Sunday, December 30, 2012

Everything is a Cult

Instead of to the usual Saturday gathering I chose to go to Poway for various reasons.  That should be no issue, or so one would think.

This resulted in phone messages, and online harassment.  Mild harassment, I should add.  Nothing which might require a high powered legal team, and bending laws in a Supreme Court decision.

Even so, it is creepy when you can feel the flack because you didn't remain in lockstep with a clique.  It is like what happens when a Black politician is not on board with the Sharpton/Jackson line of thinking. They suddenly become "cornball brothers" or worse.  Not "Black enough".

The message?  Do not buck the cult.  Any deviation from cult mores and rules constitutes a horrible crime.

We have plenty of cultish insanity sweeping the country and the world in various forms.  And the rules of engagement tend to be whatever serves the perverse pleasure of the group.

For example, the increasingly popular union tactic of demonstrating in front of people's homes.  It is clear harassment, not legitimate exercise of free speech.  Oh well, ends justifies the means, and in true union/cult fashion, the terrorist defines himself as victim, thereby excusing all crimes he commits in destroying his enemy.

Not sure how the paper which publishes the names and addresses of conceal carry people, or those who otherwise register weapons, justifies its actions.  It is a bit of a stretch to blame the fools* who register their guns for murders they did not commit.   Very few crimes of that nature are committed by registered, legal gun carriers.  Very few.  So harassing them is an odd choice of reactions.

But the victim thing kicks in when the crusade gets rolling and facts are ignored except when they are convenient.  There are those who find extreme happiness in causes which have little to do with solving a particular problem.  They enjoy naming enemies and having a focus for their hatred and tears.  Truly a mental illness.

That seems to be the case of the newspaper.   Although I totally understand the emotion behind those retaliating by publishing the addresses and such of the news reporters and editors, I can't condone it.

Wars waged through the abuse of personal privacy cannot end well.   I don't care what your numbers are or if you think you are the 99.99999999 to infinity percent, that bit of harassing families and residences is wrong and I would support the home owner in chasing you off with firehoses or shotguns.

So, I detect this weak form of human behavior and thought leaking into realms of life I once considered safe.  That which is not the business of others too often is considered information  to which they are entitled.  They think they have right to know, when I think not.

And I do see it as a kind of cultish by-product.  The only reason such aberrant behavior has power and acceptance is due to the hold of the cult.  The cult uses peer pressure and/or mob action.  Few people will stand up to that because they either cannot think for themselves or they crave acceptance on any basis more than they care to live by a code of values.

This year I plan to make more waves, more enemies, and throw up the finger when appropriate with much less hesitation.

*I said fools only because it is increasingly clear that registering guns and being all legal and on the government's approved list sets one up for easy targeting should mandatory buy-backs or confiscation of guns occur.   I suppose you have to trust someone in life, but I think finding someone with a better track record than the current authorities would be desirable.

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