Saturday, March 30, 2013

Harmonica Review; follow up

Now I can better guide anyone considering getting a decent harp.   If you play real hard and aren't much of an overblow player, then maybe the Suzuki M-20 Manji is not you.

HOWEVER, if you want a really responsive instrument with a wide dynamic range, M-20 is for you.  I had to become accustomed to the trade off when things are set for over bends and easy response.  You have to play gently, but you can go faster, and control over note bends, and intensity is a real treat.  It does not deny one the expression of passion.

It is possible that I will slowly switch over.  Though I guess I'd stick with Lee Oskar minor keys.  Don't know if Maji makes them.  Anyway, the durability test remains to be conducted.  I should say, it is in process.  Let's hope I can give a good report in several months.  A sensitive harp should last longer if the player learns the trick of playing hard while using very little force on the reeds.

Many advantages.  Better dynamic range. Faster, more control over pitch, shape and volume.

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