Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Maybe A Last Laugh; crime and punishment series

As the previous post amply describes, I feel a bit of disrespect and chagrin from the way the Orange Picker boys first lied to me, then denounced me publicly for no good reason. I am what I am and I was born when my mother saw fit to let me out of the oven. No crime in that.

If the previous post was too long to endure, here is the synopsis:
The young brothers asked me to play so I played few times with them in public
it went well enough
They asked me to play Monday night.
I said OK. Then they sent a message at 630 saying they wouldn't be able to make it
I went to the venue to catch other acts and see what sort of people attend
They showed up and didn't notice me.

When they were on stage, the guitar player went on about how the harp player they had last time was really,
REALLY old, in a context which seemed meant to explain why I was not there. And in a ridiculing, derogatory manner.
The event MC did tell him the harp player was good. That was nice.

I've been a little miffed, and sometimes angry, ever since.

Today, I get a message from them asking if I can play on Friday night at the Egyptian Tea room and hookah parlor. Oh, so maybe someone told you that you sucked last time out? And maybe said you were better when the harp player was there? I don't know. One can daydream.

After seeing the guitar guy do his very bad Rico Suave imitation while playing, I was grateful I did not play with them Monday night. Not something I care to be part of.

Beyond that, if you lie to me, then publicly try to defame me for condition of birth, I doubt we have much to discuss. Ignorant people, who are clueless regarding themselves and others, young or old, are to be avoided and afforded no extra respect. My feeling is that attempting to explain the error of his ways would sound like a defense, could result in me punching him, and generally be no fun and not productive.

But I couldn't pass on a little opportunity to reply. Joel thinks they may be too dense to even get the little joke, and the lesson in it, and I think he may be right. I get it and that is what matters.

After several hours I replied in text to their text:
Sorry. I'm playing a benefit at the OLD folks home.
Raising money for viagra, memory loss research, as well as ego disorders

This gave me a little satisfaction. How they take it, like it, or anything else doesn't matter any more. I ,at least, got to say NO, and in a way I wanted to say it.

I'd love to hear what you think, but I won't hold my breath.

I'd already agreed to practice with the friends up here on Ballistic Mountain anyway. They feed me and appreciate my old and feeble way of making a harmonica squeak.

I've tolerated betrayal in one form or another many times in my life, and when I got fed up I always wondered why I put up with it for even a minute. This time I actually cut it off immediately. If any further contact is attempted, I will not reply. Just had to throw this one out there so the clever and even the mildly dim witted would know what is what.

And perhaps they aren't sure if I was there, or if someone in the audience knew me and told me. I like the thought that they may not know.

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