Saturday, June 11, 2011

heading out

Tomorrow, Sunday, I hit the road.

The jam was good but best part is not recorded--par for course with these things.

I was stunned the old band went to such trouble to set up and play with me. G1 brought in an amp for me to play through that is best thing ever. I didn't use a delay or anything, and had real control over tone--from clean and sweet to down and dirty. Very full rich sound. An old vintage fender bassman head into a mesa boogie speaker cab with 1-12" speaker. Used audix fireball mic---very clean harp mic; can also be used for vocal.

It has been so long since I played this style and plugged in, I found myself doing things differently then I recall doing them in the past. I think I improved. That appeared to be the consensus. Drummer and bass expressed the wish that I'd stick around.

It was as much fun as I could have expected but was too short a session. G1 had to hit the road. He's got a complicated life at the moment. I know why he had to cut out, but the reason given was a smokescreen. Nothing personal toward me. I couldn't take that much tension and drama. At any rate, it was worth doing.

I'll see if part I got on video is worth sharing. Due to cam location I think all you hear is harp, and that wasn't the real mix in the room.

So, my Mesa Boogie Blue Angel is for sale because I will by G1's bassman with the money. He won't let go of the Mesa speaker cab though, s I need that. A good box with 2 10" would also work well I think.

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