Sunday, January 23, 2011

Movie Lessons part 1: Twilight series

There is much to be learned from these movies.
One thing that should be stressed above all else: do not let your daughter date a vampire or werewolf it at all possible.
The trouble it will save her and the entire town is huge.

This series shows what happens when a dad is a cop and just wants his girl to like him. She runs amok with the undead; becomes a slutty tease specializing in shapeshifters and blood suckers, then plays victim when life gets strange.

I won't explain how or why I came to watch these flicks, but I will say the main girl character is any conscientious father's nightmare; any boyfriend's nightmare. Irresponsible, fickle, too stupid to follow instructions, nuts.

I rarely suggest people move to Jacksonville, Florida, but this chick seems to have that option and should take it. It would be a big favor to the Northwest.

It is hard to believe the cop-dad hasn't sensed something odd about her boyfriend, who has the complexion of a mime in full mime face.

The one cool thing about Bella, the crazy chick, is her truck. She has a cool older model truck. I don't even remember the make now because I was so busy yelling at her throughout the movie, or two.

So, if your daughter is nuts and hangs out with a guy whose face is white like mime paint, take action. If she hangs with the wolf people only, consider yourself lucky.

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