Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Wow. Are People That Angry?

So, being a nincompoop I was on FB, facebook, el libro de la cara, The Devil, and I noticed something; there are many poster looking posts with things like, "I'm not sad because you are gone, I'm just disappointed to see you for who you really are.  And I mourn for the wasted time I spent with you".

Really.  I made that up, and it is a toned down version of that theme.  The theme being, if you did not stay with me, or I chose to leave, you suck and I am now empowered.

Few will admit the truth.  I will.  I am alone because I am an idiot.  Not because I picked the wrong ones or any of that garbage.  Geez, I'm the "wrong one" that they talk about--"won't make that mistake again.  No more perfect guys for me!!"   I'm sure that's how it goes.

Maybe not.  I may have placed the word "perfect" where another adjective or two  would be better suited.

But why are so many people posting and circulating slogans that are all about how any conflict in life is because everyone but you (whoever is posting) is evil?  Or they are stupid, worthless, shallow, undeserving vermin.

There seems to be a real effort to cultivate anger.  As if all the righteous indignation over manufactured dramas elevates one into some elite category of intelligentsia.   But what we have is dimwittery.  Ever popular, and to some a form of consolation.  I'm sorry people find such things cool, reasonable and worth sharing.

People, overall, tend to treat me well enough.  There are those who warrant avoidance.

To me, it looks like a way for people, who find dumb drama and anger a hobby,  to beat others to the "screw you and I don't care" punch.

Anger is so overrated as a passtime and as a way to earn respect.

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