Sunday, June 2, 2013

Next In Line, The "I" Word

What passes as sensitivity to narrow groups, and as a hedge against ignorant troublemakers, is pretty much political gaming and power grabbing.  Whatever you call it, free speech is fading fast.

Oh, yes, you can say whatever you want as long as no identifiable voting bloc finds it offensive.  We've got the N word, which is OK for some to say, but not others.  We have a whole host of F words.  Now fag or faggot is the F word.  Looks like we are headed toward the H word with Homo.

Considering these very groups use the words frequently, and some even berate "breeders", again it is OK for some to say it, but a crime for others.

I'm not anti-gay or anti-[insert ethic description here].  I am anti-use-my-condition-of-birth-as-a -weapon-to-enhance-my-victim-status, and get some special treatment.  Just the power of forcing an apology must be irresistibly exhilarating.  These things become absurd.   Nine times out of ten the offended party is not really that offended, and in no way harmed.

But apologies abound.  Condemnations fit for a serial murderer flourish, people lose jobs, people are branded for life.

There may be a business in that--writing and/or delivering apologies for celebrities.  Maybe they were drunk, maybe it was a case of accidentally blurting out a slur in a foreign language.  They don't even have to know it is a slur or a word, like the macaca guy.

Besides, I thought a fag was a British cigarette.  The proper term when applied to a gay male is "fagunia" anyway, however it is rarely uttered anywhere.  Ever.  I'm very politically correct and all about zero tolerance.  I'd have put that kid with toy gun the size of a quarter away for life.

And if he said the H,N,C,F,Q,R,S,T, I, A, etc. word, off with is head!!!  Oh, geez, that was supposed to be absurdly far fetched, but there is a lot of that going on these days.  I heard it may be illegal to express one's islamaphobia on line.  Hurts the civil rights of those who haven't blown themselves up or anyone else.
****more on that at end****

Zero means ZERO!!  And tolerance, well, that depends upon who is expected show tolerance toward whom.  It has become quite a fluid and fickle word.

I don't go around saying N this and that, or homo fag swish, etc. anyway.  I'm not geared toward matters which do not affect me, like your ethnicity or where and how you diddle.   However, I do believe it is a right to say whatever you want about whomever, within the bounds short of slander.  It is your right to call me names, dislike me, like me, and express that how you see fit.

But it has become hate speech if selected groups are the focus of your disdain.  Hate speech is code for "we are buying votes by making you feel powerful as we rip away rights of your detractors".

I think they are fostering racism by playing selectively sensitive, and I hate to see it.  Partly because neither my philosophy nor my trust and faith in a person are in any proportion to what ethnic group, sexual preference situation you are in.  You are either trusted, respected and a friend, or you are something other.  Overall, this trend has set race relations way back.  Every kind of relations; men-women, breeders-fags, black-white, idiot-moron, etc.

So, I am thinking it hurts my feelings when people use the term "IDIOT" in a derogatory fashion.  It hurts my self esteem, and I think it marginalizes a huge portion of the population.  I want it listed as hate speech, and whoever says idiot has to write things a thousand times on the board, and has to mop the sidewalk from here to San Diego.

Idiots are people too you know.  I suggest we be clever and instead of using the word "idiot", we just say, "The I Word", in a lowered voice of course.  Almost a whisper.  And furtively look around for idiots as you say it.

I'd say, "idiots of the world Unite!", but I'm not sure they haven't already done that.

****if I belonged to a religion, and people were continually using that religion as an excuse to be as big a pain the ass to the rest of humanity as possible, I'd change religions.  If I were Catholic and clerics and zealots were shouting "In the Name of Jesus!" as they stoned a woman, or blew up random strangers in public places, and it was a long term trend which showed little sign of changing, I either start a sect called, "Catholics who are not psychopathic homicidal lunatics", or I'd cut myself off from them and not claim that faith.  I wouldn't go, "oh, look at me, I'm so nice, and you are so mean to think we Catholics are a pain in the ass."  I wouldn't just pretend it isn't a problem.

But then, I am no fan of our foreign policy which has enriched weirdo rulers and holy men, been very vague on true purpose, and shown little worthwhile, that I know of, for the effort.

Anyway, I'm a bit skittish about most religions, if they don't have well thought out, hospitable fertility rites.  I'm particularly wary of those faiths which do their best to annoy those to whom they know it is strange, then play all indignant and condemning.  Especially when they are the newcomers to an area.  Talk about lack of sensitivity.  You jump with both feet, forcing customs, people see you as a pain in the ass.

It is annoying any time anyone from outside your country, or other tribal ID, moves in and then starts telling you how to behave, what to change, and how to treat them.  Anyway, I'm a little skittish of a few groups, mostly ones with initials, both churches and not,  

But believing a person or group to be aberrant, misguided, or an unfortunate result of genetic mutation is not the same as expecting to, or even wanting to, limit their natural rights.  The whole conflict comes into play because they don't see anything wrong in forcing others to do as they wish.

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