Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Systematizing for Dummies

Another case of false advertising.  I cannot tell dummies how to get it right because I, myself, am a dummy who has great difficulty in organizing the most mundane and basic aspects of my life.

Fortunately, past experience has proven that, in certain business or product development contexts, I am capable of effective organization.  That goes only so far, though.  Modern times have seen my personal life become so disorganized that I hardly know where to start.

My observations of people who have made money and thrive in general, whether earning a living through their own business or by climbing the ladder at work, reveal that these people get there by not adopting an attitude that casts them in the role of victim.  They may have obstacles, but they adapt and overcome, or circumvent such road blocks.  The ones that thrive most, as far as I can tell, seem to have built a family or good relationship.  Everyone has their ups and downs, but some manage more ups.

It is easy to look at the political world and the massive universe of governments and see the idiocy, dishonesty and dangers.  However, I realize that, although I may be right in my assessments, I should prove that I can manage the small dictatorship of John0land rather than focus on that which is beyond my control.

Knowing that the universe or God or luck of the draw has favored me in many ways, and allowed me to be unusually lucky many times, when it mattered most, I can muster no good excuse for not thriving. I've thought of blaming my parents or George Bush, or even Obama and Harry Reid.   My parents are long gone and weren't really so bad.  In adulthood, it is best to realize that they did what they knew and I know at least one of them had her heart in the right place.

It won't do any good to blame Bush or Obama, although this healthcare mandate may create hardship and some dealing with government enterprise which I find quite abhorrent.  Cross that bridge when I get there.

First order of business; tackle the shovel ready jobs here in my world to organize my personal nation's infra structure.  Then we work on our version of sustainable revenue sources.  See?  I even include trendy buzz words.

It is important that I don't criticize myself for being lazy, negligent, and incompetent as I've recently learned those are code words for racist bigotry.  Wouldn't want to be making racist slurs against myself. Neither would I want to criticize myself for just being another white guy.  I see nothing wrong with that.

What is wrong is that I have mismanaged the revenue and resources at my disposal.  I'm pretty sure that being a white male has absolutely nothing to do with my choices which resulted in the present state of affairs.

The other reason for ignoring what They do is that I believe the era of runaway governmental insanity is upon us and what can I do about it if I can't run my own affairs any better than this?

So, here are some of the premises under which I hope to act.
1. It is possible to attain reasonable goals.
2. It does not matter if other things pose stumbling blocks.  Others have overcome greater obstacles.
3. It is possible to thrive.
4. My degree of contentment and happiness is pretty much up to me.

Lots of people look at me and think they would do better in my circumstances.  I think they may be right, but I am here, and they aren't.  I often think they could do things differently, too, but I am not so sure, in many cases, that I would manage better in their shoes.  I just know it can be done, and I assume they are better at doing that stuff than I am.

I do realize how fortunate I am.  I just don't want to let it all erode away before I take control and ensure sustainability.  There's that word again.  When government people use it, it is code for "rob Peter to pay Paul", and for corrupt cronyism.  My personal world has little room for that.

****all photos lifted from others.  I didn't keep track.  Both are from storm Sandy aftermath.  The kid is in NY somewhere directing traffic as measures are taken to get 'er done.  Pretty cool for a 12 year old.

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