Thursday, May 5, 2016

All of a Sudden, Nothing

I've learned my lesson as far as explaining my disconnect and confusion, confessing my inability to properly live and embrace life, and medical worries.  Those are just excuses for why I am as I am.  Or something.  Or, more accurately, why I am not what I should be, could be, and in God's eyes and those who think the see those orbs, too, why I have sinned against all that is holy for not using my brain to change the world and stuff.  

If I had such a brain, and I do not, I would use it to create a far different life.  This is not working but one cannot be frozen in place for weeks on end with only reprieves of a few hours here and there, and expect to be sitting on much that is worthwhile.

My theory is that not everyone has the same degree of imperative when it comes to deep seeded, primitive instincts.  Some survive no matter what.  Some multiply against all odds and prudence.

There are many less obvious drives that steer humanity, as well.  It is natural for people, if the think you are down, to kick you and take whatever they can.  In civilization, they don't admit it, but it is done on every level of life.  So, the bit of actually telling those who profess friendship of your deepest fears and most worrisome battles is a lie.  Do not tell anyone of any fear or weakness. 

Because, if there is any validity to your fears or maladies, you will get trounced.  Don't test friendship that way.  Such tests rarely work out well.  I would think avoiding test situations is best.   

Anyway, what happened?  I think no one is left standing on the republican side, except Trump.   The more I hear from people acting like it will be the end of the world if he were elected, the less I think they are right.  Obama didn't end the world.. Yet.

No, the real issues are faulty intrinsic instincts, and some instincts run amok.   I don't know how that part works.  In some people there is an overpowering imperative to turn on themselves, relentlessly.  

 It seems like a feeling of "what now?".   The thought of Trump and Hilary trading attacks is not pleasant.  Thankfully I do not have TV, as in cable and such.  I avoid a lot of news without even trying any more.  

If only the governmental freaks would just generally leave people alone.  But they don't.  They are paid to dream up ways to insinuate themselves into your life and to judge and control your behavior, choices, habits, you name it.  

No candidate running understands that the purpose of the constitution is to limit and contain government power, as a safeguard to the people.  Most of the public does not get that either.  It is the nature of humans, still, to abuse power and to feed their greed.  So you have to keep the keepers of the peace peaceful.  Best way is to limit temptation - limit power.

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