Thursday, April 30, 2009

Can You get flu from the news?

After hearing all the talk, now I am sneezing and I think developing a sore throat. I ache a lot anyway so who knows if I have the muscle aches. I am pretty sure I caught it from the radio. I think Obama gave it to me when he was giving his course on basic health etiquette. Then the news lady on TV spit on me.

I'm not giving them the satisfaction of reporting it. This would be one of those "maybe" cases.

It could be that Joe Biden put the final hex on things. After hearing Gibbs explain what Joe was thinking when he was saying something else, who knows what's what. I am sure it is all a conspiracy. The real object of all this is to replace the White House Press Secretary.

After that lame attempt to spin Biden out of hot water with the travel industry, I believe they are searching for the only man who should have that job in this administration; the ex Iraqi Minister of Information. He's perfect for this job.

Remember when he was talking about roasting our stomachs as troops were overrunning Baghdad? He kept saying we were miles away getting a taste of Saddam's wrath. One or 2 D's there? No matter, he is no longer. The Info guy had so many classic lines they made coffee mugs and T-shirts with selected quotes.

Really, Gibbs makes Bush sound rather coherent and articulate. Perhaps to complement the fact that they are outdoing the insanity of Bush, they put Gibbs up to outdo the embarrassing articulatory of W, as well.

Not sure what happened to the popular Iraqi spinmeister, but it is time to bring him on board. let him roast some press corps stomachs.

I'm pretty sure the flu thing is a trick to get him in and Gibbs out. They are spreading the disease through power of suggestion. They don't care. To them, "you have to break some eggs..." The common good and change always require some eggs get broken. Any student of the greater good will tell you that.

If I am going to feel like a broken egg, at least I could have the hero of Baghdad telling me what Biden meant to say or what Obama meant not to say.

Things I notice But Don't usually mention

Since I've been out here, I have noticed an abundance of flowers. I can't identify most flowers so I won't give that rundown. Plenty of them and mostly in electric colors, yellow hot pink, glowing red and purple, etc. Now I see why I don't mention these things.

I see more hummingbirds in a week than I've seen in my entire life up to arriving here. I've seen them close enough to touch if I had quick enough hands, and the will to disrupt an innocent hummingbird's day.

There is an extraordinary abundance of good looking women, mostly wearing rocks on their fingers befitting their whatever. I noticed anyway. I'm just pointing these things out so people don't think I have no sense of the general aesthetic of the hood.

I've seen more pick up trucks than I recall seeing anywhere, even in pickup land south of years ago. That's outside the heart of the city, mostly.

Overall I've seen more politeness than I'm used to, even among the meanest looking people. Not always when they are driving though. Pick ups are the main offenders as are BMW's, on the road. There seem to be more Lexus and Mercedes than BMW. I approve of that. Toyota is king overall.

It is far more difficult to predict rain here than anywhere, even when the sky is dark and the air feels misty. It only pretends like it is going to rain most of the time.

I have also noticed things that I'm leaving out because I'll end up moping. Moping is forbidden until after rehab in Florida.

What they don't know is that I have more crazy teak adventures lined up for when I return. I'm not doing any cold turkey teak quit for good. I'll just learn how to deal with it in moderation.

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