Monday, April 27, 2015

You'll Know It Was Me

More properly, you'll know it was I.

I will be the one who beats up a local internist for being a smarmy, arrogant, chicken shit, spineless creep.  I got tired of calling him, explaining the pain would have landed me in the emergency room had anyone been here to drive, and having him act like it was all a lie.  "Well we didn't see anything that would cause blablabla.

The problem became a problem immediately following having a camera shoved down my throat.  Fair enough, but don't tell me, "There's no way that could have caused anything."  I am not the suing type.  However, depending upon how this goes, I may consider suing Dr Flores--Sergio---for being an arrogant ass.

He called me up angry because I had his office send records to an ear nose throat guy.  He originally wanted to put it to ENT.  At that time most pain was lower.  Now it is there too.  Got laryngitis and the pain stopped.  Got well from that and had steady pain for over 24 hours.  Some hours worse than others.  I took every boot leg pain killer, valium and muscle relaxer certain friends had in the cabinet.

That was the only way through it and to sleep.  I woke up better.  It has happened a few times before. Like every several days.

The medical world has gone to hell, and is going to go more to hell.  Centralized bureaucracy is evil.  Doesn't matter if it is insurance companies or government.  And being able to sue those who make honest effort is not good.  Someone like Flores, sue his arrogant ignorant ass.  He is smart enough to have the job, but too damned ignorant to know he cannot possible know better than I do how I feel, and what I feel.  He just wanted to avoid all responsibility.  Had no desire whatsoever to solve the problem.

So, how can I believe a guy like that will catch what needs catching from the camera images or video?

I told them all time and time again that the whole trouble centered between that dent where you do a tracheotomy and the diaphragm.

When you have nothing to lose, you do wonder what will stop you from punching a bastard like Dr Flores when he shows his face, or what will stop me from just trashing their bureaucratic wildness and nonsense.  At Scripps you go to all these desks then to the doctor then back to the desks. Then who knows.

If these mofos kill me out of being lily livered ****** etc. , then I plan on beating up a couple on my 3way out.  Would take them out because who wants to see them on the other side?  I'd just punch them in the nose, or maybe sucker punch to the gut.

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