Sunday, June 26, 2011

Some Gypsies Use Maps Sparingly

Today I realized that I am quite competent when it comes to reading maps, but I seem to see less need for them than one might expect. It is a lifelong habit. When I drove to NC for the first time to go to school there, I traveled according to a friend's directions; take 95 until you get to 52 and go left, then when you get to 49 go left and you'll see it.

52 goes a long way before you get there. In any case, I made it. All 800 miles or however far it is from Miami.

What puzzles me is why I decided to hit Jerome now and not later. I was up closer to CO and all that when I was down by the river up above Taos. I guess I thought I'd get it out of the way. I formulated two goals today; the one long standing goal of not wanting to die in Memphis, and the new goal of returning to San Diego without driving through a bunch of desert. The latter requires a northly path. If I can swing it--time and money--I'll come down the coastal highway.

Jerome is still pretty unique. I almost tried to see if I could sit in with a group playing in a tavern there. The music begged for it, although they were not at al bad, and the crowd liked them. The doorway smelled like beer, or more precisely like a drunk smells who got drunk on beer. Between that and the probability that the group was doing well with the crowd, and may wisely subscribe to the theory, "if it ain't broke don't fix it", I did not try to see if I could play.

I was disappointed that the store where I bought my moccasins is not the same place any more. I think shops close and open and change regularly, although many are just as they were.

This place is called Dead Horse Ranch State Park. My tent is in one of the shady spots. It was 99 today but breezy. It should drop to the 50's but after dark the wind died completely. I'm hoping for breeze but it may take awhile before it comes.

One thing I'll say for Dead Horse, they have clean showers and such. And they don't charge much. They shouldn't for just a tent. Near Ballistic Mountain in California I checked a state campground and it was something like thirty bucks just to pitch a tent. What's the point? I'm mostly trying to keep costs down, and I do like getting out in the middle of nowhere some. The fairest rate was on the Hondo river. You crazy enough to camp here--have at it. Gratis. I wonder if the converted school bus that was at another pull of there was housing homeless people or real deal nomad gypsies. With that set up, you could live pretty cheaply.

Well, I thought I'd write because I could, and to kill time waiting for a little breezy coolness. I pitched the small tent this time because it is only one night and it goes up quick. I'm not sure the other one would have fit as well under the low limbs of my shade tree.

Who would ever have thought I'd be friggin camping, and be carrying two tents? I did have three but the other one had issues so I got rid of it at the outer banks. It worked well enough in Mississippi. Mostly, since it was up, I made do.

The peculiar part of this trip is that I could just wander indefinitely and not feel like stopping for good. More accurately I guess that is the peculiar part of being me. I envy those who put down roots have giant families and people always around, yet I could be a nomad. Maybe it is like second best and since first best is just not there, I work with what I got.

The above best is relative to me and may not apply to anyone else.

For a long time on this journey I spotted no other CA plates. Once I returned to this side of the Mississippi that changed, but I still only started seeing them once I got to New Mexico. They are usually like me, a little arrogant, although I'm more polite than most. I think we look at each other and wonder wy we decided to drive away from all that and into an oven. In my case it is due to things on another plane in another dimension--what Sedona wishes it could do.

What a country!!! We are really lucky. And I know I am quite fortunate to have the chance and good enough health to be doing this. I cannot explain the reason, but it feels like there is a profound purpose as regards things in my life that may need tweaking.

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