Sunday, February 28, 2016

Statists and Stoopitts; a tale of two parties

Hillary and Bernie compete for guilty middle class, angry minorities,  voters who see conditions of birth, such as ethnicity or gender, as virtues.   They both pander.  It is more obvious with Hillary, but Bernie is not a professional politician for nothing.

I have not paid super close attention.  I get my info from stories her and there, but not from the barrage of coverage that some might see.

To the credit of Bernie and Hillary, if my impressions are correct, they haven't been vicious toward one another.  That is very smart, because the republicans are tearing one another to shreds, so whoever gets the nomination already has the dirty reputation and the ammo for quick soundbite impressions.

The republicans are doing the job of their opponents.  They are exposing one another for hypocrisy and insanity.  That is a very dumb strategy.  And it is not Trump's fault. Rubio and Cruz are doing it and have been.  Others have joined in as well.

It is just odd.  It is highly detrimental to the long term goal, assuming they want to win.  Maybe they don't.  That would certainly explain it.

Anyway, Hillary scares me a bit, like a female Doctor Strangelove in some way.   Her squawky. rouse-the-crowd voice that she goes into like an unpleasant crescendo is to her what Strangelove's rogue hand was to him; the hand that would try to choke him.  It had a mind of its own, like her voice.

The republican attacks on one another are making Hil and Bern look sane and smart.  Even on a moral high ground. Really, it takes effort to make Hillary Clinton look like the candidate of integrity. But, as usual, republicans go out of their way to let us know our choices are mostly cosmetic when it comes to national politics.

I'd like to see the two curmudgeons get nominated.  Bernie and Donald.  A festival of New York insults.  Bernie is originally from somewhere in or near New York City.   I see little policy difference with Hillary, domestically.  But I think he's less of a hawk.

A Bernie vs Trump situation casts out a significant number of regular players who are used to being the stars, and in control.  By appearances it would seem than they are not part of the status quo in the realm of wielded power.   Whether appearances mirror reality or disguise it, remains to be seen.

I do not encourage anyone to vote, unless inclined to vote my way.  Why would I?  If no one voted, that could be disturbing.  It could be a sign of revolt rather than apathy.  I won't argue it now, but states which mandate voting are forcing people to legitimize a potentially corrupt political process.  They can claim a mandate even though people thought they were less lethal than their opponent, by some small margin., not that they thought them actually desirable or any thing other than the lesser of negative choices.

Please don't be Hillary vs Trump.  That could be painful and embarrassing.  I do not want to see that cage match.  It would be far too ugly to enjoy.    Best pairing would be Clinton vs Rubio or Sanders vs Trump.    That just seems fair.   And there is enough difference in what they say to give you hope.
At least it can look like separate interests.

I am so glad I only caught bits and pieces of the actual interactions between candidates.  Nice when you do not have to play the video because you can read the text for the story.  Minimizes exposure to toxic wastrels.

I do not like our march toward a soft (to be kind) totalitarianism. However, I no longer think that if a particular person is elected president that we will all go to hell in a hand basket.    While I certainly am not one who has "faith in the American people to do the right thing",   I do not believe disaster is inevitable.   And is probably not quite as imminent as it appears.

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