Thursday, June 7, 2012

Marketplace Reviews From Auto Repair to Teak Products

Now that I have a new bottle of Richard's Delicious Seasoning, my life is again moving forward. There, for awhile, it seemed as if I was frozen in time and space, yet the rest of the world was slowly closing in upon me. Richard's to the rescue. The crisis is over. Thank you Mt. T. Not that big odd looking mohawk head guy.

So, after they fixed my car due to the rude and rowdy deer attack, all was well for several days--a week or so. Then, all of a sudden as I was cruising at 70mph on Thee 8, the check engine light illuminated, the cruise light began blinking, and cruise control was not operating.

A little research revealed the fact that on a Subaru the cruise light flashes and cruise won't operate when the check engine light comes on. Most of the time, when a check engine light is steady, it means something to do with emissions is amiss, and it won't hurt anything (that someone like me cares about) to procrastinate. If that light is flashing, pull over and see who will show up the quickest to drain your wallet.

I disconnected the battery for awhile because doing that will often clear the light and if it was a fluke of some kind, it won't come back on, or it may take it some time to again make itself known. In my case it came back on within less than five seconds.

Then the idle began to be peculiar, dropping so low that the car would die at stop lights. I went to an independent shop that specializes in Subarus to get the code identified. They said it just happened to be one that requires a dealer specific computer to pin down. It is a sneaky thing manufacturers sometimes do.

It turns out that the tubes which surround the plugs and isolate them from the oily hooplah going on under the rocker covers were leaking oil to the outside of one or more plugs. The dealer guy and the mechanic took me back to the service bay to see for myself. Big points for El Cajon Subaru. Obviously not run by the families of the El Cajon branch of the CA Highway Patrol.

The tubes rely on gaskets similar to O-ring seals and I guess these things can happen. The bad news is that it is kind of a pain to get to and labor costs mucho dinero. So, I bit the bullet, silently, reverently thanked what seems to watch out for me that I had the money to pay it, and here I am.

I had to leave it for a day, and since they were being well compensated for my misfortune, a rental car was provided. From the same outfit that supplied the car when the body shop fixed the deer damage. I was rather pleased that that beautiful girl, whatsername, remembered me. "Don't tell me another deer got in your way!", she chided.

This time I ended up with a Toyota Yuris. Y something that ends in s. It is great on fuel, a little squirrelly at highway speed, and not the visibility I'm used to. The ceiling seemed to be almost bumping my head, and the seat did not go any lower. I got used to it. It is an OK car.

I'll bet lots of parents buy those cars for their spoiled kids. I'd seek out something a bit more ergonomic with better visibility, but it is better than getting the kid a Mustang or a Suburban. The former for his sake, the latter for ours.

So far I think all is well with the repair. I'm not positive it isn't leaking slightly from the valve covers though because I smell a bare hint of oil after driving, when I walk past the front of the car. It could be nothing, or it could be as I suspect. I'll keep an eye on it. If it proves not to be anything bad, then I'll give Hung Phu the service writer, and Mr. Clean, the bald mechanic, high marks. I did appreciate the attitude of both, and know that if there is any issue they won't jerk me around.

OK. I wasted too much space for my other reviews: Glenview door and glass or is it screen and door?, Alpine Glass and Door, and San Diego Marine Exchange on Shelter Island.

Shelter Island is right there off Point Loma. Absolutely my favorite part of San Diego.

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