Friday, January 18, 2013

They Can't Help It

After viewing some of Danny Glover's latest brilliance, I realized how the Hollywood syndrome happens.  You get a little acclaim because you look good, and your acting pleases people.

Then you realize people assume you have a brain and invite you to speak for causes, or just expound on your view of Utopia and its many big meanie enemies.

What are you going to do?  It is unheard of for an actor to say, "Look, I don't know sh** from Shinola so let me remain silent on the greater philosophical and material implications of nuclear physics and nano-technology.

No, since the easy default position which satisfies peer pressure and approval is that of stubborn Luddite, and knee jerk reaction to whatever is labeled "right wing".   I admit, it ca be tough to ferret out the kernes of truth and reason from the rhetoric of both right and left.  But if we weren't conditioned to have a team to cheer and one to hate, what would we do?

All the while, these wealthy critics avail themselves of armed guards (carrying guns), convenient transportation, private jets, and climate controlled dwellings, all of which are targeted as being evil, bad for the earth, etc. by these hypocrites.   It is the mentality of elitism.  We know what's best for you.

Fame and adoration, and the appearance of respect are too hard to ignore.  Since it is clear pretty much what angle gets the kudos, entertainers find new and unusual ways to parrot what their peers cast as rationale and brilliant thought.  Mostly it is parrot droppings.

Danny thinks the 2nd amendment was inspired so that people could put down slave revolts ad kill American Indians-native Americans.  (I'm a native of America, but that's different) And he is sure everyone is racist.   Like Danny, when it comes to some topics, many high profile figures are woefully flawed in their logic and theories.

He also thinks there were only 2.5 million people on earth when he was born.   Not sure what that had to do with anything, but I think we can safely say that there were more humans on earth than that during the 1940s.

It is so odd than one who should be so versed on slavery would not be raising hell about the places where it exists even now.  Africa being a major player in that game.  It is also odd that one who has achieved such financial and professional success, would claim that he lives in a place in which oppression of him is common.

People love opportunities to play self righteous victim.  I love watching multi-millionaires in the entertainment business embrace that role while giving lectures to the little people, who made it all impossible, about how they should live as we all march into some utopian slave state.

These are the lovers of Che, Castro and others, who never killed anyone they didn't want to kill.  Worshippers of Mao and Stalin and others who weeded their nations of those who might not be good slaves.  We're talking mass murderers, killing not to win a war but to control populations and eradicate dissent.  And those are the type of people and philosophies the Danny Glovers of the world serve, on purpose or through pure stupidity.

He's not alone in that regard.  And many of the alleged opponents of such philosophy are as prone to skewed facts and nonsense as the Hollywood crowd.

The real question the demagogues who are using and abusing the school shooting for their own ends  should be asking is, "Would any of the suggested measures and grand stand plays have prevented this?".   I feel certain the vast majority of discussion on the matter touches on nothing that would make anyone safer.   Except those who would illegitimately seek power over others; criminals and governments.  They seem to desire similar ends.

So, forgive you, Danny, you are just smart enough to sound good, and to act well, but not smart enough to know that you are an idiot.

Give a man a public soapbox and pretend he is wise in all matters and that man will find it hard to resist broadcasting his views, whether he knows the subject or not.  Or woman.  Hollywood women are equally smitten and they have the same Achilles heel--narcissism.

It is human nature.  I'm not exempt.  Few are.

The real issue at hand has to do with how much control and personal decision making by the state is desirable justified and effective.  War on drugs worked out well.  Terrorism is now extinct, and obesity is on the run.  I'm sure that those who use guns to enforce everything from seat belt laws to milk regulation will do a cracker jack job in their war on gun violence.

One really cool method of debate these days is to use the technique of switching topics when cornered; What about the children?  Yea, but what about blablabla off topic.   I don't think I've ever seen blatant demagoguery so shamelessly performed.  Never let a crisis go to waste.  Crisis= golden power grab opportunity.


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