Thursday, October 13, 2011

In A Vacuum

That's OK 'cause you'll be sorry.

I miss the critic's misguided insights dammit. Maybe I complain too much.

Every once in awhile I realize how spoiled I must be-=-living in the spectacular western USA in an area where you can survive with only a fan and a space heater. The mountains and the ocean are close enough to go and come back in one day. The west, in general is just a different animal.

Despite the fact that too many people in CA are absolutely nuts, and would regulate whether you leave the toilet seat down or not if they could, something about "out west" has a different feel about it. As different as this is from Colorado, it still has a kindred aspect to it. No question, I find parts of Colorado to be beyond amazing. But, it does a body good to know the ocean is nearby.

Too bad it isn't the Atlantic. The east coast beach swimming conditions are far better but CA has many many miles of really good beach. If only this climate change thing would make the gulf stream run over here and swap the Atlantic and Pacific. And send these crazy monarchists and fans of totalitarianism back east as well. Leave the good looking wimmins here as long as they aren't trying to outlaw eating fish or bears or something.

You have to license your stupid dog every year here. Just like your car, they send you a bill to renew. I'm sure someone who loves regulation will explain why that is for the greater good, but I am not one who buys it. Even if the dog is not stupid you pay. Most of the time these supposed protections for the community are worse than the problem they claim to address.

Seems that little outburst of mine at the neighborhood craft fair/bake off/musical event made an interesting impression on some people. I suppose that is good.

At least more people now wave as they drive up or down the hill past me in their reckless abandon way. And from G2's wife who is all into ballistic mountain gossip, I understand I am a topic of discussion in some circles. I feel so important. I'm almost famous on Ballistic Mountain. Our group, Copper Creek is the celebrity band of Gaskill Peak.

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