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I Think Because I Can

The problem humanity has had in forming a society or nation in which citizens enjoy maximum freedom in all regards has not been a lack of democracy, per se.  Quite the opposite in many cases.

In the case of the USA, the erroneous notion that our purpose and lofty goal is to spread democracy has done us no favors.  Pure democracy is doomed for several reasons.  First, unchecked it allows the majority to vote themselves paychecks from the minority.

Other drawbacks to majority rule without limit is that popular whims and ideas change with the wind, and a system which allows swift enactment of the will of the people is bound to regularly restrict rights and punish actions which harm no one.  Not to mention legal theft of property and life itself.

A republic in which authority of government--its rights-is severely restricted, and individual rights are infinite, provided one doesn't impede the right of another is far from a democracy.   It is sick that everyone from Roosevelt to Bush to Obama has fed the democracy lie to the public.  It serves those who know how to work that concept.  That idea's ultimate destination is something akin to a absolutist communist state.   A place where I'm sure I'd forever be a outlaw.

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What we are experiencing is a form of fool's gold.  Some think they can trust democrats to do the right thing with power, and some think republicans are the ones they can trust.  Any setup which requires the legislator to moderate his own power-lust is not going to yield good long term results.

That was why the US was set up the way it was, with a federal government of very limited powers, especially in the realm of local activities.   I think more limits should have been placed on all government entities, local, state and federal, but they definitely were miles ahead of the rest of the world in giving a glimpse of a civilized, free society.

In light of the fact that the balance of power within the federal government and in relation to the states went to hell long ago, the only way to stop the madness that rules us is to defund it, or let it fall of its own weight.  The unrealistic economic policies and financial management of most governmental entities on all levels may guarantee that.  These practices will certainly retard our development and quality of life to that of many third world countries.   Defunding is the most effective approach, and non-violent, should our lovely populace ever be of a mind to revolt for the right reasons.  Not going to happen, I know, but that is probably the last window of opportunity.  Electronic banking is closing that up rapidly.

Very dangerous construct, considering the lack of restraints on every level of intrusion, control and surveillance.

One perspective might tie up all the ills into one word--corruption.  The trouble is, most activists and people who seek tax money only focus on limited cases of wrong doing, choosing one team to back and one to demonize, even though their chosen team is just as eager to steal money and rights as the other. 

Either people cannot see this, or refuse to look, or value their short term, ill-gotten gains too much to do the right thing.

I'm pretty sure the human race and almost every subgroup therein has not evolved to the point where one can comfortably live and let live.  Who can resist that feeling of power over what your neighbor ingests, how he uses his genitalia,  how he defends himself against intruders and evil doers?   Apparently, a very small minority, at best.

So, I have little hope that the playing field will improve to the point that I see as right.  A day in which I won't be a criminal for not having the prescribed form of health insurance, won't have money taken from my paycheck, with the burden of proof on me to show that, even under their own convoluted rules, they took too much.

Even as I ponder this stuff, I realize that were I significant in any way, homeland security would view such rhetoric as possibly dangerous.  Speech and such are rights which are whittled down daily.   It has been done in the name of the war on drugs, war on terror, and even diversity and bullying.  No longer is it sufficient to prosecute real crimes, but now we consider hurt feelings the result of assault, even at times when all that was expressed was the truth.

It will come back to bite.  When search restrictions were loosened due to idiotic drug laws,  many a NRA member was of the, "If you got nothing to hide, you have nothing to worry about" school.  Now they find themselves under attack in the new "war on violence", even though they aren't generally the perpetrators of violence.  But, how many people going through the permanent check points out west are carrying bundles of illegal immigrants or shipping drugs?  They still search you any time they choose. 

Poor NRA. The charlatans who claim they can fix the climate and by proclamation end violent act by mass murderers, took the easy way out.  They know they can't fix anything, but they can reduce the power of individuals, which further empowers themselves, so they declared war on various types of guns and bullet holders.  Mostly the modern stuff which is easier to use.

NRA, wrong place at wrong time, I guess.  How they became the demons of the school massacre,  I do not know.  I thought they had poor spokespeople. But, they must be laughing because their membership shot up dramatically.  I'm not a member, but I don't do much joining. 

I hate to say I told you so, but I did, way back in the 70's.  Like then, people now still believe that selective infringement of rights for some noble purpose will work out.  It never does because the nature of human authority is to expand whenever and wherever possible.   You think a rattle snake will only bite the bad guys?

I've been criticized for not having the solution.  To a degree I do, but those same critics view such ideas as unrealistic.  So do I.   The most effective solutions involve defunding governments, repealing certain amendments, strengthening limits on governmental powers, disallowing the practice of gaming the system with ridiculous and costly lawsuits, ceasing the pretense when it comes to real crime in inner cities and elsewhere, holding parents liable for their nasty offspring, etc.

None of that is likely to happen.  For one thing without the politics of race and gender and sexual practices and religion most of the people now in power would be out of luck.   Big, dumbass voting blocks are coveted assets.  Got to keep them dumb and in despair.  Mofos can't keep a budget but they are expert at keeping various groups down, dumb, confused, angry and hopeless, and getting their votes.  Sad and sick.

And who is going to stand on principle risking the abuse of the irs, which, like prisons, everyone knows is abusive beyond anything any tax dollar should support?  Not too many, and those who do are considered nut jobs and not willing to pay their fair share.

Are you happy you paid your fair share to arm lunatics in the mideast?   Did you pay your fair share for the last four or five undeclared wars?  I'm sure you were fully aware of the details, goals, locations and purpose of each protracted military adventure.  Who couldn't support those efforts?  Someone else's life at stake. What the heck.  Charge!!!!

I hope you sleep better knowing you paid your fair share so that people in congress can have pensions and free health care and exempt themselves from various laws which apply to us.

What they are doing now with the sequester pretense is a blatant case of deception.  "If we have to cut any spending, we'll cut needed stuff ignoring the billions of dollars going to duplicate programs, irrelevant studies, and a host of other garbage.  That is to scare people into agreeing that they need to pay more, or at least "the wealthy" do.  Don't be fooled.  No one is exempt from this theft.  Just look at food and gas prices.  It may not be clear but the rise is basically a form of tax.  And who hurts the most from that?   The same fools who fall for the idea that all we need is to tax the wealthy more.

Aside from the fact that you can bleed them dry and still hardly make a dent in funding this behemoth monster, it is just a smokescreen so the same dumb, poor groups will continue to support those whose policies created the crime ridden, irresponsible, hopeless, violent subcultures and communities in the first place.  Fixing that would not be an overnight project under the best of systems.  But that does not justify nurturing the madness.
                                        long term solution to overpopulation

What the hell.  I'm hard pressed to find a democrat who'll admit that Che was a psycho murderer, or a republican who will quit worrying if someone else gets an abortion.  Some things you just have to leave be, even if you think it is wrong.  Yes, I know, rights of the unborn, etc.  It has toes, etc. So, I do not perform or have abortions.  And I'm cynical enough to be grateful that many people do.  Their offspring would be carbon copies of troublesome, sociopathic dimwits who make difficulties for others.  Not the friggin job of the state.  Or shouldn't be. 

I've found many republicans who favor decriminalizing just about all drugs. Since the vast majority is one or the other, even when they call themselves independents, may as well just resign myself to the fact that we are trudging steadily toward a totalitarian's wet dream.

So, I'll just pretend I'm free, try not to say anything that is forbidden, and go on my way.   That may or may not be legal.  Hard to know.  I do not own a helmet, a license to fish or hunt, or a license to seal teak.  Uh oh.  That could be trouble.

the end

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