Sunday, March 25, 2012

Condensed Version of What Went Before

If only I knew what it is I am doing. This music stuff makes me feel like I am drifting away from reality, considering it is my main connection with people these days. I don't even know if I like music, much of the time. Strange.

OK. So we played the Crest community hall.
Some people there wanted my phone number, claiming they wanted to call me for a jam or some other play-my-harp situation.
That was nice.

I did not play very well according to my standards. I even made a mistake when I hit a squeaky note or something. Maybe I jumped up there and landed between two notes--the right one and the wrong one. It wasn't the conversation of the town around the breakfast table the next day. Of that, I am certain.

There are some people, including members of the two other groups who played, that seem good enough at what they do. I've heard more country, folk, and bluegrass in California than I did in North Carolina.

Anyhow my mountain friends, Copper Creek, sang well and did good harmony. It was a big hit with the Crest crowd. I'd say they liked us the best.

I'm left wondering again why it is that I do this. I can't relate to lots of things I've done. In Memphis and elsewhere the have all this "Blues preservation" activity. If people like it, why does it require a society to preserve it? It sounds like a movement to save a nearly extinct species of animal.

They have the same tendency in some of the folkish circles here. Maybe it is more wanting to freeze time back when people were smoking bananas and clicking their fingers in coffee houses. Nostalgia is one of my least favorite activities. Don't like the word, and don't like what it represents.

Why not form a society for the preservation of the rotary telephone? I liked pizzazz that could accompany dialing certain numbers. Push button lacks the flair and feeling.

I'd say a society for the preservation of freedom would be good, but western world, and what is left, have yet to really embrace the idea. To preserve something, it helps if it actually exists. At least the idea was bounced around for awhile with reverence and zeal. It may not have been achieved to its potential, but there was the thought, and thought usually precedes manifestation. I guess we are lucky that our part of the globe did more to promote the concept than anyone else.

Much of what is in this post did not come before, so you got a little of that and a little of this. Thank you.

Are those who do not have a health insurance policy really soon to be outlaws? For crying out loud people, this is not good. Not everyone who can't afford something wants to then jump through hoops and have government provide it. Some of us do not intend to burden you, regardless. So forget that excuse. Just let people you don't know live without your help, guidance and tyranny.

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