Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Disjointed Thinking Regarding What Comes To Mind

So, I wake up from this peculiar dream. I'm on a highway, "The 8", I believe. It seems that I am approaching the off ramp. It is kind of overcast and maybe just at dusk. There is an old dark colored car on the shoulder and everything about the vehicle and driver is dark. He waves a cardboard sign out the window that looks dirty and it has circles drawn on it in black yellow and dirty red. I think it had writing in marker that said "Help", or "help me".

He was trying to wave me down. My first reaction was to pull over, which I did. Then I think: he's not getting out. I can't see what or who is in the car, and what's up with the sign if he suddenly needed help? When would he have the time and such to make that, and why does it look like he's had it awhile? I decided it could easily be a set up. I was scheming a way to get to the bottom of it without risk of being hijacked or jumped. That's it. I woke up thinking that this was not a legit opportunity to be of service to my fellow man. At least it was in color and I wasn't a victim. I rarely am; in dream or in life.

I'm still trying to define my aversion to the tactic of demonstrating or marching in the case of the Sunrise Powerlink opposition. That whole thing is rather interesting because it is an example of a situation which most conservative talk people, or others who usually decry abuses by the environmental activists, would automatically assume the opposition is just more anti-human, neo-Luddite rabble rousing. Nothing could be further from the truth.

On the other hand, many of the union types, and more left wing leaning people think the opposition is a roadblock to lovely, renewable green energy. Again, the are miles from the truth.

Many who are involved in the groups opposing this debacle are there because of a self serving agenda to try to get their own preferred, subsidized companies on the map--companies which make solar products and such, but not the sort that would use the powerlink for delivery. Then there are those who think they are the spokespeople for birds and other non-human citizens---the kind who think rats and the earth "need a good lawyer".

I oppose it because it is not needed, because they are putting people off their land, because it is merely there so Sempra can sell energy from their Mexican power plant, and because it will result in higher rates. It is a very shameless scam, and the process is fraught with obvious corruption and avoidance of complying with their own rules.

I won't argue with my friends who will go downtown to do their thing and demonstrate, but I do not have it in me to feel good about joining them. Only because there is something about that method that doesn't feel right in this case. I realize that we've been taught since the sixties, and forever through union activity, that this is the way of freedom and how it is done.

Not having a better plan, I can't offer an alternative. Yet, I know it is there. More than anything, I think the structure of a system which permits such underhanded theft and abuse should be the ultimate target. More often than not such dissent merely focusses on a particular decision rather the whether the powers that be should have the right to even make such a move. That is why we have not become freer and less corrupt, even though group demonstration has been on the rise in the last fifty years.

The only way to truly improve things is to dismantle the institutions and laws that provide the structure for such elitist disregard for individual rights and a freer market.

It bothers me that I cannot be true to myself and please my friends by walking the streets with a crowd to express disapproval. I do not think it will influence the court case. If they somehow impede traffic, or shout at court officials as they enter the courthouse, it will have a negative effect. I do not support those who shout down speakers or get loud and obnoxious to passers by. It doesn't matter whether I agree with their point or not.

No. I guess I won't join the mob in this case--good or bad. There may be a time when I do support a mob that prevents entry to IRS offices or other government tools of tyranny. Not now, and not this.

I have to wonder that so many video games focus on shooting things and people in one way or another. There's a lot of killing and whoopass. Some say this in no way conditions normal people toward violence. I wonder about that.
I know that in sports and music, when I am not in a situation to actually do the activity, I often imagine it and picture the process in my mind. When the actual time comes to perform the task, then I am way ahead of the game and it comes easier. It seems only natural that someone playing virtual kill games would be a little less hesitant to act it out in real life, provided the opportunity arose.

Some of the games appear engaging and fun. Many appear to glamorize anti-social, criminal and needlessly violent behavior. I know that is not the proper view and makes me sound like a Puritan. So be it. Just seems logical. Oh, perhaps we've evolved beyond the stage in which logic is a universal structure for reaching truth. I'm still stuck there. I do not believe that one truth is as good as another just because some claims "his truth" is valid and that logic has no bearing on it.

Just look how easily we've become accustomed to things like views of bombing, shootings, beheadings, etc. For a minute there I think people weren't so numbed to the reality of what those things really are and do. Now it is just another scene from a video game but displayed as news. We're paying for this stuff, and have even provided the hardware for much of it when it looks like we aren't involved. I'm hoping that one day various portions of The Big Pretense dissolve and people refuse to pay.
oh well-I've never been able to get my head around the legitimacy of public employee, paid by tax money, unions either
that could get me shot

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