Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Summertime Blues

Maybe if the DMV hadn't made me three months younger I'd feel differently. Probably just a matter of maturity, or lack thereof.

Tomorrow is a day of much work so I hope the energy is there. Good thing they are the kind of jobs I like. The result is visible and easy to define. Time is short, since in just a couple of days it's off to see my friend who never ceases to confound amuse and astound. Hell if I know. It will be good. Let's hope it is cold enough that no AC is required. At least the plane has that essential element.

Universal health care? Forget it. What about universal Air Conditioning? Better yet, I guess I could save up and buy my own. Landlord would not be keen on the idea, no doubt. Maybe I could be real ambitious and just buy a place with AC. Or live in my car and leave the engine and air running 24/7. Maybe not. Oh yea. I can make my own version of a swamp cooler, except it will be art as well. I forgot. That was supposed to be done by now--been too hot to work on it.

The coast does not have this issue to the same degree. The heat that is. The lack of air conditioners is as widespread there, even in the nicest areas. And I wonder why they say people are nuts out here. At least we have something in common. I like them but I have to do something about this resistance to real climate control. They think they can control the weather but won't control the temp in a building, which is a proven possibility. I don't get it.

Crisis Upon Crisis

One of the great things about growing up when I did is that I went several years after I was old enough to be somewhat conscious without hearing the word “crisis”. My TV is picking up one station tonight. I thought I’d see what was up while I ate a late dinner. It was a very similar meal to the one I filmed for the pilot of the hit series, “What Do Hermits Eat?”. You can rent it for free on youtube under the harpofly collection.

So, ignoramus that I am, I learned that I was totally unaware of our ongoing epidemic, this long term healthcare CRISIS—OBESITY. Oh my God, we’re not dying of starvation, we are losing self esteem and years off our lives because “Americans are in a crisis’, an obesity crisis. They used the word several times. Actually they used the word “obesity” several times, and the word “crisis”. Like they say, never let a crisis go to waste.

Americans are eating themselves out of their clothes. They are violating every law of fat control. One day we'll all just roll off the planet, or maybe influence its spin and balance and all hell will break loose. And it will be ALL OUR FAULT for being F A T.

I’m pretty sure I am not the only one who sees green energy in all this (alternative energy source at any rate)
Under present philosophy, your weight is the business of all of us, and SOMETHING MUST BE DONE!!! Time is running out!!! Time is always running out when it comes to crises I hadn’t bothered to notice until the smarmy news person sincerely, and with great concern, narrates a heart wrenching documentary piece on the subject. Did you know you may be overweight? Yep. And we aren’t going to stand for it.

Since, as I already said in my belabored way, your weight is our business, I am pretty sure that rather than putting people in prison for not meeting body fat index specs, they will do mandatory liposuction and run power plants off of the fat they gather. It is my suspicion that the point of entry may not be the choice of the offending field of harvest. It really shouldn’t matter because we’ve been taking it there for awhile, and it is obvious much of America likes it. Or thinks so. Some are beginning to wonder what they welcomed. Even those who were once fooled by the Republican machine.

Many of them have come around finally to the realization that their party was merely a stepping stone to this insane new democratic party; the haven of elitists who think they have the right to tell you whose opinions you may hear, and what car to drive, manufacture, wreck, and that’s just a grain of sand on the beach of things these idiots and charlatans desire to control.

Was it Boxer or some other moron I heard claiming that Che is the one who kicked out Batista (the rich) in Cuba, then they searched high and low for a great leader and discovered Fidel Castro? The dimwit doesn’t even have the story remotely straight. What is it with these people and butchers of humanity? Just because both parties have supported dictators and terrorists does not make it sane or right. But the continual, and recently increased, whitewash of complete thugs and tyrants is alarming.

I expect that out of Sean Penn and people like that. They are clueless and go off half baked in reaction to what they see as neo-Puritans who would limit their artistic expression. Stupidly they play into the hands of those who would totally control such expression. I hear talk from political elites these days which sounds like a push to rationalize the censoring of free thought and criticism of those in power. They feel the critics don’t analyze these things as they should so they think a neutral party, like themselves, should decide what is OK and what is balanced.

If I wanted balance I’d spend more time listening to Air America. It is hard to do. They take up the first hour in hypothetical visions of what those they call right wing idiots do and don’t do. Did you know that none of the people who express opposition to the health care debacle have passports? That’s right. I heard it on Air America. Further, almost no one in Kansas or other heartland states travels. No one in a so-called red state anyway. They also have no education, and do not think for themselves. Unlike people in NY and LA, and of course, Chicago. I’m not making this up. That’s what they said.

Air America spends so much time calling everyone idiots, except themselves, that they rarely get to the point of demonstrating what is right about their view, and wrong with the opposition. It is often hard to get a clear idea what their view is, except they are for whatever involves the most government control, unless it deals with immigration or the military–unless of course that involves sending troops where Obama wants to send them. I try, but I can’t listen to Air A. without wishing someone would punch them. That’s because I am one of the ignorant fools who doesn’t like much control placed over my life. I do have a passport. I don’t think that makes me smart.

I’m sure there are no offices issuing passports in Kansas or Oklahoma. Very hateful people on Air America. But they say the strategy for Cuban style revolution–communistic type socialism–is to avoid arguing principle but to personalize the argument then attack the face you put to it. It is nothing new. What is new is the history being spouted in Congress regarding Castro, Chavez, Stalin, Kennedy, and the monetary system.

With my appreciation of this administrations policies, I suppose I should be carrying a bible I can’t read in one hand and a gun in the other, as I yell at my wife/sister to cook me some grub—according to Mike Malloy, and this Fuquit Elliott in San Diego. An entirely different definition of freedom, I think. Somehow they have the idea that we had freedom and it didn’t work. To them freedom is the freedom to have things and services you want without stressing over it. Of course they assume some enlightened group like themselves would handle all these things. Elitists and stubborn as hell. I sense a great deal of hatred for anyone who succeeds in a substantial field like manufacturing or oil. And an even greater hatred for those who want to be left the chance to sink or swim on their own.

This was not what I was going to write. oops
the end

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