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You're Funny

was going to go in and correct, because I just checked to see what I'd written and noticed a lot of missing letters.  Keyboard issue.  Too much trouble. Bet should be best.  Whole words, like they, may be missing. Lots first last or middle letters

I'll assume she meant that in the best possible sense of the phrase.   That's what she said.

And I'm thinking, "No kidding.  I'm one of the greatest humorists of our time.  Nice of you to catch on."  But I don't actually say that because what if I'm wrong, or maybe she doesn't like world class wit?

You never know.  Maybe she meant funny as a synonym for peculiar.   Hmmm.  Maybe that one's got my number.  I guess either use of the word is applicable.

Do you ever step back and notice how, in some cases, any attention you get is a big deal to you?  I do.  But I end up categorizing these thing so I don't get carried away.   I'll just think, "OK, that is some of my favorite attention".

But sometimes, if I see someone that needs a jump, or coolant, or a tire pumped up,  I think if I were they, I'd like a little help.  That's one kind of attention I like if I'm stuck.

So, every now and then I end up with a hitchhiker or assist a little with whatever needs it at the time.  It is great material for writing someday, and there have been interesting adventures as a result of my gregarious roadside manner.  Been awhile.  I only deal with people who don't overly creep me out.  Only a few do.

But there are other types of attention that rank up there, and are just as fun to give as to get.   Part of how life is made.  It's odd that some of us have to check our natural inclination to throw things out of balance.  Good things reportedly come with responsibility.  Bummer.

Then again, how would I know?  My first instinct is to ignore the tempering influence of reality.  Or I just run because, Who mistakenly sent anything good and fun my way?  I don't rate this.  I see it in writing and I wonder, "how could I ever think that?  I'm the most worthy, and the best catch of all the unglamorous, unqualified, one-in-a-billion catches on the whole block!   I'm more fun than a barrel of monkeys, if you ask me.

I've noticed a lot of stuff online lately which expresses total disdain for believe in God or anything akin to that, and expresses criticism for faith of any kind.   Yet it seems to me that they have forgotten that much of what is thought to be true in science is theory.  It holds and may be demonstrable, but it is not the whole big picture or the infinitely small picture.  It works for now.

I can see where misguided attitudes and antics, under the banner of religion can be problematic.  But I'm not sure why the hostility I'm seeing.  The word idiots is thrown around a lot.

Of course, many of these people are highly immersed in the business of politicizing science and pushing the idea that government should oversee and control research.  Another cronyism issue when the curtain is thrown back.  And it plays into the arrogance, vanity and territorial jealousy which is absolutely rampant in government funded scientific circles and throughout academia in this country.

The nuanced message many of these armchair geniuses put out is an unquestioning worship of what "science says".  Just trying to put themselves where God used to be.  Otherwise, when not directly affected, why so hostile?

Don't get me wrong, I like advances in science.  But many of the people pushing things in the name of science have no first hand skill as far as math, physics, etc. go, so they can be made to believe anything.    They just like to cheer for government action while jeering the evil corporation, and facts be damned.  Argue, and the next thing you know the discussion will devolve into something to do with George W Bush.

Here's my point.  I, and any real scientist who is honest, admit that what we know now, is the bet we have, at this point, until or if we find out different.

I'm no idiot, and I think there is more than meets the eye.  I think people who fanatically ram religious concepts angrily at people are actually in doubt and trying to convince themselves.   Fanatic Muslims just want to get laid, and if it takes holy death and being a corpse to get at them there 72 virgins the o be it.  Religion does some crazy ass things.

So do politically inspired scientists.  In the span of fifty years they've gone from raising hell about a coming ice age to global warming.  Maybe the cited the same causes both times.  Hell if know, I was too scared to think.

Odd that the answer is always more tax money.  It is BS.

But somehow this is supposed to divide between those who believe in something divine, and those who can reason and are sane and love solutions like taxing those evil whoever.  Smart people see the need for more tax and greater authority vested in regulatory agencies of any sort.  Or so the people who claim to be smart tell me, and the world.   If you don't agree, then you are not smart, deserve lol, and the smart will say that you are ignorant and superstitious, maybe racist, maybe George Bush--either one, or both, and you aren't like them and should be strung up, or run out of town, because you lack diverity and aren't tolerant like the smart people.

That's what they tell you.  Some smart people are so blinded by their own ego that they cannot see reality at all.  And they do reinforce one another, with their repetitive tired jokes and self congratulatory nonsense.   Often I find the ones who believe in something to be a little more peaceful an helpful than others.  Not the crazy fanatics.  The ones who try for the right thing.

Seriously, if you think placing your faith and trust in human authorities and governments is likely to bring better result than God or other power not easy to prove or disprove, you are nuts.  Governments shoot people and put them in cages, and harass them about all manner of things.  Most modern deists and churches don't do a lot of that.  Maybe some have little sexual field trips, but compared to governments and law enforcement they are squeaky clean.  Didn't say they were squeaky clean, just compared to.

So many officials are flaming crooks and sexual predators and offenders that it hardly makes the news when they decide to nail one.  Become an electable politician; get rich, get laid.  That is how it works to a great degree.  A few just settle for the first part.  The ones whose spouses would shoot them between the eyes if they strayed.

I have doubts on definitions and certain elements of history and certain bible things.  But I don't get the outright hostility and push to pretend an absolute knowledge under the church of "science".  You start making a religion out of science, then it i no longer science.  Tying it up with tax dollars and government is not a mark of validity.

I'm sometimes funny.  Extra funny.  More fun than a barrel of monkeys

Best thing yet in Connecticut is lack of new gun rule respect from citizens

"...If you pass laws that people have no respect for and they don’t follow them, then you have a real problem.”

That's a classic quote from a politician in Connecticut.  They were talking about how gun owners hadn't run to nearest sheriff to register the weapons, despite the new law.

The man behind the quote was some sort of state senator I think.   I only saved that bit of quote, the page and all else are long gone from my easy access.  

But doesn't it do your heart good when people ignore official overstep?  It does mine good.  

Of course you are going to have a real problem if you try to enforce laws on people which they do not respect.  And to the degree they respect themselves, they ignore you and the law you rode in on, and they do not acknowledge your authority over their being.   And you have nerve enough to whine and call it a problem as if the people are the problem, and not people like you creating and trying to enforce stupid laws.  

I don't care what your cause is, if you pass stupid measures to cure the ill, yet your cure is nonsense.  Calling you out on it does not mean I hate babies or whatever your cause is.  It just means you are spouting nonsense or violating personal rights.

I'm still shaking my head.  Ever consider making fewer laws and learning to respect personal boundaries in the process?  

I'm not sure I'd do well in CT.  Not sure there wouldn't be a cultural personality conflict.   Maybe it really is more laid back out here.  But they are not shy about making laws here any more than there.  And whether it is something based on junk science, the word of a child molester, you name it, in CA they'll get the damn thing done, even if it is wrong.  "It is better than doing nothing".

What a day, when they all say, "we've got a problem, no one is obeying our draconian, busy-body, poorly thought out, intrusive, oppressive laws".  That's when the citizens will have begun to do their job.  Non-compliance.  They can always lie cheat and steal and get into office, especially if you have crooked and greedy running against greedy and crooked.  There is not much difference in reality.

So it cracks me up that someone is all worked up over something that is not likely to make people less violent, and safer overall. 

The more people quit making the state into a religion or a god, the better off they'll be.  

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