worst

Friday, June 26, 2009

If I Were a Carpenter....

and you were a lady,
would you marry me anyway?
would you have my baby?

OK. I'd settle for no baby, and maybe not even the vows

No, I have no idea who you are. Just asking

Strange Days and Jumper Cables in the road

The latest good stuff, according to traffic reports, were box springs and jumper cables somewhere on the local highway. Probably THE 805 or THE 163. That's all the goodies THE Juan0 once again missed retrieving.

News is probably a misnomer these days, and many which preceded these days. I could give examples of boondoggles which only affect the minority, so even those in the majority who are aware of the evil don't really care. That is the danger when power is not limited. Minor groups get screwed and plundered constantly. The danger to those who make a practice of always being middle of the road, go-along-so-you-don't-look-odd, types is that sooner or later you find yourself in the subgroup of the day to be raided. The whole thing comes down to limiting the power of anything or anyone to dictate or steal from the individual. It constantly baffles me why that is not grasped by the bulk of the literate public.

Maybe it is because most people have a rather low price on their scruples, and their scruples are fluid. Then there are the ones who enjoy the feeling that comes with doing the thinking for the masses. I know people like that. They have such a high opinion of their intellect and vision that they see no problem with others being forced to comply with their designs.

What a week when Ed McMahon (?), Michael Jackson, and Farah all check out. I'm glad Ed doesn't have to hassle with creditors or tax people any more. I'm sorry Farah's cancer couldn't be cured or go away. I liked her.
Michael, it is hard to think anything of validity except that he was an extraordinary performer. The guy was phenomenal. I know people think his alleged crimes were as certain as OJ's involvement in the demise of those slain, but I am not so sure. I kind of figure he was strange enough that he may not have actually been guilty of sexual misconduct with minors---just a very odd compulsion to love them like you would a puppy. I really don't believe he was a pedophile.

OK. I wasn't privy to court documents or weekend sleep overs at Neverland. I just think he was searching for his lost inner child or something. Either way, it was a painful saga. And I hardly ever paid attention. Some exposure to the scene was almost unavoidable. It is not uncommon for people of such extraordinary talent to be way out there--full tilt bonkers. But I guess it is uncommon for people to be that talented, so what was it I was talking about? Obviously I do not know what I'm talking about.

Saturday we play for the people running around a track to cure cancer. I've never been in a famous or big money making group but playing benefits here and there has convinced me that most bands that play charity gigs do so for the exposure as much as anything. I know they often pretend to be selfless and giving but they play because they are asked and it rarely hurts the chance for future paying gigs. Many do play for causes they hope to promote or help. Not meaning to detract from that. Just saying, that's all.

I have this idea that the purest form of generosity or charity does not bring attention or accolades to one's self. I'll go out on a limb and say it is one thing that bugged me about Jerry. He was as self serving as any, and I believe he got or gets a cut of the Labor Day proceeds. If I did not know first hand how he left kids at the Greensboro Cerebral Palsy school in tears with his sarcastic, callous rudeness, maybe I'd have another view. Be that as it may, the organization does supply some resources for people needing it. I'll leave Jerry loving to the French.
Is he still alive? If not, well, rest in peace. If he is, rest in peace. Quietly.


Every day, when I drive home there is a point about five miles or so before I get here where I go around a curve and the big vista suddenly appears. I have to think, every time, I lucked out pretty well. I like it. Still, I feel not quite home, but not quite not home. It does seem kind of natural to be here though. Being near the megapolis, yet out in a rural setting was what I wanted, and it is what I like. I'm especially impressed with some of my local friends' attitudes toward building permits when they've done additions or renovations. Just a shred of common sense and freedom goes a long way toward warming my heart these days.

If it weren't such a risk to own anything in CA, and maybe elsewhere, I'd be tempted to figure a way on a cabin I saw advertised on 2 acres not far away. The way they are taxing and regulating here, plus the big powerlink electric company scams makes me fear the hassles may outweigh any benefit. You need a bunch of money coming in from reliable sources to deal with that. Hell, what if I was just making the bills and putting food on the table then they force me to buy health insurance or sign up with the feds? The forced part worries me. I'm not geared for forced anything. Especially all the little plans hidden in various bills to ensure you are in the data bank more solidly than I'd like. Biometric national ID things and all that. Not just the stuff of conspiracy theories any more.

Whatever the noise being put out by mesmerizing media of all kinds, there are some good things to work on. Things which do not involve involuntary contributions from strangers, yet would be beneficial to people. I have to shake my head at the new infomercials cropping up telling you how you can get a piece of the trillions in bailout money. They've had those that tell you how to get government money (involuntary contributions from citizens) for all kinds of crazy things. What a bunch of whores. And I thought I was an easy slut.
Some tax money goes to uses that I find just dandy. In most cases it is only a drop in the bucket compared to what they take from the same people they then help, directly or indirectly.

This Saturday gig should be OK. It is in the afternoon and we almost know our set. I still screw up. They want to use me to fill some of the time by playing on a blues progression with the guitars, then having the guitars stop and let me just do my free form thing I make up as I go. Hopefully no REAL harmonica players will be there to jeer. One thing in my favor is that I have a somewhat unique style, so it isn't like I'm trying to be a Little Walter clone. There are an abundance of those, many of them very good. There are even a few Lee Oskar semi clones, and at least one I've seen is sensational in his own right, clone or no. I love that style, but I do what comes naturally to me. That is all I really can do. I probably cheat off of Willie Nelson's guy, Mickey Raphael, and off of Fingers Taylor, Buffet's ex harp player, more than anyone. But that's a secret.
It's now over a year since I left Memphis not knowing where I'd wind up. The decision to change everything and to do it in this way is one that I do not regret. My darkest times now are like a blinding light compared to the normal state I was in for a long time before I left.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

News According To Me, Dear PETA, Why Misfits Fear Pure Democracy

In the news:
A governor goes on a walkabout. Comes back bragging about chicks. Doesn't have sense enough to ponder out loud, "..well it depends upon what 'is' is".
It pains me to see how dumb the best of republicans are. Clinton or Obama could have done the same thing and managed to make Chris Matthews wet himself, in the Biblical sense, and would somehow end up being called courageous by the major news freaks.
Instead the guy starts crying and talking about God. For someone with a few good ideas he sure appears to be brain dead. Definitely a self destructive goof.
That scenario has been repeated many times. I don't get it. While Barney, Nancy and the gang rape the country, trash the limiting guidelines and some of that crowd blatantly uses the position for personal gain, there is no outcry at all. Maybe it is because they display the attitude of, "who you gonna believe---me or your own eyes?". And they don't ever back off and admit, "Yes, we make money by stealing your rights and freedom, oh, and of course, your money". If they were republicans they'd crack at the first hint of criticism or investigation.

I heard this South Carolina guy is stimulus scam resistant, as we all should be. It's a bill involving more money than anyone can imagine, and those passing it never even read it---only the part that put some stupid project in their state. A lot of "giving a man a fish" not much teaching him how---which means it won't create any lasting prosperity as revealed so far. Of course, when I'm in debt, pulling money out of one pocket, throwing p[art of it out the window, then putting what's left in the other pocket never helped much.
Another one being bandied about is the cap and trade deal. Again it has so many pages and hidden special interest perks that few will read it. The advertised concept is absolutely insane.

Global warming is again upon us. The next fews months will be warmer in this country than anything we've experienced all year.

I'm not even a carnivore but many of the creatures in nature are. Flies will eat you if you sit still long enough, not breathing. Somehow I suspect the emotional aspect born of your hatred of your own species clouds the reasoning. Obama finally does something I understand and applaud and you go off on Buddha talk.

Did you never see the Helstrom Chronicles? Insects will take over the earth and function as one body and mind in many ways. Kind of like the dream of ultra statist, collectivist proponents.

You want to talk about killing innocent creatures? Talk to the coyotes that terrorize poor little vegetarian rabbits, or the lions that nail those pretty bouncing deer-like things. Lions don't even eat all of it. They don't make fur coats or shoes with what's left. Senseless killing. They could raid bean and peanut farms for their protein if they really cared.

No species on earth promotes the welfare of another species unless there is some angle that betters their own chance of survival. Except for humans. We've come to the point where we will endanger ourselves or others even if the benefit to some other species is dubious. Junk science rules the day over and over.

Insects are not endangered. As a matter of fact they are so abundant and resistant to all that comes their way, they are likely to win the world one day. They spread disease and they are annoying.

I like animals as much as anyone, in some cases probably more; some animals can communicate with me telepathically. Mammals dislike flies. That is a universal truth. I heard it from the cat's, dog's and horse's mouth.

Why can't you and others that want something to fight become freedom fighters? You know, fight for the right of people to mind their own business, travel here and there, and swat flies in peace?

Non carnivore in favor of ranching hunting and shooting those who'd shoot you for a dollar


last topic will wait until another time.

It is really beautiful out here these days. West coast scenery is large. East coast scenery is different. The ability to be mobile is a blessing. Those who are putting that under serious threat, if you follow what and how they are doing it, ought be cast into the sea far off-shore, or maybe in the waters of some other country.

Insects are Not People, Too

And they are not innocent.

The End

Friday, June 19, 2009

You Want Drama?

Most likely I am out of touch with humanity because I lack the ability to properly relate heartache and pain. Either you come off as a whiner, or transparently shallow. People like it if you have the right kind of pain, which I don't always have.
Proper drama and heartache may be needed to gain me entrance into the human race. If crows perching on the roof of the deck, screeching for no reason at 6:00 am is not drama, then I don't know what is.

I chased them off but then they flew back at me at eye level as if they were going to attack, then veered off. I was trying to nail them with my slingshot. I was so groggy, and the rising sun was so blinding, that I fired with the bands twisted up, hitting the ceiling and railing with the projectiles. They got the hint so my better shots were too late. The filthy creeps were out of range.

This is war. Me vs the crows.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Distracted? PROBABLY A Sign of Geneyuss

There was this excursion I was planning in a month. Just a few days somewhere else. I thought I'd make mischief if at all possible or maybe actually be of some unknown benefit.
Anyway, so I book this cheapo flight. Southwest has good rates if you start looking early. All was just great. Confirmation done and sent in email, the money and days looked right, yippee.

A week or so later I look at the itinerary because I was only guessing when telling people when I planned to invade. Holy smoke, I'd booked some completely different city that I have no wish to visit. Maybe it was the trackpad dragola syndrome or maybe, maybe I was not firing on all cylinders. It is not like me not to double check 18 times when making the reservation and checking the confirmation again. I am losing that obsessive compulsiveness which has not always been beneficial but makes for decent enough work. To my mind, my behavior has never been extreme, but it has been a bit irksome to those who habitually leap before they look and never look back.

That makes this event a good sign. I should have checked things sooner but at least I didn't overdo it.

Did you know that if you clean a tile floor real well, then manage to drop an entire frying pan full of half cooked hash browns on it, that you can scoop them back into the pan and finish cooking them without any resulting gritty taste? Another good reason to keep the floor clean, avoid linoleum or carpet in the kitchen (the pan would have burned the hell out of linoleum), be good with a trowel. A spatula is really just like a trowel, and if you are good, you can pick up only the desired items.

In these bizarre times, a hash brown saved is a hash brown earned, and that's good for the earth.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Once was Lost

Once? That's a joke. I've been lost, figuratively and literally, more times than I could begin to remember or count. The cool thing is when that troubling condition lifts, even if it is only imaginary. It is largely a state of mind, at least in the figurative case. When I'm lost in a geographic sense, I know it is only a matter of time before I get my bearings. After all, the world is round so sooner or later I'll come around to point zero.

Maybe the other works that way too. I think it is mostly a matter of outlook and certain beliefs. And probably a mixture of effort as well. Anyway, I just eased out of a heavy fog of unknown origin. Once it starts the mind kind react in a way that feeds the problem, or creates one. No doubt it is tiring and annoying to friends. I often wonder why no one has shot me yet. But, then again, I do have a few redeeming qualities, and I am sincere, for the most part. They fry in court if they shot me. But I'd never press charges. Only if a stranger or disliked acquaintance shot me, not a friend. I better not make that known or they might lock and load next time.

Anyway, my musician friends say we're invited to a musicians only hooplah event that will include a lot of good bands and musicians from the area. Hours and hours of non stop music, including us playing a few songs. It's so invitation only, I can't even invite friends. No room is one reason I think. The venue is a private residence out here somewhere. A large place but with all the players, it would fill up. I think there will be maybe a hundred or so. Who knows? Reportedly it is great exposure to the SD music world. So, I look forward to this. I've got lots to look forward to in the next couple of months.

I keep having this urge to go back down to FL to make sure all our work is good and holding up. That was a very unusual experience. I don't know what it was that made it so. It was purely productive and harmonious. I guess my only difficulty was not being able to contemplate what was next for me and I found that somewhat troubling. Sounds like self made angst. Most is when it comes down to it. Most of mine, I should say.

In some ways I think I have learned more since arriving out here than I've learned in many years. Much of it the sort of thing I probably should have learned by the time I was 18 but just didn't. I can't really fault myself for that, but it probably caused some inconvenience to myself and others. I just didn't get it. Inconvenience to others does bother me, though.

They may be trying to tax the air and anything else they can think of here, but it is still a remarkable area. I'm still impressed with the whole shebang.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Depressive Guilt

Sometimes I feel guilty for getting a little depressed. Regardless of the mess I have made of my life here and there, I am still treated with affection and friendship to a much higher degree than I would expect. And my real problems are minimal. There is a chronic, nagging frustration that most people can't separate logic from emotion, and don't mind their own business. But that is just the way it is. By "mind their own business" I mean they are all for enforcing their ideas of how you should raise your children, live your life, ride your bike, etc. I find that morally repugnant, and somewhat scary.

Whatever the little annoyances, depression leaves me guilt ridden, both because I am depressed yet have plenty to be grateful for, and because of the regrets that might bring me down. So, after analyzing this quandary, I decided to absolve myself of guilt and see what I can do about dropping the depression. That stuff is like duct tape. Tough to shake it loose. Picture Curly, Moe, and Larry hanging wallpaper. Maybe you can't do that. If you've seen it you know what I mean. The wall paper symbolizes the depression, in case that wasn't clear. They end up papering themselves and hijinks ensue.

I've finally hit that point in life where it becomes true and obvious that the older I get, the less I know. I remember people saying that to me when I was younger. What an idiot, I'd think. I know more as time goes on. It is one of those things that holds in certain contexts but not across the board. Mostly it has to do with what is worth fighting. Maybe all my passionate opinions are garbage and have nothing to do with live humans. Hard to believe that could be true. I'm way too far ahead of my time for that one to hold water. I saw current events coming before most people were born, maybe even me.

Grammar be damned. That's to account for much of the foregoing.

IDEA: How about a new snack, Grammar Crackers? Little cookies with grammar rules and definitions stamped on them. Maybe they'd have to be large enough to hold adequate information, or else they could use abbreviations and netspeak.
Would that defeat the purpose? If they are tasty enough, no one would care. It could improve the speech and writing habits of an entire nation.

With thoughts like that it baffles the mind that I'm not a gazzillionaire.

Thursday, June 11, 2009


With most of the country all of a sudden noticing that the public sector is not a self supporting, sustainable entity, many public officials are casting their greedy eyes toward that nebulous class known as "the rich". It's the same gaze you see in the eyes of the thug holding up a liquor store or 7-11. The main difference is that the rhetoric accompanying the stalking is shrouded is self righteous fiction. False premises and faulty reasoning.

California, which prides itself on leading the nation in making feel good laws based on junk science and compassion should be a model for others about what not to do if you want to thrive. Apparently the opposite has occurred. The same reasoning clouds Washington that clouds Sacramento. They are killing jobs and putting people out of business.

When you have companies running away from your state, with its draconian regulations and licensing requirements, and unemployment rising, raising taxes on everything business, and everything personal has a bad result. The overall market suffers, shrinks, and tent cities grow.

All the work I have done has been for people and firms which are wealthier than myself. I realize that this is not always the case in life, but it has been in mine. Should those entities have enough of their wealth confiscated to pay public workers, study fish farms, or whatever it is that tax spenders do, then there is a risk that money will no longer be budgeted to pay me to make art out of refurbishing outdoor furniture, fixing foofoo "water closets" or any number of projects that have lately kept me afloat.

The rich are the friend of the independent operator. Definitely the friend of those who sell them goods or labor. Of course, if you are part of a government agency, you'd rather just take their money at gunpoint to keep yourself in potato chips. If it does away with jobs which would have some mutually agreed, voluntary basis, well, eggs get broken when you make an omelette.

If you aren't dependent upon maintenance of totalitarian, paternalistic/maternalistic agencies which obtain their income by involuntary contributions, then it would serve you well to actively do what you can to protect the rich. It's the new "save the seals". The beauty of it is, that by saving the rich, you increase your chances of becoming rich. Although it is denied in some circles, tax revenue has a better chance of increasing long term when the stranglehold is loosened, so that making money, hiring people, and creating new things and enterprises is not penalized.

Don't fall for the "misery loves company" mentality when it comes to wealth. If we're all poor there's no one to pay you to become obsessive compulsive over fixing teak furniture.

These are very peculiar times. Saving the rich is one step toward saving yourself. I still don't know exactly what defines rich. I think it varies, but didn't Obama or one of those guys cap unrich at 200K, meaning over 200k per year makes you rich? Or was it 75K? I guess it depends on the day and how you interpret what is said.

All We Have to Fear is This That and the Other

Often, when my own condition and life freak me out or worry me, I turn to current events. At least in that arena I can see the right and wrong of it. Besides it is encouraging to know that even total reprobates and morons can achieve great wealth and acclaim, often with no discernible redeeming qualities whatsoever. I submit for review Ted Kennedy. Case closed.

It could freak a person out, the way there seems to be a frenzied carnival atmosphere in the seats of government in this country. Then again, it could have the perverse benefit of allowing one who has no roots, very little wealth or property, and no one under his care to feel damned lucky he doesn't have to watch what he's worked for over a few decades erode and get confiscated before his eyes. What if I had been a Jeep dealer who was brazen enough not to be a generous contributor to the Democratic party or the Obama campaign? Chances are far better than even that my dealership would have been one to get the axe, regardless of performance. It seems the list of those who stay and those who go follows that formula. Not surprising except in how obvious it is.

To some degree I fear for my health, but I've already lived longer than I thought I would. Not because I'm unhealthy but because I'm a chronic misfit and must be crazy. So, if I did have some issue I can only hope it is legal for me to pay as I go, should I decide to seek care. Most likely I'd look for the quick way out in the case of anything major. I hope I don't have to confront that circumstance for a long time, if ever.

Mostly what there is to fear is the threat of force (guns) should one not bag his trash correctly, separating various items properly etc. All these little behavior mandates, all in the name of the larger good, are enforced by implied force, and if you push it, directly by force. It's all ultimately enforced at the point of a gun. That's actually why I don't condone socialism. It has to be accomplished by force. I'm all for voluntary generosity. To clarify, since the word "volunteer" is beginning to take on the same meaning as involuntary servitude, when I use the word "voluntary", I mean an act done of one's own volition, not under duress of any kind, neither rewarded or penalized in any official manner.

A company selling land in Arizona advertises that Az is fast growing and only 17% of the land is private. I fear that. Parks are dandy, but some of this stuff has gone a little bit awry. If not private then what is it? I learned in my travels that nominally public land is as likely to be a forbidden zone as not. So, they use the term "public" loosely. That's kind of scary, when you consider just how much of the US is off limits to private use.

I fear tendonitis, clowns, government officials with power, officials with guns, a gullible public, Islamic PR, the wicked witch of the West, bears, militant religious groups of any belief, racial tribalists, 3rd world drivers, and Barney Frank policies. Various combinations of the foregoing tend to put a damper on the idea of being free and mobile. I also fear that there may be no like minded unencumbered future significant others out there who, of course, would be hot as a fire cracker as well. Like minded is probably putting it a bit strongly. Like minded enough not to drive me nuts or vice versa. Lots of nice people disagree with my assessment of things 100%. They lack insight, but think that I do. I forgive them.

It's probably a phase which I'll outgrow. Until then, I'm a little nervous about what comes next.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Tell Me I Mis-heard: Anyone Want To Admit There's Been A Coup?

OK. I've been pretty good about biting my tongue, or my pen, or my computer. Maybe I just bite (although I probably claim otherwise when convenient).

Now, I may have heard wrong since I merely catch bits and pieces of information here and there. I've been saying it for a long time, and I still hold to this view; the US government has undergone a slow, subtle, but effective coup. It has been in the works for some time, and now, it is just about a done deal. That is based on the fact that under our system the oath taken by military and elected officials is a promise to defend the Constitution, meaning the document which spelled out and limited the scope of the state's authority. Nothing in there about making your life better or worse. That is because we weren't supposed to be a land in which your life got made better or worse by force and authority.

Many cheer events that leave me cold. Prejudiced as I am, I believe attempting to pretend most countries in the Mid East are run by reasoning amiable people is foolish. Particularly religious states, and particularly those which abuse women and believe that the world's destiny is to be under their medieval religious system law, and that it is only a matter of time before the infidels are subjected, killed, and or converted. I also find pretending royalty and its trappings deserve obeisance in one form or another is somewhat disgusting.

It's clear that few in this country still understand our break with royalty; monarchy and its workings. Gossip shows claim "our royal family" is the Kennedy mob. They should have a disclaimer at the beginning of the show suggesting thinking Americans view the show only after locating the nearest sick bag or nausea meds. I know, admitting I've seen any of these puts several points in the "John's an idiot" column. It's research.

Speaking of Kennedy lore, is it true that Ted's new health care initiative mandates that everyone have health insurance, under threat of a fine? Of course those who can't afford it get government help. That then puts you under the institutional thumb, and I'd rather die of appendicitis should the condition arise and I can't afford treatment.

It can't be true that Ted and company would fine those who don't choose to either buy insurance or sign up with the feds' program. I hope I didn't get it right. It is bad enough that freedom is being traded for false security as it is. The option of a person paying himself, having the ability to negotiate with a clinic or doctor, ought not be illegal. It doesn't bode well in any case. I'd prefer the way it was many years ago in that regard. The economics of it should be saved for another time.

Another thing I am sure I didn't hear correctly is that Obama, while kissing up to Islam, claimed that the compass was invented by them, among other dubious claims. I believe that's another of those things credited to the ancient Chinese. I'm sure I'm wrong. It troubles me enough that the head of state would get involved in kissing up to any religious group or leader, but to pretend they are what they aren't makes it worse.

The issue comes down to how people view freedom, and how they see the Constitution, and whether they believe one is important to the other. Many very smart people believe the masses are better off being subjects under rule of smart folk like themselves. More than a few must think that way. That's why so many have adopted a religious zeal in their near worship of the president. Reason is out the window, and so is the idea of rule by law rather than personality. At least he never claimed he invented the internet or raised the dead. Some implications made or promises made may border on that, though.

No question about it; the recent rash of company take overs and interference, the frenzied, corrupt, and self serving bailouts, the bizarre overtures toward one religious group, many of whom interpret that faith in ways which lead to mass murder, the total disregard for the basis of this nation, all constitute symptoms of a country taken over, and increasingly ruled by a small group. Obama would be their figure head, of course.

When the limits are ignored, the game is lost. Limits have been ignored long before Obama. It is just that now, the pretense that they are observed has been dropped. Lots of people are all for that.

I don't get it. If he did credit the king of Saudi Arabia, or his ancestors, with inventing the compass, then I guess I'm vindicated in believing nothing he says as my default condition.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Photo Evidence from Surreal Journey in SoFlo

Note the evidence of rain drops in the pond. This is proof that I stop for nothing when the job must go on.
Novices don't get why I cover up like this in SoFlo heat. I do it to avoid over exposure to sun, to avoid scratches on legs, and because I can't stand wet dirty Florida muck on my skin. In the long run you actually stay cooler. Using cotton clothes helps. Besides, if it was good enough for Mr. Greenjeans, it's good enough for me.

oh, you can't see me. I'm there but blogger cut me off. I'm leaving it. Why resize just to get in the pic?

This is a pebble and river glass depiction of the gardener who is at war with the iguanas. The foundation of the deck was not square so we dealt with it over in that corner by telling the tale of the war.

That's a palm tree under the gardener. Future scientists will know that as they read my stone-o-glyphics.

This one depicts the warrior iguana. Don't feel bad if these look like nothing or just rocks, they are there for future trained anthropologists and archeologists to decipher.

Here's some of the deck and the hollow duck which holds up the feed line for the sprinkler pump. There's a video story to go with that. We reworked that line, and one other, and secured both with crazy ducks. The bird on the duck is his own creature and not one of the projects we completed.

This one shows corner of deck and one of my iguana pals ---just left of deck.
Another look at the duck holding up the water line. Large as he is, there are larger there, 5 or 6 feet nose to tip of tail.

After the rain.

Band of Rebels in the Hood; I'm in the right place

Life is resuming after my month of no nonsense boot camp in Florida. Funny how things sink in after the fact. I have particularly strange delays in processing. Often it serves to make me more aware of details after a time lapse rather than in real time. This has been documented by well paid professionals. In this case, I am feeling the benefits of that experience more and more as I settle back in to life in the rarified air. We accomplished plenty, and much of it was pure art.

So, my Ballistic Mountain musician friends had a practice tonight. Those sneaks have been playing various benefits and rabble rousing events in my absence. Two of them play quite a bit. When they play with one set of others they call it one thing, and when I am included the band has another name, Copper Creek, I think.

I heard a song that Kevin wrote in protest to the "Powerlink" the electric company is railroading through, or trying to. It is being sold as something which will bring San Diego green energy and move it into the next century, or similar tripe. It was discovered that the true deal is to hook up to Mexican power plants, oil fired, and run the power through Cleveland national forest on up to serve LA and other infidels.

The problem it poses here is that the very substantial towers are a significant hindrance to the fire control people. It also constitutes an additional fire hazard itself. The whole thing is quite sneaky. My bandmates being homeowners here, and long term residents, the matter is of great concern to them. The song is really good and to the point. I was impressed. They played it at a rally in Lakeside. If this keeps up I bet they'll be calling me to bail them out of protest jail.

Is it just me or does the corruption and blatant deception in governmental matters seem more transparent than ever? It is probably mostly me because people are putting up with it and allowing their kids to be inundated with pure horse crap in matters of rights, weather, and relative values of various activities.

What a nice thing it was when I was walking along the deck entrance to the practice house and they all running out the door cheering because I was back. People out here sure are affectionate like that. I've never seen anything like it. I guess they secretly knew I was combatting the blues recently due to a bout of self doubt. They did chide me a bit for not finding a woman to bring home while I was down in SoFlo. I was too busy, and it don't work that way anyhow. It must be the natural condition of humans to have a squeeze in the shack. I've been there and do think it a preferable situation, except when you hook up with an unsuitable mate for your constitution. I've done that and it is not something I think is worth it. Right one or no one.

We will do a benefit thing later in the month. One of those odd deals where a band plays while people run around a track to somehow cure cancer. I'm all for curing cancer but not always in the loop as far as seeing the connection between walking or running and actually curing anything. I'll play whether I understand that part or not.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I Miss The Homemade Ice Cream Sandwiches

The ice cream wasn't home made, but the assembly of the treat was. K made lots of ice cream and vanilla wafer sandwiches. Varying flavors.

You have to try it to appreciate such a thing. It helps when there is a bowl there with more than enough to satisfy the ice cream jones.

That was back at Camp Iguana in Florida where I completed a month of rehabilitation of habits. I was awake by dawn or close to it, and ready to retire by sunset. No putting off until tomorrow what could be done today. I had to behave in social situations with strangers. That was tough because I was not feeling very impressive in the grand scheme of life. I felt like just introducing myself as big loser who does good work. Mostly I felt somewhat inadequate for not having spouse or kids and/or grandchildren. Everyone else had one or more of those things.

Maybe someone will start a service which lets you claim far away waifs as offspring or grandkids. You get pictures and cards--enough of a kit to make it look legit; replete with a bio and amusing anecdotes. Maybe for a small fee they have a kid or "grown child" call you at a preset time. Of course when the cell rings you act somewhat inconvenienced that you have to solve yet another minor family drama.

Why didn't I think of this before? The perfect thing for the aging ne'er do well who wishes he had ten kids and a wife with a pioneer cut to her jib. Then again, maybe it just wasn't in the cards. Good reason to encourage others not to traumatize small children, and to encourage youth, aka yoots, to ignore news and never buy drugs from unlicensed pharmacists. Also never let pride and anger cloud your view of the ultimate goal, whatever it be. Long story and half of it is written here or elsewhere.

So, today was a real struggle with that macabre feeling of doom that the above mentioned true wish sometimes brings. It is not the best way to spend mental energy. Not all past experience was a waste. Much wasn't, although the pain of some judgement lapses and general gullibility in certain respects is a bit hard to bear. It can be easily conjured and re-lived, to a degree. The result is a horror. It did leave me believing I probably will die alone, but maybe I'll be the "special friend" to a few good grandmas. Or something. That is better than nothing however I want a better outcome in that department.

Good thing 50 is the new 22 and 70 is the new 36. 36 was a very good year in some ways. So were several that followed. I'd go so far as to say they were ... never mind. That does lend credence to my theory that if you have means enough for the very basic necessities that friends and warm women are about all else one should require. Like everything, this can only be appreciated fully in retrospect---rarely at the moment.

Life now must be pretty good. I have some very good friends, and the necessities covered for the moment. That is an ongoing endeavor. Life is like that. The warm women department has yet to gel. I'm a little more cautious than ever before. Some experiences, I refuse to repeat. Most bad ones could be avoided if I learn a little from the past rather than repeat it.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

MoeJoe Working

Future films will clarify that title and the spelling. Any self respecting blues wannabe knows it's "mojo" that ought to be working. Moe and Joe is another level altogether. I forgot whether I was dubbed Moe or Joe in this instance. Joe, I think.

So, here I am, back on Ballistic Mountain. We arrived at sunset into San D. Our experience on Southwest was without incident or complaint. I was impressed to hear some passengers at the gate praising SW and comparing it to carriers that have left them less than pleased. It is not that common that air travelers do anything besides complain. Somehow this airline has managed to create an almost cultish loyalty. After this trip, I am only saddened to see the areas not covered by Southwest.

So, I spent a month of what I would consider therapy. Good habits, an impressive amount of work, and opportunity to sweat out any toxins which may have been lurking in or on my person. Not sure what a toxin is, but I know it is good to sweat them out. Sweating comes naturally in South Florida. I'd almost forgotten that feeling; inescapable heat and being drenched from head to toe with relatively little effort. Of course, in this case, plenty of effort was included. It's just that the toxin purge was merely a by-product and not the goal. I suppose it is at times, though.

The experience will take a little time to sink in. This is the first time in my life I have been to that area without a family event or some connection of that sort. I was too busy, as it turned out, to try to dream up old friends to find or any of that. The experience was surreal.

How can any house in that area not have bugs clamoring to get in or to eat you alive? After all, the state bird is the mosquito. Yet, we had no such issues. We'd leave the sliding doors to the deck wide open. No bugs entered, only the occasional wayward lizard. This very impossible circumstance caused me to suspect that either I am in another dimension--possibly the after-life--or perhaps there was some sort of sorcery involved. I may have been in the thick of a band of wizards or witches.

OK. The bugs are one puzzle, but how do we explain the fact that most projects went rather smoothly? Things just fell into place. That never happens. Certainly not consistently.

All of it worked on me from every direction. My history, as it ties to that part of the country, caused me to reflect in maudlin remorse, as well as just your basic garden variety confusion. It may have been a necessary mental path at this juncture. Such things are risky indulgences though. Either you come out the other side with some sort of resolve regarding future outlook, or you get stuck in mope mode. I decided I want to avoid mope mode if at all possible. That has not been easy, but had nothing to do with actual present company or conditions.

The little pond and the golfers on the far side of it provided plenty of entertainment and interest. We became emotionally involved with the trials and tribulations of the marsh hens and their offspring, as well as the war between gardener and iguana. One thing I learned about marsh hens; the more you observe them, the less you understand about them. They are always up to something but what, I do not know. So, I cheered them on in total ignorance.

The iguanas were plotting against the gardener, that was pretty clear. I can only hope he doesn't blow up the course trying to gain the upper hand. Time will tell.

Once again I am dodging the question that never leaves me feeling comfortable; what am I going to do with the rest of my life? I'll worry about that another time. I know I have more teak plus a list of whatnot waiting, so that is good.
A less labor intensive means of earning money may be the smart goal for now. I took the odd reactions of muscles and joints to be a reminder that, while working with one's hands is a splendid thing, one's hands and else can get fatigued and beaten beyond a prudent level of discomfort. That is merely a reminder that it may be worth starting a big company, or becoming a pimp or gigolo. Maybe I'll run for one of those elected judge positions. Knowledge of the law a plus but not required. Disdain for the law could make it an interesting gig.

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