Wednesday, June 1, 2011

coast to coast

My connection is off and on it is not the best environment for a computer.

I'm in Frisco, in the Outer Banks of NC, heading down to the ferry to Ocracoke in a bit.

Nice ocean out here. I always liked this general area but have never been so far down the banks. It is still my favorite beach I think.

Too slow on upload to fool with pics at the moment. Not that you care, but I like to put them up anyway.

The stars were quite visible and vivid last night. Good navigation aid. I located the north star just in case life gets confusing. For the first time ever I tried the small unused tent. It set up quick and works OK. Made in China where they tend to make marginally functional zippers and design the rain fly for only a drizzle. It didn't rain.

If I find a place I like further south I will set up larger digs and hang a few days. Or I may come back up to this spot. Definitely a good area for sunscreen and mosquito sticks.

Short review: the mosquito sticks from Walmart work well out here.

The Tour mobile is serving well and I am quite grateful to it and for it.

the end

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