Saturday, April 30, 2011

Dog and Pony Show Continues

It gets to be far too bizarre to be believable. Manufactured drama in the world of the people who have the guns and the cages---government, (for the far too conditioned to reason folks).

No more than I care if anyone in professional baseball uses steroids or lies to lying congress hooligans, do I care about the president's alleged father or anything else of that nature. I do care about what he and his pals, and even his alleged enemies are doing to the illusion of freedom and justice for all.

But to think that any of the sides in this carnival act are true representations of some sincere philosophy is foolish. Just because you can't make good sense of this puzzle from the pieces given doesn't mean the projected picture is accurate. That part can be shot down with the info at hand.

Some people don't get that. They think that they have to know the real deal, so they buy whatever is thrown out there. The thinking is, "So, if this isn't true, then what is?". That is actually the reasoning process. It's like saying, "So, if you don't believe the sky is made of concrete, then what is the exact molecular composition of it?" That is too prove the concrete idea. You have to have the answer or that confirms the sky is made of concrete. Uh, I don't know, air and stuff, mostly.

At best, you get accused of believing B if you don't believe A. If I think Obama is the figurehead of an evil philosophy then I must love George Bush and old school Republican methods, and I am a racist if I agree with any Tea Party ideas. That's a bit more than just A and B. They do give a modified B these days.

It is all based on lies. And lies about the lies. For example, many who claim to be tea party come up with some lame assertions, but then they are represented in an even more distorted way. Often, Obama is painted in a distorted way. I find his policies radically weird, and more or less, on international matters, an unsupervised version of Bush foreign policy. That means highly irresponsible and cold blooded.

But the truth is, we have no idea from the info we get why our country is doing anything it is doing, domestically or internationally. If you actually look at facts and reasons given, they do not wash. All the medicare scare, etc. Lies on both sides. One side, in my view is preferable but that's an easy call when you want government out of medicine, education, food, and almost all else.

Spending money, tax money, to arrest an Amish guy for selling milk? As long as he did not represent it as pasteurized then forget it. We don't have the right to take our chances or follow our beliefs and choices?

I'm telling you, if the long arm, and the smug and smarmy arm, of government does not back off soon, this country is liable to blow. Kicking up food prices, killing the dollar and with gas prices going through the roof, things could go a couple of different ways. Maybe with the class warfare that has accelerated, post Obama, people will just act out against other races, the "rich", etc. There is a very small chance that enough people get it, or are motivated enough, to just quit contributing and cooperating with the dogs and ponies.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Kitchen Do's and Do Nots; part 52911

If you have a stove top espresso maker, and you think it needs cleaning, and maybe white vinegar is the way to go and you are working in dim light because the lamp at the back of the cabin is all that is on and you don't want to turn on the kitchen light because you worry about the landlord's electric bill, remember; the vinegar bottle under the sink looks exactly like the ammonia bottle and it could make for some very odd coffee.

Not to Be Ungrateful, BUT...

UPDATE: After considering the below mentioned people, I decided to do what the govt. does on freedom of information and blackout the name.
In one case, the person means well but is misguided. Let it go, but consider options.
In the other case, I think I resent myself for not taking initiative. I'd already resigned from life at that point, and it is not worth carrying the resentment. My idea, but that was it. I'd been so disillusioned and became so self medicated by then, I'd seriously given up on riding in the mainstream of civilization. It is done. Besides, his infant girl at the time liked me. She'd kick and smile whenever I came near--too little to walk then.

If you bother to skim this lengthy post, this will make sense

Today, I realized that the hardest and most challenging aspect of my job, aside from the PC part--to be explained--is the snapping of the snaps which dangle from cushions on outdoor furniture, You have to thread them between the slats and reach under to snap them. Hundreds of them. It is bend over work. And it is the most mentally challenging.

OK. I get paid, so who cares? Normally, no one. But when Ms Ecomania, the manager who writes my checks (on hello kitty check stock) is in an odd mood, one is reminded that he is merely hired help and his thoughts are probably inconsequential. This catches me off guard. I am used to little or no supervision. Leave me alone when I am doing my thing, please.

Apparently she has been listening to environmental horror stories and getting angry. I already knew she thought all plastic of any kind was evil. I once tried to explain that all plastic is not created equal and that many petro products have valuable use in many aspects of life. This did not go over very well. I even wondered out loud about the disposal of curly light bulbs, and the net cost of producing batteries, etc. for a Prius, and if it really resulted in a significantly reduced carbon footprint, although if the car was free I would love it. Good fuel economy hits me where I live.

Today, before guests were to arrive, the A/C guy was to come and change all the filters. It is a regularly scheduled thing. Considering the fire fiasco last month, and the fact that I can still detect a hint of the odor, I figured it was not being done any too soon.

In case he arrived before Ms E showed up, I was instructed to order him to only replace the obviously dirty filters and leave the others. This is because she did not think the discards looked that dirty last time and felt it was "wasteful" and bad for the environment. I resisted the urge to explain that it is not always that visible at a glance and that clean filters save energy.

Fortunately, she arrived before the A/C guy.

Don't get me wrong, I am not a guy who throws plastic bags into the sea or razes forests in my spare time. However, I often do not buy the talking points of half informed ecology nuts.

So, I was done with things and had a couple of things used in my glamorous job in the laundry room sink where I wash them out. I noticed the soap dispenser was inop. Of course it is pewter and is some sort of accessory a designer mandated along the way. Those things are everywhere, and they are not very functional without regular attention. Since it was plugged up, I was trying to loosen the clog by running hot water into it. And the other stuff was getting rinsed as a by-product of my effort.

No big deal. Ms Eco comes by and strikes up a conversation about something from the doorway to my left. I continue what I am doing but look at the speaker, as is my custom. Then I turn the spout part over to let the water go the other way. I had actually just begun and was wanting the hot water to arrive at max temp. That takes a minute in the laundry room.

She suddenly asks if I am unaware that there is a water shortage in this area(which there actually isn't any more). It caught me by surprise. I explained I was trying to deal with the malfunctioning dispenser. She then proceeds to lecture me about how she only uses the water when absolutely necessary, blablabla. Sometimes my emotions are not well hidden. She detected my annoyance and then went into a bigger lecture claiming I was just running water, my hands weren't even under it, blablabla. I was stunned.

So I just shut it off and said OK. I was too stunned and proud to explain myself. It was absolutely ridiculous. The little estate there is very energy and water intensive in so many ways. I always keep my usage of things to a minimum anyway, but come on.

That incident, coupled with the note from the landlord saying they are again going to try to sell the house--and I think they are really out to do it this time, caused me to think that this trip may be well timed, and that I most likely will be making some changes. Maybe I should get myself a logo and incorporate that in a slogan, "change I can live with".

People are suckers when they get caught up in everything green. They rarely know what the hell they are talking about. I was thinking green before they called it green. My motives for this lne of thought was economic and somewhat political, as well as practical. I saw no good reason why one would be dependent upon government controlled monopolies for power or water.

It is my bad that I didn't follow through and quickly went on a multi year bender, then never pursued the ideas. At least I know part of one concept was patent worthy because an old "friend" whom I had shown the plan patented it under his name and enjoyed a lucrative career off of that idea. I didn't find out for over a decade. I still had the original sketches but have no stomach to sue. I'll just defame him when I can and let it go.

If it ain't a lie, it is not libel. Here's the devil of which I speak: (bold is mine)
United States Patent 5,695,004
B+++++++ December 9, 1997

Air conditioning waste heat/reheat method and apparatus

An air conditioning system comprising a compressor, condenser and evaporator as functioning components in a primary loop for moving a working fluid in a continuous and automatic cycle of operation between such components. The system includes a plurality of zones through which the air to be conditioned is moved. The zones each include stacked horizontal tubes in a single coil with vertical heat exchanging fins in a parallel array with the tubes of each stack extending through the fins.
A wrap-around heat pipe with first parallel tubes adjacent to the input of such zones and with second parallel tubes adjacent to the output of such zones and parallel horizontal lines coupling the first and second parallel tubes.
Inventors: B*******; W++++++ R. (Tampa, FL)
Appl. No.: 08/159,669
Filed: November 30, 1993

The bold italic part is the meat of the matter. This part of the patent doesn't explain a lot in detail. That's how they work. I also had a patent for something unrelated under my name. The rest of the patent info goes on and on.

It was a way to help dehumidify the air by augmenting the process utilizing energy already available from the air handler. It saved energy costs in the dehumidifying process. My application of the identical process was part of something else but this was just one application. This operation was discussed, including the valves, restrictors, etc discussed in the body of the patent.

I might have even let him use it for free if he;d been straight up in the process.

Took him four years before it was awarded. Long time patent pending is a desirable thing. Apparently he started manufacturing a few years before he filed. Good for him, and not so good for him. I would have agreed to an arrangement if he had called and asked. Oh well

His gain did not cause my problems. It was my idea and it takes a very small man to claim credit for the work or ideas of others. I'd rather be me. No lawsuit could punish him worse than life already has by making him be who he is.

Anyway, I was into generated electric power at the source way back when it was still illegal. The same people who like massive regulation now used it then, too. It was based on the same idea as this healthcare thing. Force everyone to pay so it will be cheaper.

It is possible the emergence of Ms E as a full blown eco nazi is a sign from the universe that I need to think of some alternatives to my present situation. I guess the note from my land people is the same thing. They did include a thank you to me for being "such a great tenant and good neighbor". Gotta love those people.

They'll keep me updated, and doesn't mean I have to hit the road right away. But if they sell the place, it could be Adios, Ballistic Mountain. Finding another setup like this for anything close to what I now pay would be quite a task. This was an incredibly fortuitous find.

Life goes on, and I guess this means I better sort, organize and get this tour on the road, quickly.

*****other bottom line: don't be lecturing me about no dadgum Green. I'm way ahead of my time and most eco nazis too***

if they were expensive in various ways. The history there was not one in which I received much benefit from various episodes prior to this.
+++another after thought: Bill taught me some lessons. ++++

It's a Bless their hearts situation. Not a case in which I couldn't have done something else, especially in the big picture. Better to assess how I can fix my world than to stew in anger citing the faults of others. My trials and tribulations are often of my own doing. Certainly any change in scenario can be greatly influenced by my own actions.

Update on the View Point Entrepreneur

Earlier I mentioned a lengthy conversation with a young guy whose car needed a jump.

I decided to call because I knew he was going to pitch an idea he has regarding education and parents of autistic kids to someone in the field. The idea did seem to get a little traction and the right person showed interest and is helping him refine the presentation and direct him on it.

That is a good thing. I can't define the idea because I don't do that, and besides, I gave my word.

In Life, as in what we are told is Life

What we are told is life includes all the stuff of the news, especially the fear mongering aspect.

The common thread is that a problem is generally ignored or The Great Pretense prevents the acknowledgement of the issue as it grows and festers. Then, all of a sudden, people look around and exclaim, "Oh my God! How did that happen?"

In the public realm, the slicksters who promoted the application of the Great Pretense during the growth of the aberration, now come forward to point fingers at other slicksters, promising to fix the problem by applying the exact same "remedies" that created it.

I notice that this happens in real life as well. I do it. I let some thing go, hoping it will either go away, or that it is just my imagination in the first place; my own private version of the Great Pretense (which has governed public affairs for a very long time). Then when there is no way to ignore the issue, I think, Geez, why did this have to happen now? Bummer.

The reality is that it was happening for a long time, but I did not want to change anything, and that meant I would keep feeding the problem.

Some people do it more than others. It is easier to point it out in the lives of others because it is no fun identifying your own self defeating habits because the next thought is that you should change that habit and habits are a real bitch to change.

This has been a public service message, sponsored by the ballisticTour and the CAD council.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Coyote Afternoon

The other day, yesterday to be precise, I found myself harboring what may have been a border jumper. I was way out east, near Boulevard, CA, on Highway 80, no doubt THEE Eighty in local parlance. The naked Buddhist retreat is somewhere in that area but I forget where so I did not go check it out. In some places you can see the border fence between Mexico and the USA.

I was driving east and decided I'd gone plenty far enough.

A mile or two before turning around, I saw a guy walking on the side of the road. He looked pretty tired and like the heat was getting to him. I kept going--he was walking west.

After turning around I saw a border patrol jeep by the side of the road stopped--not an uncommon sight.

After traveling west another mile I caught up to the pedestrian mentioned previously. Thee Eighty is two lane and there is not much of anything out there. You hit a few tiny towns consisting of a few buildings and dwellings, but that is it. No stoplights. No nothing for the most part.

This time the pedestrian, who was walking on the left hand side of the road stuck his thumb high in the air. "Please give me a ride", was what he seemed to be thinking. My car was loaded with junk, laundry, all kinds of stuff, including on the front passenger seat. Who knows why I stopped. I guess I thought I'd hate to be walking out there and would appreciate a ride if I was the one hitch hiking.

By the time he got around to the passenger side and I opened the door, he seemed like he could hardly stand. Not drunk, just very thirsty and tired. I cleared the debris from the seat and he got in.

No luggage, no gun, no bundle of belongings. And no English. My Spanish is a bit rusty. It takes me some time before I am able to understand or communicate. I have to be around it awhile. Even so, I managed to get some information.

He wanted to go to LA. I think he had a friend or relative there. He had been walking for three days. From Mexico. The guy appeared to be rather clueless regarding immigration issues or the fact that if he kept going on that road, he would walk into a check point. If he jumped up to Thee Eight he would also walk into a checkpoint.

Soon enough I figured out that I was transporting an illegal alien. Why did you leave Mexico, I asked in something akin to Spanish. For work, was the reply in what was definitely Spanish. Oh boy. I hate to encourage the immigration problem, but something in me caused my first reaction to be how to get this guy past the MAN. Unbelievable.

He was not a thug, and probably had a relative or friend in LA who said, come here, Amigo. They pay money for work. Easy to get work here.

My view of the mess is that, number one; the 14th amendment was never intended to provide for the anchor baby loophole. That amendment came shortly after the Civil War to prevent the temptation to not recognize the citizenship of freed slaves or any other Black people living here. The bastardization of that amendment through faulty interpretation and application has caused much problem.

The other problem is that no one but US citizens or legal aliens should benefit from social security, welfare or public education. Anything other is just not sustainable.

And lastly, if we did away with the income tax debacle, going to a consumption tax, as described in the Fair Tax initiative, issues of tax and all that would be moot. It would make it easier to produce goods here and hire whoever will work.

Of course, you always run into various complications, but those things would improve the situation immensely, much to the chagrin of La Raza and other power hungry groups who are about their own desired tyranny, not the people they pretend to love.
Some of the la raza folks seem confused that La Raza began when an Aztec woman(some would say a traitor to her people) befriended the evil Spaniard Cortez, giving rise to The Race, unique to Mexico. There is a holiday there commemorating the event. Of course Aztec was only one ethnicity there, and Aztecs destroyed or conquered and incorporated many other groups, as well. But the race, La Raza was born, and to the pride of those who descended from its creation.

Anyway, I felt that I was in potential trouble if I carried my pal to a check point. If I didn't just throw him to the agents, then I'd be in trouble, I'm sure. In any case they would probably want to converse with me for a longer time than I desired. My guess was, I'd be fried for driving Mr Alien no matter what.

My decision was to go as far as I could without hitting a check point and drop him somewhere I thought safer than the side of a road traveled heavily by border patrol vehicles. I dropped him at Acorn Casino, a nice little facility in the middle of nowhere, adjacent to both Thee 8 and Thee 80, which is large enough that a savvy visitor could remain fairly unnoticed, grab a little food, and get out of the sun.

When he entered my car, I produced a gallon container of water because he was so dry he could hardly speak. He drank at least half the gallon in maybe twenty minutes. He never asked me for anything. He did call someone on his cell phone--a prepaid Mexican unit, I'm guessing. I caught bits and pieces. The person on the other end seemed worried that he was in the car with a stranger---"but the senor gave me water!" That part I did catch.

I tried to alert him about the checkpoints, suggested that there would be Spanish speaking people who worked in the casino, and good luck.

Then I checked out a country road for the heck of it. After a few minutes I decided it went nowhere so I turned around. As I passed the casino to continue west on Thee Eighty, I noticed a Border Patrol jeep heading up the drive to the casino complex. Then another.

I hope they just go there for fuel, or to get some coffee. There is nothing else nearby so that is a possibility. Oddly, I hope no one called them.

The guy was probably in his mid twenties, and little chubby and only had the clothes on his back. What is really nuts is that since he asked me for nothing, I asked if he had cash to buy himself some food. He had nothing, apparently, so I gave him some money. What am I doing? I have no money to burn. I'm pretty sure he was hungry and had not eaten in awhile. Dumb as it sounds, I had a good feeling about the guy and it seemed OK.

He was too far from the car when I realized he still had the bits of leaves and such on his back from sleeping on the ground. I regretted not being able to advise him to get the evidence knocked off of his shirt.

I'm opposed to sanctuary cities and all that stuff, but I guess, like charitable endeavors, I deal one on one, case by case. But I wouldn't force anyone else to do so based on my wish or judgement. That is where I am diametrically opposed to most of the people who use political and governmental power to exercise their benevolence. They are using resources which belong to others, claiming them as their own to dispose of as they see fit. Wrong thing to do in my book.

This is the sort of thing that has to go. I give no credence to complaining leeches and thugs. My pal is not like that

Anyway, we never even exchanged names. I thought if I got stopped and knew his name, claiming that I didn't understand anything he said and had no idea he was a wetback would be harder to sell.

How weird. I was coyote. Transporting an undocumented non-worker. I guess that is what you call an undocumented worker who has no work. The thug lobbyist groups hate the phrase, "illegal alien", but if you are from another country, you are considered an alien and if you aren't here by legal means, you are here illegally, hence the classification, illegal alien. It is neither racist, xenophobic nor demeaning. Just the way it is.

But, I still hold that changing some of the root issues which are problematic would do wonders. People rarely want to look at that, though. Crime pays better and eliminating the incentive doesn't fly. La Raza, the unions, and most politicians do not want to improve the world and promote freedom.

Decriminalizing drugs like marijuana might help as well, and then take a real good look at how inner cities and gangs are handled might be in order. It is not being handled effectively, but they at least have succeeded in perpetuating racial and class hatred. That is exactly how those groups want it. It is the livelihood of the LaRazas, the Jesse Jacksons, Al Sharptons, all race based groups and charlatans claiming to champion those they keep angry, not free thinking, envious, etc. They are the racists, and ones who think they are the elite.

I'm hoping my friend, whom I've dubbed Manny, is at least comfortable and not thirsty or being harmed in any way. As naive as he seemed, I see no way he made it out. Maybe he'll do someone some good in Mexico and be OK. LA is no place for nice people.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Everyone is, or was, A Friggin Genius

I was reading some comments elsewhere. Not a friend's place, so forget me promoting it. What got me was that at least three people had to say how they were in advanced high school before college, were encouraged to skip this or that, exempted this and that in college, etc. In other words they were claiming to be super geniuses. And that pisses me off.

Why?, you ask. I'm thinking it is because when you are the real deal and stylishly humble, such poor form hits a nerve.
Or it just annoys me because I see it as a way to scare off dissenters. Who wants to debate Leonardo DaVinci or Albert Einstein?

It could be I feel like it points me out to be a dimwit by implication. Whatever the case, if everyone was that smart, then I doubt we'd have wars and way too expensive gas, and Cuban coffee now at 6.99. So, not all those people are what they say.

I don't engage people at those places anyway. They might make me look stupid, and they might be nuts who would come hunt me down.

IT does get me sometimes, how many people seem to be so damned smart, according to them. I consider the smart people as the ones whose kids still speak to them and who have some semblance of security as well. The very smartest are those who have been married forever, still like their spouses, have offspring who speak to them, and who have a decent livelihood as well. If they did it honestly then I think they are brilliant. I never did figure out how to do those things. To me, that is true genius--a happy family unit.

The next best thing? A Ballistic Tour!!!

I guess I have finally committed myself to the road trip. I'm hitting it in a few weeks come hell or high water. Gas prices will be what they be and I hope it levels off.

If it gets bad enough, I'll sell the car and buy a motorcycle. Or not.

Anyway, I hope to get to all the places I need to go; AZ to see my long time Miami friend, TX for relatives, MS to meet Sugar Blue, NC to catch up with the Bass/harp man and to check out a place in the mountains, and hit the Outer Banks, maybe see if Bobby is up for letting me sit in up the coast in VA, then maybe get up to NY to see my old pal, and MA to see the other old pal, and NH just because.

There are other Sugar Blue Videos but this is the best. I like this band the best, too. They know how to bring it down and then back up.
This is a blues man. Maybe my favorite. Blues genius, since we were talking genius.

Maybe I won't get even to NC, but I hope so. I'm not sure about the rest. The farther away, the greater the chances that time and money will not work out.
It's been negative investment long enough--may as well use it and go from there.

I look out at these little mountains and hills and kind of think I will like coming back west. I just wish the west hadn't suckered for being so high priced and over regulated. I do like the wide open thing of points west in this country, and the giant mountains. With luck I can loop the return trip through CO and some of that.

I have 3 tents, one of which is a bit battered from the winds in Taos and Page, AZ from the big Tour to the unknown which landed me here. Hotels cost too much, and much as I hate to admit it, I kind of look forward to seeing if I can do it this way.

Been cooking on a hotplate for 2 years, so that's almost like camping. But this bed, with that memory foam on top is way comfortable. Not sure how to cope with missing that for a month or 6 weeks.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

View Point

Because I grew up and lived most of my life elsewhere, I always called it a scenic overlook. In California those places are labeled "view point". To me that term is synonymous with point of view; something having to do with opinion and belief. Here, it is a point from which you can view the countryside.

But, Interstate 8 is known as The 8. Every highway with a number is known as The (whatever the number). I'm not out to change the local lexicon or anything else, just noting the difference in customs and culture. Maybe that will earn me a grant of some kind from the Department of Diversity. They must have a diversity czar. I'll check it out.

I can note the differences from place to place in how they refer to and deal with roads and roadside matters. For example, in Florida they had Slow Work Ahead, and it usually was. They also had Slow Children, poor little unfortunates. But, no child left behind, please, help them out!

Now that I think of it, there were slow children in other states too. No need to put that in my grant application. I need to check it out first hand to be sure.

What they don't know is the unusual people you meet at the View Point who have a very unusual view point. For instance, tonight, on my way home from the therapeutic gathering of those who have been somewhat where I've been, I stopped at the View Point on The 8. I do that often because I like the place, it is unlit, and usually deserted. A good place to clear your head.

At times, I've helped motorists in distress, given directions and generally had interesting interactions. Tonight was one of those times.

The young guy in the old Diesel Mercedes, who was working there all day on hydrogen generators had run his battery down by leaving the trunk light on. My usually trustworthy battery pack/jump starter/air compressor/12volt power source unit did not have enough juice to do the job.

Ever since my debacle in Indiana, some months prior to the Ballistic Tour, (and prior to the Tourmobile purchase), which involved boosting someone's truck and frying my little car's computer, I don't jump from a car with a computer. That covers most vehicles and certainly the latest Tour Mobile. However, I can't just leave a fellow traveler stranded. It is not a huge thing to disconnect my battery and boost off of that. Resetting the clock and the radio is not a big deal. So that is what I did.

We ended up talking about electricity, wind turbines, hydrogen generators and learning aids for autistic children for three hours. It was all interesting. The kid--I swore I'd never be one to call young adults "kid"--was full of enthusiasm and ideas. He has a four year old autistic son. The kid is doing OK, reportedly.

There were other things going on but why get into that?

The point is that I tend to strike up odd friendships in the middle of nowhere under unusual circumstances. Most of the time I never see the people again. I may check up on this one to see how a particular initiative goes. He claimed that after talking to me he thinks he can press forward, and he was feeling like he couldn't before our talk.

Enthusiastic people with ideas and creativity always get my encouragement. It doesn't matter if the idea is perfect or not. I am not one to rain on the parade. I've found the refinement of the idea is a small percentage of the picture. The drive to push through and make it happen is the lion's share of what it takes. Refinements will naturally occur as you go. Some of this guy's ideas are not bad at all.

It was a good thing. I came home feeling OK for being me. Not many people are likely to float around at the overlook, jump start the needy, and encourage the pure of heart in their quest for creativity and fulfillment. That could cement any suspicions that I am a lunatic, but that's the way it is. Given the opportunity, there are people who find great relief in being able to tell someone who gets it what is really on their mind.

And don't hypothesize about any weirdness. That is not how I roll. I do attract the unusual like a magnet, but I do very well at only letting the right ones through the barrier. Like the guy I gave a ride home from the Mobile station who had me come upstairs and play harmonica for his wife, and who made me watch ten minutes of Cadillac Records with them, then they both made me promise to rent it first chance I got (since I couldn't just stay there and watch it with them). Most people would not have given him the ride. He had bags of groceries and missed the bus. I thought he'd be OK. Even if I am white. See? It usually works.

If I read them wrong and get shot one day, I won't like it, but I won't regret the times I took a chance when I was right.

Cadillac Records was about Chess Records and a lot of it had to do with this guy, Little Walter

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Things You Can't Know, and for other purposes

((((whenever they introduce legislation, they cryptically describe what the bill is supposed to do, then add the phrase, "and for other purposes". I'm for abolishing that practice. It has nothing much to do with this post))))

Quite often you will hear governmental agencies, police, charities, the friggin Ad Council announce that some practice or restriction has saved X number of lives. In reality, there is no way of knowing how many lives their pet projects saved.

The reason it can't be known was quite eloquently illustrated in Mark Twain's short story, The Mysterious Stranger.

For example, they may claim that a general road block to filter out drunk drivers saves lives, and it may seem like it does. Usually it is more successful at nabbing people with too many parking tickets, past due license renewal or broken tail lights.

What if, because of that simple delay, Sally did not meet Biff at the local art gallery, and therefore the chance that they would produce a child named Dexter was lost?

Dexter would have been conceived at just the right time and temperature for all the genes and juices to create a benevolent super genius. Dexter would have raced through his education, obtaining a doctorate by age 13, and by age 20 he would have found they key to curing AIDS, as well as the common cold, cancers of all sorts, and psoriasis.

But no! Officer Dimwitty of the El Cajon branch of the CA Highway Patrol, and his sidekick Officer Juan Mamaculo, had to put up a roadblock, delaying some drivers more than others. They spent just enough extra time trying to look down Sally's blouse, asking stupid questions, that by the time she arrived at the gallery, Biff had hit the road. Fate had been duped by the Man.

So, in reality many lives which would have been saved were lost. We can't know that will happen, but we can't know it won't.

That debunks assertions that they know how many lives are saved.

Anyway, after the fate twisting roadblock Sally marries a sociopath who does things of which I cannot speak. Her life is forever plunged into darkness and despair. Biff becomes the Democratic congressman from East San Diego county and introduces a bill requiring everyone to fly naked, wrapped in ten layers of plastic wrap, with little holes poked in it so you can breathe.

Biff's bill results in a drastic increase in the cost of air travel, and necessitates that everyone arrive at the airport 6 hours in advance so they can be stripped, wrapped and loaded by conveyor into the aircraft.

The country then wonders what happened to the air travel industry. Like always, when things go awry, the public media take on it is that it somehow mysteriously happened all of a sudden. Cause and effect has been stricken from the collective mind. Perhaps it has something to do with sensitivity or giving back, or chem trails--who knows?

Because the airline industry demise is so bewildering, the president initiates a plan to bail out the airlines at a cost of 3 trillion dollars.

It turns out the bailout money is not closely followed so the CEOs who supported the president's campaign are able to receive huge bonuses and billion dollar salaries before their companies declare bankruptcy and they resign to take prestigious jobs in the executive branch of government. Then Congress authorizes a second bailout to keep the companies from going under and to get them out of bankruptcy.

All because of a life saving roadblock.

This is what happens when you have policies which treat everyone as guilty before proven innocent and 4th amendment protections against unreasonable search and seizure are ignored.

The public was assured by the cheerful TV newslady that "it's a lot safer out on the highways this holiday season!!" She may have had something else to say, but I got distracted trying to look down her blouse.

I'm Not The Only Radical

Great news!! In Georgia, of all places, someone introduced a bill that disputes the notion that driving (use of public thoroughfares), is a privilege instead of a right. I've never gone along with that idea--that driving or any other exercise of freedom is a privilege instead of a right. Who decides who has the right to decide if I can exercise my rights? You cannot grant me privileges which involve my own life and rights. Privilege to travel?

People still have to drive safely--as if they do now--ever driven in Atlanta?--but they can't be forced to be licensed in order to travel.

Georgia Assembly
10 LC 34 2350
House Bill 875

By: Representative Franklin of the 43rd

Go representative Franklin.

At first this sounds so radical and scary, but that is mostly because of conditioning to believe the behavior control and security of the government works out well. I tend to think the idea of a driver's licence was first seen as a source of revenue, then as a way of keeping track of people so they could be hit up for more money later, and the very least of the motives had a thing to do with safety.

I'm astounded that an elected official anywhere would seriously challenge such an accepted, though nefarious, institution.

When something has been hammered into your mind long enough, you tend to accept it and even defend it. Facts often get in the way, and reason does as well.

It's what makes it so easy for wars to keep being waged. Except we don't call it war. That is just one example.

There are many things that are considered necessary, and which have become accepted facets of government and restrictions on rights which we could do without. Those who think the increase in war, crime, sociopathic gang behavior, failing schools, etc. is somehow not the fault of governmental policies and encroachment upon life, would disagree with me. I believe the policies of the last 100 years, and more, have been the root of most evil. There are a couple of things which have gone counter to that, but the reality is these were used to smokescreen very strong moves to restrict the universal rights of all.

I'm back to searching for a hollow tree, far away from anything I know--not sure I will survive in the world as I know it.
That part is my fault.

I don't expect anyone to agree with me, and I know some who are very big on the idea that everything is a privilege, not a right. Guess we'll just continue to disagree, but one day the squeeze of the state will affect your life in an unpleasant manner and you will wonder how it happened.

I suppose I am one who feels at least as threatened, or more, by government than I do by those from which it claims to protect me. Seriously, I do not automatically trust police or government officials regarding any matters whatsoever. You never know what you will get, and it is not right that such human beings have that power which can be used as a weapon on a whim. More power, in many ways, than the power a punk weilds when he holds a gun. Not such a different mentality in many cases.

Something is wrong with the set up when punks and police are often equally antisocial. It's because 90% of police work involves matters which aren't the proper function of government, and which violate basic rights and freedom. Also the methods are generally dishonest and based on the assumption that the average citizen is a a criminal who needs to be caught and trapped doing something evil, like speeding, growing a pot plant, minding his own business without prior permission.

BOTTOM LINE: The main problem is that packing to many people together too tightly, combined with too much central authority over their lives makes for trouble on all fronts. And the temptation to get away from filtering restrictions through the test of if an act constitutes force or fraud--restricts the rights of others--seems too great to resist. Hence you often hear a defense of "We've done nothing illegal" when there has actually been an act of deception or force.

UPDATE: re: right vs privilege -- even if I agree with licensing, (I'm on the fence on that issue), if I demonstrate the skill to safely operate a machine, vehicle, perform a task, etc. it is my right, then to undertake that endeavor. Privilege implies that my right to freely travel, or work, is bestowed upon me by some higher authority, and can for any reason be revoked. I hold that it is my right as long as I am not infringing on the ability of others to exercise their rights.

That is why I do not shout down people with whom I disagree in a public forum. That is not exercising free speech, it is attempting to curb the exercise of that right by the one with whom I disagree.

Right to travel freely is even addressed in the Magna Carta. People forget that the Bill of Rights was limited and intended to reinforce the idea that rights not granted to the government were retained by the people. I tend to believe it is my right to do whatever I please within bounds of not violating rights of others. Many of those rights I would not exercise, like putting opiates in my oatmeal or molesting a particularly affectionate sheep.

Monday, April 18, 2011

On Fourth Thought--Volunteerism

Like other words, such as blow, queer and gay, and even the rainbow itself, the meanings of volunteer and volunteerism have been hijacked to mean something else.

Many schools require so many hours of "volunteer work" before a person can get the high school diploma. If you are being pushed with such a gun to your head, it is hardly a voluntary act. Of course, graduating at all might be considered voluntary, but these activities are done under duress and the education system knows it. School is now for more than imparting knowledge. It is there to serve meals, modify philosophical beliefs and force people to conform to a very narrow view of what constitutes an adult. Freedom fighters need not apply.

Volunteerism is the condition of doing things under one's own volition, by choice. It is a state of freedom, I would think. The antithesis of slavery.

I think the idea that volunteering to pick up roadside trash or to do whatever is considered civic minded by current standards is more noble than working at the local grocery store and doing a good job, is bunk. There is nothing more noble about it. It is nice that people see fit to make life better for someone else because they want to. But if it becomes a thing of pressuring others, and then calling it volunteerism, I don't buy into that scheme.

Now, it makes sense to force those who littered the road in the first place to clean it up. They were going outside the realm of their rights in that case. I've picked up a few bits of debris myself, but not in any organized clean up day effort--just because I found it annoying and thought I might as well do it. If someone had put a camera in my face and labeled me a civic minded volunteer, I would have done something obscene and then gone home immediately.

As a matter of fact, when such things are required, or funded by tax dollars which some would spend in another way, then I'd say it is actually the opposite of volunteerism. It is extortion.

Ever been pushed to contribute to the United Way or one of those on a job, knowing if you said no it would influence your job status, chances for promotion, and general security? I have. That is neither charity, in the true sense, or really voluntary. That is the old buy or die tactic so popular with organized crime.

That is all.

On Third Thought

This has nothing to do the the first or second thoughts below. That is how thoughts work. The actual relevance to the original problem or idea deteriorates as the thing travels through the mind. In my mind, it often takes a sudden turn, or jumps over to another dimension altogether.

In this case, the idea came that great people (what I consider great) do not tie themselves up in trivial concerns. I noticed it when I worked for people who had formed their own companies and achieved success. They employed many people, steered their companies to growth and expansion, and created really awesome work environments.

You always have personality conflicts and all that but the force behind the productive firm always seemed above the trivial conflicts. Their attention was on what mattered. Even when driving, I noticed that they did not take it personal when people did what they do on the highway by being inconsiderate or stupid. Just another obstacle to avoid or get around.

At the time I was more in the mode of wanting to rag on about "that idiot, bablabla". Then I realized that the most successful people in the vehicle were focussed more on where we were going and why, and chose not to waste energy on incidenta trivial resentments. Who knows if it totally carried through to their personal lives, but the focus on the important things in their careers was different from the average person.

And that brought to mind, however big a stretch, a video from 1959 which was recently brought to my attention between Mike Wallace and Ayn Rand. Mike was puffing on a cigarette.

Many people instantly tighten up and recoil at the mention of Ayn Rand or her book, Atlas Shrugged. I'm not one of those, although I understand why some people feel that way. It has a lot to do with how you look at it, and what you understand is the message. Like a lot of things, I take what I consider the best and leave the rest.

The remarkable thing about the interview is that she expressed a view that I have tried to express, yet Mike refused to acknowledge what she had said, framing the next question with the assumption she espoused the exact opposite. What she said was that when companies use and team up with government it is the worst of all systems. I agree with that.

What gets painted as capitalism is actually more a fascist condition. She described it some other way but it was clear that she held those who use government to facilitate their companies' gains in as much contempt as outright dictators. Companies, on their own, restricted from using force or fraud, do not have the ability to oppress and do all the things many associate with mean dirty CORPORATIONS.

To many people, just the word "corporation" has become a negative epithet. That is because what we have are companies which, due to the lack of limits on the power of government, have gained the power to influence when and where our military is used, influence how regulations are written--usually resulting in less competition, and to influence any manner of domestic policies and projects.

I found it interesting that Rand suggested that government had no business involved in economics. I kind of agree. So, where people have been given the idea that her books and philosophy throw a vote of approval to such corporations as GE and many others which are so entwined with government that one could never figure how to begin untying the knot, they have been mistaken.

It was kind of gratifying to me because I like it when someone says things with which I agree. I had never actually read or heard the sentiment so plainly stated in that interview. The issue of companies using government to help bully the public and competition is never discussed when history is taught or related matters are discussed. Instead, the idea that highly successful business is by nature evil and dishonest is put forth without drawing the distinction between outfits that simply do what they do well, and those which gain power and governmental favor.

We've gone so far down the road of control that it is not easy to find companies of size which can exist without the lobbyists and governmental gamesmanship. I've always thought it was not a good thing that government has become the biggest player and concern in most business operations.

The result is not the positive thing I've been told. Even charitable efforts have to filter through government approval due to the tax system. Individual initiative to help someone because that is what you want to do is actually discouraged because it pays better to drive past the guy bleeding in a ditch and throw some money at mosquito nets through an official charity. Of course, I do not believe it is the job of government to reward or punish free choice charitable efforts, or much else for that matter.

Anyway. Atlas Shrugged, in my view, was not intended to be the heartless, hateful outlook that many interpret it as being. The bottom line is that you don't have the right to force people to do what you want, or to take from them what is theirs by force, and that is what we've been doing while painting it as humane and beneficial. It is just a friggin book which had an uncanny sense of the language and attitudes that would become part of our culture. It held the view that these developments were an affront to human, individual rights. Many hold the view that these things somehow promote human rights.

In any case, I am surprised at the emotions Rand and her books trigger in people. But I am surprised by a lot.
Link to interview. There are two or three parts

It seems odd the fact that she escaped Russia at its worst is glossed over. I think she had a great fear of such a state.

On Second Thought

People are what they are. I'm not out to change them. I have enough trouble changing myself, and I do need to change some key elements.
So, if someone else's issues come into play where I have no intentional influence or effect, then it is just the way it is. They'll probably forget about it. Since I don't really get what it is, why worry?

If I ask myself if I would change members of my family, I can't say that I would. It may require a little dance here and there to avoid certain quirks or attitudes, but that is just how they want to be. It is not my job to write their scripts. When I feel like mine is somehow being written, I get defensive if I am caught by surprise. It's like finding out after the scene is played that I recited the wrong lines, and I never planned on being in the scene in the first place. Best reaction is the least reaction.

I suppose I did not like suddenly being on the spot in a circumstance which never crossed my mind. Hell, I'm a thousand miles or more away from the issue. There is absolutely no way to be true to myself and at the same time behave as if I am a normal person who likes to have a little pride in what family I have left. The difficulty here is not my doing. Plenty of other difficulties are and I choose to avoid owning any more dysfunction than I absolutely ought to.

When it comes down to it, this is a common black sheep syndrome. Even when you cast away the worst of what landed you at the bottom of the heap, the fact that you don't have a wall full of awards and credentials, a long and stable family life, or much else that anyone can brag about, cements your role as least respected, and secretly reviled--in an odd kind of way. I suppose it makes it worse when people who've known you all your life tend to indicate a greater appreciation for you than the ones who did everything right, have so much more to show for it, and feel they deserve greater affection and favor by virtue of such accomplishment.

How can I blame them? It is not uncommon for the ones who didn't stray from the path of least insanity to resent their siblings and others who screwed up, self destructed, and returned to life as if they were the prodigal sons, receiving the affection and approval the good ones feel they never get. The dynamic is probably more complex than the ones with the responsible track record realize, but I think they still wonder why, particularly in the case of siblings, the screw up gets coddled and forgiven so easily. If only they could be forever punished, or even banished, seems to be the underlying thought.

Sorry. It just doesn't work that way. It is hard for the upright members of a family to realize that accomplishment is its own reward, and lack of it, coupled with inexplicable bad judgement and self destruction is its own punishment beyond anything they can imagine---even if others in the family treat the black sheep with more affection than they deserve.

Maybe I am lucky that I can see and empathize with both conditions. I feel bad for being the perpetual screw up of my line. But I feel good that I changed as much of that as I have. It could have been much worse and odds were I'd never have lived to see the year 2000.

I'd much rather be in the position to look after all the others rather than be of little use other than that I seem to have the ability to help the various branches of the tree feel like they are worthy of affection and pride.

No More Mr Middleman

When my father was alive, and my mother was alive, I constantly battled the problem of being pushed into the position of middleman. If I happened to see or talk to my father, which was not that often, he would pump me for info about my mother--usually trying to find a way to alter is divorce agreement.

He'd also quiz me about my brother. Not that he didn't have the number.

Actually they all seemed to think it was cool to make me feel some guilt for not being at war with any of them, yet, in a way, it put me at war with all of them. My mother put me in the middle between her and my brother, and to a lesser degree, my father. My brother sometimes did it too. I do not think I put any of them in the middle nearly as much. Almost none at all. It really sucks. Seriously, this is not a good development.

Similar circumstances, different relationships, and I am not pleased. Oh my God, did I let some piece of news slip before the rest of my gene pool could announce it to some other subset of the same goddam gene pool? It is as if my very existence is an awful inconvenience to those who hold grudges over some hurt feelings or vision of wrongdoing of which I am no part and not really a witness. Secrets which make no damned sense are exactly what I grew up with, and what came closer than you'd believe to killing me.

The problem is that it causes conflict with my desire to not disappear from the face of the earth as far as blood kin are concerned. On one hand I do not care to be sucked into believing I have somehow betrayed people, which I haven't. But the only way to distance myself from that ridiculous drama is to do like I did a long time ago--avoid, leave no forwarding address, and keep my phone number to myself.

A little late I guess but I do most of the calling when calling happens. All the calling, actually. I guess the only emails not initiated by me have to do with implications that my existence has created inconvenience. It would be denied, but it is there.

Maybe some in my family just can't stand it if I enjoy anyone else in my family. I think that may have always been the case. Hate me because others don't. I really thought we were past this.

Wallace clearly was ignorant of the fact that majority rule itself is not a holy grail, and that there are supposedly limits on democracy. Otherwise we could all vote that Bill Gates, George Soros, and all other billionaires give all their money to men like me.

Friday, April 15, 2011 Movie Review; The Horse Boy

Another find on, since I am cable free. The Horse Boy is a documentary film about a family with an autistic boy. I guess he was about seven when this saga began.

The film covers the family's desperate journey to Mongolia of all places, to travel in van and on horseback to the northern region of the reindeer people. Did you know the first animals used for riding were reindeer?

Anyway, they saw shamans and such, which may sound crazy and new agey, but the flick is not like that. These parents had nothing to lose, and both had backgrounds in going to strange places in the world for one reason or another. His work is pretty much centered around that sort of thing, and he has seen all kinds of healing rituals and whatnot.

The wife was more skeptical, but what's to lose?

The adventure they had, camping in the middle of nowhere Mongolia with their guide, and riding horses to the reindeer herd was visually beautiful and a great off road, road trip. The other part of the adventure was seeing the progress of their child. In their shoes, even the thought of one day toilet training the kid seemed beyond all hope.

An interesting aspect of his progress is that it all started due to his uncanny comfort with animals, and their comfort with him. It has been observed that some autistic people have an inexplicable connection to animals which is mutual. Almost telepathic. Animals seem to sense something special in them and react differently.

I may have a little more interest than most in those who are wired differently or not at all. Not sure why. I have my theories. Whatever the reason, I have always felt at home with people who were severely or mildly mentally disabled or different.

This was not a sappy, cheap tearjerker. This is purely an excellent and enthralling documentary which I highly recommend. And it appears that the ranch they set up for autistic kids in Texas may be on my way, should I get this new improved BallisticTour on the road. I might ask them for a job. I think it would be difficult not to take a job if they offered it, but that's a big long shot. At any rate, I'd love to stop by to see the place and the people.

Many documentaries are boring, and lack the sort of flow you want when watching a movie. This one is not like that. It is paced like a good story, and it avoided the kind of goop and sap that usually fills the voids in such works. beautifully done.

And, I tend to like horses so I guess that helps, although it wasn't all horse stuff by any means.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Questions I Ask Myself-sometimes

Within the context of still being the person that I am, what would be my heaven on earth? What would I change about my daily life?

The crazy thing is that, even when I am deep in the blues, I have a hard time picturing what I would change about my world, probably because most changes I try to think would be good are within my power to influence--if I am brutally honest with myself about it.

I'm not referring to impossible things like, oh I'd have the dream wife and seven kids. That is not too likely to happen and you don't need to be having kids at this age. I mean realistic heaven within the context of my present state of existence. That wouldn't discount the dream mate. No more than I know, and judging from the track record, I wouldn't know the dream mate if she bit me somewhere nice.

If I indulge the common fantasy of winning the big lottery, considering what I'd do with that bundle of money, my first thought is usually how to enhance someone else's life without the cash ruining their perspective and character. People always say they know what they'd do if the money fell on them, but I don't know if they realize it wouldn't make them better all by itself, and it may not be the easy street they think. That is why so many lotto winners wind up worse off than they were after only a few years. No question that financial security is a huge relief compared to being broke.

When I think of myself in that context I realize that to do it right, I'd need to change some habits and behavior. Then it hits me that there is no logical reason why I have to wait for the heavens to drop a chest of gold at the foot of my bed in order to affect those changes. That is how I kid myself. Even though I thought I was beyond it, obviously there are still some "if only x then I would Y" floating around in my mind.

The truth is, if I really wanted to be able to help myself and others monetarily, I could do the work, overcome the fear, and do things which are more likely to bring substantial income. I am not doing my best in that regard.

Perhaps what limits my ability to actually decide how I want things to be, what would make me feel the most fulfilled and worthwhile, is fear of one color or another. That is a tough pill to swallow since it is not hard for the mildly creative to find a million reasons why I am how I am, where I am, and even a victim who could be so much more, if only everything in the world or just this country fell my way. The righteous way.

Changing any pattern of behavior is a bitch. That does not make it impossible.
At least I hope not. The path of least resistance for me is often dysfunctional, and ultimately the path of least contentment, fulfillment and reward.

Not to worry. We shall prevail.

Madness on High/good news-bad news

TSA says, "Recognizing that terrorists are willing to manipulate societal norms to evade detection, TSA has been actively assessing less invasive screening methods for low-risk populations, such as younger passengers, while still maintaining a high level of security."

That is what justifies patting down infants and such. If you let yourself go too far thinking anyone could be a bomber, then all of your neighbors, family, everyone is burdened with proving their innocence. And the thinking carries over to all aspects of life; my partner could be a thief, my wife could be unfaithful, my brother could be a child molester, that boyfriend or girlfriend or first date could be a serial killer--after all, it is always the one you don't suspect. Right?

Best to fear and suspect everyone. That way you are safer. Living free and happy obviously needs to take a back seat. After all the worst could happen.

You could insert DEA, the tobacco, alcohol, firearms people, IRS, or just about any other government agency, in place of the word "terrorists" in the above statement, and the bold part of the phrase would be equally valid. Maybe more so.

That just crossed my mine when I saw it.

I'm still thinking about the big trip. A couple of things are causing me to wonder whether I will do it or not. Most likely, I will hit the road.

In good news: re-connected with old friend and long ago drinking buddy. He blames me for contributing to his success at quitting alcohol 13 years ago. I wasn't even in town at the time. Must have been a phone call and putting him in touch with another friend. This is probably the only friend from high school that I have reason to keep in the loop, and one of my closest friends ever. Lately, the long time friends that were long lost have returned. "The chickens have come home to roost", to paraphrase that Chicago rabble rouser in the holy man suit.

In bad news: I just heard that a friend's adopted son, 26, died of alcohol poisoning. He and another guy were binge drinking with friends, got dropped off at home, and was found dead. Bizarrely, the other guy was also found dead--I guess at his respective dwelling. I knew alcohol could be trouble, but I thought it was hard to stay conscious enough to drink so much that it kills you. I always passed out or ran into something but what do I know?

The bad news above is kind of tough. There had been talk awhile back of a possible conversation on the topic between the deceased and myself. Never happened. I said I was available but someone has to want my opinion or knowledge. Can't force people. It is really bad news when things like this happen. Some of the things that go on are more extreme and self destructive than people think. To say every generation shocks the last, so no big deal, is a half truth. Methods improve and behavior finds further extremes.

What happens is advanced cultures fall under the weight of their addiction to entertainment, excitement, and taking things to the edge. Then in time new civilizations emerge, full of values and a work ethic, then the kids reap the benefits, get complacent, raise spoiled idiots and the whole thing repeats.

The spoiled idiots of our culture, who have ensured the decline, would be the baby boomers. The idiots who created them are the ones mislabeled "the greatest generation". They were not the greatest. Some of them were splendid, but on the whole they queered the deal. They were the last of the tough people, but they had lost the values of those who came before. They were the group who made seeking one's happiness at the expense of vows, family, and others an acceptable outlook. They made it cool. You were hardly a man in many circles if you weren't playing victim to the ex wife or the kids. The result was not good.

They were good soldiers but dumb as hell when it came to knowing when war is sane and when it is not, hence they were all for anything politicians dreamt up, Korea, VietNam, etc. And they accepted the police action mode of warfare, which proved far more brutal and cruel than if they'd just bombed a place into submission. Maybe without a real goal that isn't possible.
Greatest generation? Only if you ignore those who preceded them.

If you had grown up on my street, you'd know that half the men were named Bob, and all of them were jerks who thought nothing of cheating on their wives with Bob's wife, and who thought the only people who shouldn't be allowed to lie were children. On that street, the only people who weren't liars and betrayers actually were kids, but only a couple of them. And maybe one or two women.

That group does not fit my definition of great. They allowed WW1 and WW2 to develop, then got in the fray to clean up the idiotic diplomacy that allowed it. They were as manipulated as we are by elite powers that be whose motives still baffle me. I do believe none of these wars is as represented.

What the hell. It makes as much sense to run six year old American girls through the wringer at the airport as any thing else makes.

Anything except just living life, remembering the people who are close and you love, and recognizing the beauty of the place, doing what makes humans human. All the rest is garbage and nonsense.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Add It All Up--the sum equals They Are All Crazy

Marijuana causes global warming, uses 1% of U.S. electricity
San Francisco Business Times - by Steven E.F. Brown
Date: Tuesday, April 12, 2011, 10:38am PDT - Last Modified: Tuesday, April 12, 2011, 10:46am PDT
Related: Health Care, Energy

The rest of the article is HERE, but it is not a must read by any means.

I did notice that this in depth analysis, or study, did not account for the CO2 converted to O2 by the plants under the grow lights. Nor did they take into account the often slowed rate of the users. Many potheads tend to relax rather than run around exerting themselves, breathing too hard, using up oxygen.

There is a point at which I honestly wonder where I was when the bulk of minds in this country were infused with a type of thinking as foreign to me as that of a rabid rabbit. Men and women in very expensive suits, with perfectly straight faces publicly explain that in order to keep things running in the federal government (and they assume that we all want it to keep running) the ceiling on debt needs to be raised beyond its present 14.3 trillion dollar limit.

We aren't talking spending limits here. This is just the amount owed, or some version of it. Those same well dressed, serious faced people often find ways to call things one thing and also call other things that thing. OK. So, out of the clear blue sky, these people spent 14 trillion more than they have?

Never mind. It just seems a bit odd that they argue that they need to borrow more in order to do who knows what. Wars of choice to achieve stability have obviously not achieved stability. The usual counter to that is that it is more stable that it would have been--even though the stability index appears to keep going more toward the unstable end of the spectrum.

They maybe borrow to spend more on education? That's working out well. If I detect a pattern, then if we double the money we throw at that we'll be number 150 or so in the world. Maybe the US will even end up the least competent in all educational measures. That's worth borrowing to achieve.

Something probably works out that justifies borrowing, and then borrowing more. The War on Drugs has certainly been cost effective. That's well spent money for sure. Since that effort started, drug use and organized crime formed for the drug trade have all but disappeared. That is true, isn't it?

Best thing to do is identify and destroy all things that produce CO2 since it has become the devil. Wait a minute. That means you have to shoot me and Sparky, the missing ferret. Just doesn't seem fair.

If they quit growing pot then the have to make up for the CO2 the pot plants would eat. I just don't think these things have been thought out.

Now Bolivia and some other highly enlightened countries want to get the UN to list a bill of rights for Mother Earth.

I'm not on the same page. I don't believe in destroying things or being cruel to animals--except the real jerks like park bears--but I can't get behind some of these bizarre efforts to treat the earth as a litigant in court and in law making. Obviously someone has to be the self appointed advocate, and that means lawyers. I'm waiting for them to put their client on the stand. I want to see that.

Everyone is entitled to their own diverse viewpoints, but that doesn't mean some of them are not crazy. They most certainly are, even if they do wear nice clothes..

PS. if you see the video of Biden sleeping during the President's sales pitch, check out the chick at the top of the screen--Black woman with glasses. She's fighting it too. She had one of those doze/nod head jerks. This actually makes me like Biden better than before. Not saying a lot, but it is something.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Cheap Land!!!

Here's the results of my info plugged into the carbon offset absolution calculator. It tells me how much rainforest to buy in order to be absolved of my carbon sins:

TOTAL metric tons CO2: 19.4 metric tons
Amount of offset needed: $237
Number of acres* saved by offset: 2.4
Donate your carbon offset value now: $237
*acres of rainforest saved. On the home page you can even see your piece of the pie on google earth.
Above data from world land

Who knew you could buy rain forest for 100 bucks an acre? If I buy my 2.4 acres, I'll not only be forgiven for being a member of advanced civilization, but I'll have some primo real estate to boot!!

I think I'll build a small resort, using only natural materials found on the land, like mahogany and stuff. We can have a network of tree houses, linked by swinging bridges, and an underground tank for diesel fuel to power generators so we can have air conditioning. It will be underground so that we don't make the ground above it look unnatural. We'll use diesel Hummers, too.

Maybe you can buy some, and we can be neighbors. We may need to arm heavily as I understand drug cartels are also buying up rain forest for their evil operations and maybe for a place to torture people. I'm sure the countries where this land is have no problem with the gringo buying in at $100/ acre. Most countries love us coming in to buy up land and dictate how it is conserved. After all it is clear those dumb bastards are ruining it to sell us wood, and for their own misguided use. It makes really lousy farmland but they don't figure that out until a year or so after they screw it up.

There are many natural medicines and drugs there. Many of them of varieties which produce visions and allow you to converse with ghosts and animals. That will be a central theme at my resort.

I can't wait to get started. This bargain is too good to pass up. Absolution needn't always be painful. In this case, it is obviously opportunity knocking. I think my land will be in Guatemala. I better get in on this before it is all bought up.

Fear of the Unknown

If you follow the money, and I admit that I have not done too much of that, I think there is a lot to be made in the industry of inciting fear of things we can't see.

Many people, especially children, have been educated to a point of panic over global warming. Despite the fact that causes, and even the actual evidence of the phenomenon are in some scientific dispute, the business of this item is huge. It has been used to promote some companies, ruin others, and create all kinds of laws. The statement that consensus in the science world is settled and all that ignores the many scientists who do not agree, have signed petitions and who have generally been silenced for political reasons. Maybe they are right, and maybe wrong. The point is that fear is the main product of the campaign. Many by-products from increased costs, decreased mobility, etc are also in the mix.

Lately the big fear is RADIATION. We can't see it which makes it that much scarier. We go from one disaster in Japan to a wholesale fear of nuclear anything. Despite this effort with air travel, the use of airplanes is still widespread. Although, there are many who fear it like crazy. But airplanes are visible. And the result of a crash is fairly self evident.

Radiation on the other hand is little understood by me or most of the public. The sun is a radiation factory and some of it zaps us daily. I heard that somewhere. I can't actually see or feel the different types, to my knowledge, but I have a feeling I should be concerned.

Personally I am more concerned with the electro-magnetic hooplah that comes from powerlines, cell phones and all the radio waves zipping around in the air. I can't see those either, but I know they are there. I boot my computer, and connect online via cell card, and my TV reception goes all to hell. I can see that one has an effect on the other. Just imagine what it does to brain waves and sex organs.

What I am wondering is why I am too dumb to make big money off of invisible threats. Al Gore has made mega bucks off of it. So have many others. I think I am a slacker for not understanding how to do the same.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Theater of the Absurd

I cannot stand letting the latest "crisis" over alleged government shutdown go. What a bunch of lies. It is absolutely insulting. Especially the deceptive talk about largest budget cuts in years. Maybe they mean least outrageous increase in months.

We are talking an outfit that somehow throws Trillions of dollars around, and owes a huge portion of it. No one is really sure about much. They don't even know where huge amounts of bailout and stimulus money went.

So, they fight over trying to spend 60 billion less than the most gregarious printers of money and spenders of public funds wanted to do. That is almost like a bag of chips to a family of four's weekly grocery bill, at most. It is a joke.

Oh, they are attacking women!! Gimme a friggin break. More cheap shot nonsense came out of this than sane people ought to be able to stomach. And the big pretense that this was some major victory for small government types. I am not fooled. It is not much of anything.

I know how people look at me and say, "Oh, so you would be OK with no infrastructure, fire, or police?", when I say let that mofo shut down!! Hell, they are only talking "non-essential services". Besides, fire and cops are usually local. In some cases, I'm not so sure I care if they reduce the police force or not, considering how and where they use such resources. There is little on the federal level I care about maintaining. Very few things. Military, yes. Nation building, Hell No!

My list of things government can let go of* would upset the average person so I won't even begin to list all the things that I think should be removed from government control or eliminated altogether.
*Never mind my use of grammatically odd but right sounding language. I never cared where the preposition appeared.

If the services are non-essential, what business does government have running them? You mean things like the special gas pumps for congressmen and such? Services like congressional investigations into steroid use in baseball? Please, make my day, shut that noise down!

I look around and it still just blows me away that seemingly smart people hate freedom, love authority, and can't seem to distinguish between what is theirs and what belongs to others--both in the realm of wealth and private property, and when it comes to individual rights. I find it freaky, so I have to ignore it again for awhile.

My mood swung back up and I plan to hit the road soon, despite the scum of the world ruining our gas price situation. They've been at it for years, and these fungal growths are both domestic and foreign--and have nerve enough to call themselves leaders and human beings.

Everything for a Reason (Obesity Epidemic Saves the World)

It is the theory of many that everything happens for a reason. This concept is often a bit taxing as I see no reason for all kinds of things. However, I now see the reason for my suddenly convex gut, and otherside of belly.

I'm not hugely obese but I did notice I put it on lately.

It turns out that there was a reason for this. It was so I did not go over with the glass paneled door, smashing a very expensive thing on the concrete slab.

It was over at the place where I do menial tasks, like search for Sparky ferret.

If I had not developed a substantial ballast, I'd be in trouble. This is all diagramed and explained in these photos and computer graphs.

Ever have something go just past that point where you cannot counterbalance it from going over forward, taking you with it if you don't let go? That was the situation with the door. Gave me quite a scare, but I was able to save with an once of force to spare. Thanks to those extra chips and tortillas.

Here's the scientific explanation.

So, there was reason I began to add the weight. To save that door. It is a version of the John Irving story, A Prayer for Owen Meany. All this seemingly needless stuff leads to one miraculous event which saves the day. In my case a door was saved. That may be different than saving a life or the world, but who knows, the ripple effect may have done just that and we just don't know it.

Admittedly the math is arranged to make the point. Otherwise I'd have to have put D < D + D/4 OZ
It still works out.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Another Reason to Put BallisticTour 2011 On The Road

Blues harp people can drive you nuts--bring ear plugs But---I can't resist it when three of the best players ever are there; Jason Ricci, Adam Gussow, and my all time favorite, Sugar Blue.

You only live once and when you get old enough, it is easy to say, Screw It! I could drop tomorrow. Plus I know the area a little bit. Culture shock won't freak me--I be Southern, (btgog**) and I think I played that place one time.

This means I better be real quick about taking care of essential business here on Ballistic Mountain. I am wanting to make it a rather extensive tour. Now if the creepiest of powers that be will quit screwing with fuel prices in order to manipulate mankind...

**by the grace of God (btgog)
That's my version of the pbuh they write any time They mention, you know who---He (peace be upon Him) who shall never be represented in cartoon or WE KILL YOU!!! Never even say His (pbuh) name in the wrong way or WE KILL YOU!!!--or whoever is handy if you are too far away

Spare Tires and (allegedly) Male Apologists

Recently I noticed that I have a belly which seems to wrap around. The spare tire syndrome. This is totally unacceptable. Maybe it is from my rediscovery of grits, or it is from four day periods of near comatose meditation. Whatever the cause, I think I can manage the cure. It is not as extreme as it could be, but these things can develop a momentum which is hard to stop.

In my circumstances it would be unwise to become too much of a slouch. If I had a wife who would find it tough to leave due to all kinds of enmeshed finances and social confusion, then I might go ahead and become the blob I would be happy to become. Maybe I would apologize and pretend to care.

But I would never apologize like what I saw on youtube.**posted below** Unbelievable.

These guys are apologizing to all women on behalf of all men, even those who are not "fully conscious", like me.

I can tell you right now, I do not apologize -- except for my spare tire physique. That is it.

I like women but that doesn't require bizarre cultish behavior.

Lunatics, I swear.

What women should realize is that whenever men play that game of kissing up by some pretend worship of your inner wisdom and feminine power, they are simply trying to sidestep what they perceive as your wrath, and they are hoping for sex.

They are actually bigger liars and have less true respect and love for women than the most blatant patriarchs on the planet.

This is such an indication that western society has gone absolutely nuts. This groups is called Conscious Men. A misnomer if every there was one. The ones who aren't gay are definitely trying to get into the pants of feminists.

Hey, maybe if we apologize for all men ever and kiss up, the women will put out!

enjoy!! But watch out. If you are woman, these guys are scamming you for sex. --Dear Woman

This boggles my mind.

Slogan Ideas

Besides the fact that I no longer think elected officials are so much elected as put in place, I was trying to think of slogans which would make people feel warm, fuzzy, and OK. Not sure if feeling fuzzy is actually a plus. They always say, "warm and fuzzy", and THEY must be right. Still, I am wondering if fuzzy would itch or get in your eyes or be a nuisance if it got just the least bit wet.

What is it that people want to feel? This puzzles me some. Mostly they want to feel no pain, don't want to feel alone, and don't want to feel like anyone can see how irresponsible and weak they really are. And they want to feel somehow included. Like they wanted to think they were part of the crowd crossing that Bridge to the 21st Century or flowing into the lovely future on the Obama logo.

These are old buttons, but more interesting than most of the '08 litter.

Obviously, the Obama logo was superior to the other graphics in the campaign. Others from both parties all had predictable stuff, except for McCains militaristic one which looked like a Russian army generals emblem or something--balck and gold with a star. Grim. Other graphics were mostly renditions of the flag or things like Romney's post office eagle. Bland, uninspired and similar. This logo was the difference.

My candidate has to do better than this. Quite a challenge, but that's how you win--good logo--effective slogan. Remember, substance and reality have no place in the campaign.

There's a lot of talk about "giving back" and "making a difference", often attached to things that may or may not be more trouble than they are worth. The intrinsic value is secondary. The real goal is to feel important and hopefully get recognition. Then you say things like, "Oh, I get sooo much more out of this altruistic endeavor than the little people I am helping", or words to that effect. Nonetheless, the speaker of such words rarely resists the limelight and the chance to be publicly humble and modest. That is apparently much of the appeal of "giving back".

This is coming from one who has done more benefits than I can count, in one form or another. I do things I enjoy and feel fake if I describe them or even pretend I am giving anything back. For one thing, I haven't stolen or taken anything to give back. In the case of being the recipient of the goodwill of friends, I suppose I could find ways to repay. It is not necessarily financial. Kindness, hospitality, etc. Friends have gone out of their way for me on their own volition. So, in that way, there could be some giving back. As far as events and activities in the community, I do what I do because I feel like it. Often it involves playing music so it is tough to act like I'm doing anyone a giant favor.

So, it may pay to somehow make people feel like they can claim to be giving back when they do nothing other than what they like to do. That is already in place I suppose, but worth looking for some quality in that realm which can be exploited in a new way.

OK. I am still wondering what slogan would put our hypothetical candidate in the running. As far as 2012 president, I get the idea the slogan "Hope and Change" will give way to "Win the Future". Have to hand it to them. Another meaningless, yet inspirational piece of drivel which threatens no one, and doesn't make the average Joe nervous. Hell yea, let's win. Same emotion as when you sit home and watch your team win the super bowl. You did nothing, but You WON!!

I'm wiondering if it would be too nervy for my candidate to gamble on this wave of modern messianic hysteria. If not, then I think, "Let Go And Let Me", accompanied by the right logo might work. Maybe the logo could give the idea of happy people secure in their own happy house. It would need to be simple, but somehow give the right impression--like your home is safe and you won't have to worry about foreclosure.

Remember, the reality is unimportant. It is the emotion that counts. Make people feel like backing your team is effortless and leaves their stomachs full and the TV capable of pulling in a zillion cable channels. And it is not your fault if your kids are thugs, if you are incompetent, and if your bills for luxury items go unpaid.

An Orgasmic Tomorrow is another possibility, but that could raise some resistance. It is so tricky. A good slogan can't imply any action on the part of the voter, and it can't imply the individual's ultimate success or failure. Success scares people, so if they think they might achieve it, they inwardly get scared that it will be obvious they don't deserve it. Just like freedom scares people. What they want is security, and justification for their shortcomings. Part of it is natural, and part of it is because that is how we've been conditioned for so long that we know little else. Path of least resistance.

Slogans need to be short. Three words work best, yet that is what makes for the challenge. Perhaps One With You is a viable phrase. It is an offshoot of the solidarinosc craze. Or, We Are One(maybe We Are Won)--and then my candidate would be instructed to agree with the opponent, then directly contradict whatever is said, prefacing it with "Of course we want the same things for the American people, so I agree that xyz". XYZ is of course nothing even close to what the opponent said. "We all have but one vision..." That is a good one to add in there during the so called debates. Or is that now called "conversations"?

Then my candidate goes on to explain that since he/she is the most acutely aware of our oneness, he/she is best suited to lead us all into our orgasmic tomorrow. Even the worthy but somewhat confused opponent.

Got to keep working on the slogan. I can almost see the logo, but don't have a handle on it yet. When I do, I'll have everything I need, except a candidate to run with it. The more I think about it, the more I realize that is the least important aspect of the whole process. I'll find someone who is not damaged beyond hope, and who can appear cool without coming off like a person pretending to be hip, like those goofs who attempt to makes kids think they are cool by dropping a bit of mostly passe slang at inappropriate and forced times. We'll find someone.

Any good slogan ideas welcome. Non-threatening, meaningless, but catchy and evocative of positive imagery and nothing whatsoever required of the voter. Other than voting and shunning all who aren't with the program. It worked in '08. It could work in 2012. But we have to win over much of the cult faction who still think Obama is going to turn their unpaid bills into new houses and full gas tanks.

***holy smoke! An obvious impostor has written this guide, POLITICAL CAMPAIGN PLANNING MANUAL A STEP BY STEP GUIDE TO WINNING ELECTIONS By J. Brian O'Day National Democratic Institute for International Affairs...
Lying punk. Let him pick an unknown and I will pick one, and see who wins. Two random college graduates with equal everything. No felons or famous people.

++++++an alleged list of presidential campaign slogans throughout American history---although they don't so much go with the Hope and Change tag for Obama, but the Yes We Can, among others. Hope and Change was the message people got. The Yes We Can was also highly effective.

Apparently GW Bush had Yes America Can! as a slogan. Who knew? Very close to Yes We Can. My theory is that with the sentiment among so many in this country that the Word America was unsophisticated and therefore was not inclusive of them, changing it to "We" proved more effective. I know people who cringe at the sight of the flag because they see it as something only for meanies who will shoot you if you break into their homes.

Campaign Candidate Slogan
1840 William Henry Harrison Tippecanoe and Tyler Too
1844 James K. Polk 54-40 or fight
1844 James K. Polk Reannexation of Texas and reoccupation of Oregon
1844 Henry Clay Who is James K. Polk?
1848 Zachary Taylor For President of the People
1856 John C. Fremont Free Soil, Free Labor, Free Speech, Free Men, and Fremont
1860 Abraham Lincoln Vote Yourself a Farm
1864 Abraham Lincoln Don't swap horses in the middle of the stream
1884 Grover Cleveland Blaine, Blaine, James G. Blaine, The Continental Liar from the State of Maine
1884 James Blaine Ma, Ma, Where’s my Pa, Gone to the White House, Ha, Ha, Ha
1888 Benjamin Harrison Rejuvenated Republicanism
1896 William McKinley Patriotism, Protection, and Prosperity
1900 William McKinley A Full Dinner Pail
1916 Woodrow Wilson He kept us out of war
1920 Warren G. Harding Return to normalcy
1920 Warren G. Harding Cox and Cocktails
1924 Calvin Coolidge Keep cool with Coolidge
1928 Herbert Hoover A chicken in every pot and a car in every garage
1952 Dwight Eisenhower I Like Ike
1956 Dwight Eisenhower Peace and Prosperity
1960 Richard Nixon For the future
1964 Lyndon B. Johnson The stakes are too high for you to stay at home
1964 Barry Goldwater In your heart you know he’s right
1968 Richard Nixon Nixon's the One
1976 Gerald Ford He’s making us proud again
1976 Jimmy Carter Not Just Peanuts
1976 Jimmy Carter A Leader, For a Change
1980 Ronald Reagan Are you better off than you were four years ago?
1984 Ronald Reagan It’s morning again in America
1984 Walter Mondale America Needs a Change
1988 George Bush Kinder, Gentler Nation
1992 Bill Clinton Don’t stop thinking about tomorrow
1992 Bill Clinton Putting People First
1992 Ross Perot Ross for Boss
1996 Bill Clinton Building a bridge to the 21st century
1996 Bob Dole The Better Man for a Better America
2000 Al Gore Prosperity and progress
2000 Al Gore Prosperity for America's families
2000 George W. Bush Compassionate conservatism
2000 George W. Bush Leave no child behind
2000 George W. Bush Real plans for real people
2000 George W. Bush Reformer with results
2000 Ralph Nader Government of, by, and for the people...not the monied interests
2004 John Kerry Let America be America Again
2004 George W. Bush Yes, America Can!
2008 John McCain Country First
2008 Barack Obama Change We Can Believe In
2008 Barack Obama Change We Need
2008 Barack Obama Hope
2008 Barack Obama Yes We Can!
2012 Ballistic Candidate An Orgasmic Tomorrow

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