Monday, February 20, 2012

No News Is Good News

Holy smoke!! I just perused some general headlines for the first time in awhile. When you shut it off, it can be a shock to check back in.

If I didn't know better, and I don't, I'd say there was a long standing effort to instill fear, confusion, and animosity into the deepest recesses of what is left of our minds. Really, none of it makes a lot of sense, regardless of what pundits and historians theorize.

There is simply no rationale for the way things are, and the structure of most of civilization. I narrow most of it down to people not having the ability to mind their own business and respect the rights of others through the ages. The clever institutions which thrive on this weakness in humanity have done well in exploiting this while gaining wealth and power. It certainly isn't new.

What is new is the pure volume and weight of this crush of fear, hatred, avarice, jealousy, lack of conscience, etc. No reasonable voices hold the political stage to any degree. It is quite clear that whatever, even if only fate, is pulling the strings intends for Obama to have a second term. I don't think he has to say or do a thing. Those vying to oppose him are digging their own graves as rapidly as they can. And I am not one who agrees with the current administration's philosophy or practices regarding nearly everything. But come on, what is all this insanity on the other side? Very depressing.

I give up on that. The only thing I can do is hope I can afford to drive from here to there, and just pretend to be free and hopeful. In discussing things with friends I can see that they don't agree with me, and I think they miss the big picture in many ways. If they can fix it, I leave them to it. My best fix is to fight the things that affect the mind and one's optimism about his own prospects and ideas.

Geez, with all the cliches that constantly find their way into sports lingo, now "chink in the armor" is considered racist because a Chinese basketball player is making a splash. You know, lots of people, who aren't obsessed with race and ethnicity, would never have drawn that nuance out of what was being said. No matter. They fired the guy anyway.

I'm wondering how the phrase, "At the end of the day..." will become off limits in the future. That is one cliche that I hear everywhere. Did anyone ever say, "The bottom line is..." in a context in which someone drew a sexist connotation? Maybe in circumstances that caused them to be labeled homophobic?

Clearly I have been duped, just like most people. The trouble is, I am one who has somehow taken it seriously enough that I have had big trouble kick starting my life, over and over. I hope to get a foothold before it is all over and I am unaware that I did it.

It shouldn't be too hard to ignore those who "wake up every day asking, What can I do to make your life better? (with tax money)". And to avoid the El Cajon contingent of the highway patrol. I thought my buddy with the gym bus was stopped by the Sheriff. Nope, it was CA Highway patrol, El Cajon office. One citation was for a dirty engine. The guy crawled up under the thing and decided that.

THEY do not comprehend the life of people who just try to make a living, especially if they are independent of any government or large corporation. I have to run away from anything that has to do with agencies and agents. And from any people whose circumstances are such that they like all the bureaucracy, or at least the set up. They will be talking about policies and politicians and I need to avoid it like I need to avoid alcohol, and other addictive things. I am too easily sucked in and it is detrimental to life.

Much of what I grew up believing is wrong. Much of what most of us grew up believing is wrong. Until people realize that, and figure out what of the ingrained material is destructive, the snowball will continue to grow. It is not a matter of the choices we are presented officially, either. Those are false choices which beg the real questions at best.

So easy to let outside matters cloud the real and present. I want to be a workaholic again. Just need that something which will hold my attention and fire some passion. I think that is among the healthier choices. Falling into mourning over the job market, what used to be, and all that won't win the day. Some choices aren't there, but there are more possibilities than I know; kind of by definition.

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