Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Hoping to Adopt the LocaL Cat

Here on Ballistic Mountain it is generally a bad idea to have an indoor-Outdoor cat. There are many dogs, judging by the barking heard. Sound travels a long way here. The dogs though are somewhat confined to whatever property they are defending. Fences don't do much to retain cats, and I wouldn't have one in-house only. Besides, my agreement here is no pets.
Nothing says I can't have a wild animal association. Making a house captive of it, or anything, is not my desire.

We saw a bobcat just down the dirt road that leads out of the hood on our way to cure the ills of the world by playing the Saturday benefit. I'm hoping it will cruise around my place and become my pal. I doubt I would ever try to pet it or pick it up, but I am not beyond talking to it. Maybe we can make a deal and it will play guard dog, shredding any intruders and keeping rabbits out of the neighbor's garden.

I don't know if it was male or female so a name would need to be neutral. You can never go wrong with Sparky. Calling it Bob would be too cliche.
Maybe I can bring it to me with the didgeridoo.

Movies That Make Me Cry

It could be that you have to experience some things in order to understand. Even if you only live a very small insignificant version of the experience with which you have deep empathy.

The first movie that ever made me cry was not Bambi--I never saw it. I'm pretty sure no one else in the theater had the same reaction. My first crying movie was Tucker.

I just watched a movie about the Wright Brothers and had a similar reaction. It was an interesting flick, and claimed to be true, not just based on true. They admitted to some license with a few characters but not the story.

Anyway what was pretty cool was that they actually found themselves in a race with a government funded project to do the same thing. They were up against people with impressive credentials and reputation. It did my heart good to see that they did it on their own without the grant.

Even back in 1900, graft, corruption and politics was killing spirits and thwarting reasonable advances. Watching it happen in the present but on a larger scale is somewhat nauseating. When I look at those speech impaired pompous twits pretend to know all about everything from auto design to climate control, I can not comprehend the gullibility of the public, or else the stupidity, but most likely jealousy and meanness. The latter accounts for the fact that we accept having a tyrannical agency like the IRS, and the general hatred and villainization of individuals who invent great things or build profitable businesses.

The biggest hurdle in bringing an idea to fruition is government and thieves. That's redundant. It takes so much effort and trial and error just to get a thing right, but that is nothing compared to battling the Tribe.

Now we are faced with a Cap and Raid bill which is guaranteed to help kill real innovation in true energy independence and screw with every average or below average income person in this land. You cannot raise the cost of everything and have it otherwise. Besides all the green mandates and initiatives from government are merely the dictates of GE and others who profit from bogus science and promotion of things they make. The bogus science leads to insisting on wind mills, for example, and GE makes the turbines, so forget any better designs finding an easy market. Locked out. That is just one example.

I was told that to do wind there is some law mandating a back up of natural gas. It provides a guaranteed market for oil companies who find they want to sell off the by product of their oil wells. On and on. Dimwits think penalizing them is the thing. The thing is to just let people live and tinker in peace.

Is it illegal, even now, to build your own still? Probably. I recall Ohio or some state coming down on a guy who produced his own fuel. They wanted to tax him under some fuel tax law.

If I believed legal means and writing and all that would do any good I'd be on it. This place is so far gone I think any effort you make just paints a target on you and there is no more due process. Just wait until some huge disaster, man made or natural, then there's a shot. In the mean time, I guess I'll just cry at inventor movies and find ways to enjoy life and avoid the insanity of the collective.

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