Thursday, February 4, 2016

On the Other Side of Madness

What the other side is, I don't know.  Not this side I guess.  Or not that side.

Still I implore all parents and relatives of girls to fight against the idea of registering them with selective service.  Nothing guarantees that a draft won't be used to provide personnel for some future war which is even worse than VietNam, or other bloody "limited war" police action.  Those events are dishonest at their core, and trade on the honor and patriotism and loyalty of unwitting service people.

I don't care what a badass your daughter is.  It is about tyranny and making changes which, in reality, dim the hope that we might get some real change when it comes to making war.  Arming people who make war.  Then we fight those people and arm other future enemies in the process.   Your daughter is formidable, no question.   If they drafted her, she couldn't wear those same clothes, and the fishnet stockings.   Oh, geez.  Took me a second to realize that was the outline of the edge of the jacket.  That's a relief.

People are nuts, though.  So often your candidate or point of view can be shown to have serious errors and inconsistencies, but the kneejerk reaction is to defend it.   Discovering a belief to be wrong is no fun.  You feel like you are out on a limb and it just got cut.

But to be so ego bound that you ignore the truth doesn't reflect well on you.

I don't even know what I think about some things any more.  I do still believe that the national passtime in the West, the USA, at least, is pretense.  And a corollary off of that would include victim mining.   Searching out any hint of bias, bigotry, discrimination, etc. and finding ways it could be taken as offensive to us.  That is what we do.  And the passtime has never been so popular.

Having lived in more than one locale in which my kind were in the minority, I witnessed official minorities using their local majority power to freely and openly discriminate against all others in ways the general population hasn't seen for over fifty years.   But, once again, we pretend.  We pretend so much that we actually give credence to complaints by these same people who play victim while wielding the power.  Similar to the Obamas complaining about fictitious episodes of "profiling" when they were in stores and such.

They know they are lying and so do we.  The mistake is often the assumption that one os profiled due to race or sex when it may something else altogether.  My theory is that bullies in government, whether police, public school teachers, or tax creeps direct their sadism upon those they deem as lacking the power to fight back.  They may assume that various groups lack power so they hone in on them, but power is the real factor, not race.

Days are hard and tonight we play some sort of music and the Navajo.  Not my favorite place.  Oh well. It could be good if nothing is like last time.  Remember to pick up ear plugs.  We are the featured group but there will be loud jamming and horror before and after.  I will bring an amp in hopes I can thwart their usual efforts to make me sound like broken glass.  Worst job on sound board I have dealt with in awhile.

Rockers I guess.  Pure rockers seem to have no sense of dynamics, nuance, beauty or anything other than wall to wall noise. Loud.  I'd give that stuff more credence if its practitioners could adapt a little, realizing there are other forms of noise and music out there.

Why do I even bother to do this?   I do not know.  And I am losing all interest in any of it.  I only do it because I think if I let it go, maybe I will let everything go.  I have not much left to release, as far as life activities and social interaction.

Not caring and not being stirred by things sucks.  I do not recommend it.  If you are married, stay married.  If you have any semblance of family and love in your life you'd be a real idiot to queer that deal.  Many people do.  Fools.  Oh I am 45 or 50 and I want to explore living life for ME.  Time to grow and blablabla.  What utter stupid nonsense.  But we pretend still.

In any case.  Don't let them broaden selective service.  And it is not a good idea for everyone to serve two years or whatever.  Putting everyone of age under total control of the state could be disastrous. Brave New F'ing World.

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