Friday, April 10, 2009

The Manipulators Are At It Again

I see they are working up toward trying to convince people that only government workers should have guns. People you can trust. Too bad the whole concept of freedom and rights, and not recognizing the divine right of kings and upper castes has eluded the bulk of the world and the people in this country.

Why is it that when we were a budding agrarian country, whose citizens believed they needed firearms to keep the government honest, as well as to protect themselves, there was not the issue of kids punking out with firearms and homeowners afraid to prepare to protect themselves and their property?

No question that civilization's evolution has twisted matters considerably, and that movies and video games have put complete fiction and insanity in the minds of many. Obviously with the growth of the country has come a disproportionate amplification of the ranks of idiots. That is no reason to assume the official idiots have the authority to usurp the rights of the rest of the population to protect themselves against rogue tyranny and other criminals. Not to mention bears.

Just like the prelude to Iraq 1, and Bosnia, etc, it starts with clues in the media. After Viet Nam, no one imagined that any war which was not clearly a defense of the country would have the slightest support. Then they quit airing all the anti-war stuff and started having shows that made it look kind of fun. Pretty soon we were back to having a crop of kids about 18 or so thinking you go kick ass and no one can stop you.

Defense against rogue government is just about a thing of the past anyway. The new McCarthyism, Castroism, Stalinism policy in this country toward those who disagree with those in power is building steam and it could get dicey.

It's always a flip flop. You wait. I bet this administration ends up with more tangled overseas operations than we've ever had. people might join up just so they can have a gun since they are in the sights of the neo-prohibitionists. But don't expect any war, police action or involvement to have any conclusive outcome. That is not longer their purpose.

I don't mind reasonable reports and documentaries, but when the purpose and method is propaganda, and when they ignore some very basic principles, I find it disgusting.

It is stupid to have kids and guns together if a lot of hard core training and discipline are lacking. It is even dumber to have to hide it away if it is there for protection, which is wise in many cities. Hold on, Bad Guy, let me go unlock my gun down in the basement.

Oddly, the show that hit the nerve is showing how easy it is to buy guns, and I find that comforting. It makes me want to buy some guns before it becomes a thing that puts me on too many official lists. That's because I trust the general public more than the government. Gangs and crooks are a problem but the same as the thugs in power. I have noticed that they target regular people more than they really target gangs and true trouble. One obvious case of that was the Ramos-Compean debacle. The drug thug was protected and rewarded by our own government.

Speaking of which, Johnny Sutton is resigning. Perhaps he has a pot of gold waiting in some Mexican beach town as a reward. What a slime ball.

Lazy Day

It was slightly rainy and what I had to do wasn't all that much. So, I did what I needed or wanted to finish and took off early relative to most days. Usually I quit at dark. Today I don't think it was 5:00PM yet.

Times are tight and I hope not to have any unexpected expense. As I drove home I was thinking about that. Then I started looking around realizing how glad I am to be in the low mountains, how pretty it al is right now. It is hard to ward off concern and worry but stressing over it is not a plan of improvement. It is actually counter productive. For awhile I was able to just experience the experience and feel fortunate that I am here.

It's a constant confusion, knowing what is what. I started to better define that thought but decided to leave it at that. Understanding where true limits and capabilities lie is key to knowing if goals are pure insanity. Most of the time I find I can do more than I thought. It depends on the endeavor.

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