Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Adios, Hugo, Guess You had to Go

What concerns me most about the tragic death of a dictator is the impact it will have on his pal and protege, Sean Penn.   Venezuelans must possess more patience than I when it comes to certain things.

yes, the campaigning is fun and we can feel important and better than all the little people we protect

I can't imagine some actor or celebrity from another country riding around with a candidate for president and that not having backlash.  I have a hard enough time when the president of Mexico advises us about how to treat people running from his country.  Not to mention his immigration laws are far more draconian than ours.

I don't know.  Even if I were rich and famous I'd find it more than a bit arrogant to insert myself into another country's political life.  But then, I doubt I'd be a real fan autocrats in any case.

...and then Fidel says, "If that's not a Revolution-sanctioned golf ball, then you get a hole in one; En su cabeza!! boom".  hahahahahaha

This must be the worst day for Sean since they shot Che.

The moral of the story is: even otherwise intelligent people can be complete idiots.   Celebrities, by nature, want to be liked, so many of them come off like parrots playing the role that wins peer approval.   There's a snowball effect.   Sean, though, really seems to believe ruthless theft or murder, for an, allegedly, ultimately benevolent cause is OK.

He always manages to hang with the more equal people when he visits these wonderful egalitarian dictators.

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