Thursday, January 3, 2013

Statistics; still the debate is pandering pablum for the public

According to the FBI annual crime statistics, the number of murders committed annually with hammers and clubs far outnumbers the number of murders committed with a rifle.

I guess that includes assault weapons, whatever they are.  Rifles, I think.   Seems like any weapon used in, or intended for the purpose of, assault would be an assault weapon.  Billy club, throwing knife, pepper spray, etc.

Quit controlling everything from diet to health care by force and threat of force, and let people defend themselves and their property legally, and the overall troubles may decrease.  Keep looking to the same gangster creeps, who take and use your resources for their personal gain, for solutions to theft and violence and you will get nothing but more theft and violence. 

How can people in NY listen to Chuck Schumer for 10 sec or more and not know he is crooked, creepy and most likely connected to every crime outfit in the country?  But he is in solidarinosc with the union!   Are people just outright nuts?  Or is the last shred of hope gone and they just threw in the towel, saying screw it, if it ain't nailed down I'm taking it--gonna get mine!

Rationale of Optimism

I may complain about the state of the state, but I realize that in the history of people that we know, there is not much in the way of role models that are actually healthy and functional.  The common thread that screws up everything is force in one form or another.

Often, dysfunctional systems spin off equally dysfunctional systems.  People who grew up in a household in which the marriage was a cruel game played by people who didn't know better often find it difficult to create something healthy and lasting.

Or such is my theory.

BUT, if my brother could be married over 40 years, and he got married young, and be happy with successful grown kids who actually enjoy and seek his company, then I think it is possible for people to eventually figure out a natural order which isn't reliant on force in some form.

If a company is in bed with government and gets regulations, contracts, etc. in place so that their competitor is artificially handicapped, that is a form of force. Just to clarify...

Really, he had little to go by, as far as I know.  And his wife's situation was a little squirrelly, too.  I do know that they consciously did whatever they could to break unhealthy patterns.  I'm proud of him because it was secretly my influence.  Only I know that.

Bottom line, if you can imagine it, it is probably possible.

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