Sunday, November 27, 2016

No Twitter Twitting, Please

The worst thing in the evolution of politics in this country is the use of twitter.  I hated it even before Trump, and now I dislike it more.  He is always responding two seconds after whatever it is.  There is a point that you just go about your business and let the wrong battles drop.  Pick worthy things.

I cringe every time I see a story about any politician and what they say or others say about them on friggin twitter.  The old term "twit", which was used to denote twits, was there for a reason.
Case closed.

Move Over, Che

There's a new Spanish speaking dead guy in town, Fidel.  Let's get the T shirt presses ready.  Fidel on one side and Che on the other, or a pic of them golfing or fishing together.

Unbelievable.  Predictable though.  We have people in Congress who have actually praised China for having their act together domestically.

So here's the picture at the top of Reuters article.  They should be forgiven. Enough decades of misinformation and what becomes accepted as true replaces fact.

People are nuts.  But the real pictures should be of Calle Ocho in Miami.

They don't know that you need to be breaking windows and burning cop cars to show you really mean it.   

I am in disbelief of CNN's Cuban in Cuba coverage.  Unbelievable.  Really.  But it is a total waste of time to discuss it.  There are all these lockstep progressive/democrat positions, and some are based on totally false premises, and some are just nonsense.  

To pretend that Castro is a good guy one has to do it by saying Mao and Stalin, and some other communist dictators caused more deaths, therefore he was a heck of a guy.   Another thing that somehow got blurred was that the USA prevented Cubans from organizing to take the place back.  US never intended to succeed at taking him out or the would have.  

We actually aided him before he became him. 

This could work out, or it could mean absolutely nothing.

If I Ever

If I ever get out of this mess, which I now think is what they call hoarding, even though I don't quite get the term, I may start a business, or just a one man secret service, to help others like me get past it. I have searched the help avenues online.  I even called one, but her website was misleading.  Unless you have a huge estate or the like, you'll pay thousands extra.  She's Orange county and north mostly.

The majority of stuff is for the archetypical very old person in one of those old fashioned wicker backed wheel chairs, wearing a smoking jacket or ornate robe, blanket over knees, etc.  At least, so it seems.

I just want someone to do the work.  Every time I start I get so intensely sad and full of remorse and regret for where I am that I can't even move.  The only reason I don't just quit altogether is I feel so bad for leaving any work for others.  This is wrong and sick.

That is the truth of it.  And it is not that much.  I have no friends who have time to fool with it.  My friends on Pt Loma did help about five years ago.  Little progress has been made since and we have travelled backwards.  A sea of mail, unopened.  Government junk.  Insurance.  Who knows?

This is un fettered depression I think.  Psychosis of some type I bet.  That is simply unacceptable. I need a really good girlfriend or wife, but that is impossible until I fix my hide so it is once again a dwelling.  No one in the world want to be around me and come help me as I go through withdrawal from years of neglect and hiding.

I have never really cured this issue.  Not for most of my life.  The sadness part, not necessarily the other but that too.  I believe I get why, but I just have to get past it.  Life growing up should not ruin everything forever and do it so sneakily that youy don't even get what you've done-or not done-until too late.

This is a case of pure will.  More than anything, even stopping drinking.  This is dealing with another symptom of the same fear of reality and confusion that cause the drinking.  My own lack of certitude.  I had no desire to even drink.  I did it because that was who I ran with and running with them was a ticket out of the house.   That dynamic is totally bizarre and too sad to even relive this minute.   I do not think anyone knew how terribly sad I was, now that I look at it.  It may not have been obvious.  It was to me, but I just figured rejecting anything I thought about how things worked was the ticket.  Drink, be fickle, lose all feeling, be numb and forget all you think is good.  Just be unconscious.

Boy they just hit the tip of the iceberg in Miami with all the studies and psychological workups and counseling in the years after I stopped drinking.  I was stopped about four years before they got really into it.   Eventually I quit them.  Wrong again.  They wanted to make the state pay for me to get a doctorate, in any field they said.  The one lady had a pretty good plan.  I would have had to finish up the bachelor but that would have been doable back then.

Got to wonder what I was thinking in that whole take the girl who didn't care and her daughter to NC and save them thing.   OK.  I know what I was thinking.  I do not know why I was ignoring reality.

When that exploded I never quite got a grip again.  Almost, then no.  It is a self destructive and stubborn pattern.  Totally unnecessary.  Truly the coward's way out I guess.  But don't ever think being a coward is a picnic.  I will try to be the courageous one from now on.  I thought I was as a child and that is likely true.

How far into giving up I am is shocking.  That is what makes reversing the momentum a real bitch if you will excuse my lingo.  I do not tend to call people such names so the rude factor is minimal.

Saturday, November 26, 2016

To Monarchists Trapped In This Republic

The whole First Lady routine is a made up PR scheme, and tends to be fueled by the legions of citizens who seem somehow enamored with pretending we live in some royal realm.   First Spouse.

No one voted for the spouse.  So why is it that they do things which involve tax money and government resources?  That should be nixed.  

What else should be nixed is the ability to attach irrelevant but significant ryders onto bills.  That is how sneaky deals get through.  That is why every bill reads "For blablabla, and other purposes".   No no no.   How did we ever come to accept letting these people more or less write themselves a blank check to barter cronyism, blackmail, whatever, with every bill.

A bill titled "To Save the Children" might end up with an add on to kill cats.  Titles of bills mean nothing.  Often they are misleading.

Anyway, the only reason to play the spouse vs spouse game is if you somehow equate them as the royal family.

I have always thought the thing of first souses having a cause and wasting taxes on it was ridiculous.  It is a holdover from the old days of feudal lords and such.  In that sort of monarchy the whole family gets to impose their will upon the people who pay for all of it and them.

In America we should be spared the oversight and unsolicited efforts of that part of the family which was not elected.   I don't care who it is.  Butt out.  Go Away.  Even if I agree with your policy or cause, no.  You get out.  To do less would make you an interloper who does not respect this system for running a country.  Which is foolish.  Done as written, it can be very good.

Anyway.  Michelle's designer won't dress Melania.  For political reasons, clearly.  Apparently no one actually asked her.  She just jumped out for some free pub.  I say let them eat cake, if you get the parallel.

Mansplaining? I can't keep up

So, contrary to my vow to quick even hitting the like button on facebook, I commented.   Really, I hate generalities.  Especially the ones that pretend all men are one thing and all women another.  They are false.  They are BS, and they are designed, apparently, so dimwits can find their place and no how to act.

This one was a link about a study that shows how men hate smart women.  It begins with the phrase, "thanks patriarchy".  And goes from there.  No bias at all here.

The assertion was that men fear smart women more than anything.  I called it BS and went on to say that such generalities are only designed to divide and cause conflict and that only the instigators benefit from such things.

I was mocked for my mansplaining.   I had also indicated that the axiom that women always go for the bad boys, ie jerks, was about as valid a claim.   I was told that she had to smirk at my mansplaining and some other insulting garbage that made me think she did not get my reply.

Then I realized that if I engaged any further, my "privilege" would be the next thing drawn into question.

The insanity going on is really troubling.  I am glad I will probably be dead before these people totally get their way.  But I see that even if they don't they will destroy things and raise hell until things are so screwed up no one will get what they think they want.  

It is unbelievable where progressives will go to further their cause of complete and utter annihilation of personal identity, the nature of humans, and freedom of thought.  The vitriol whenever a story or study designed to create divisiveness is questioned.  As soon as you question it you are sexist, or racist, or privileged or a MISTER MAN!

The only thing OK for a man to do or think as far as these people go is to totally express hatred of your own kind and to pander using all the right buzzwords and phrases.  I have not seen a narrower mindset since the hippy days.  They were hateful greedy bastards pretending to prach love and tolerance.  Very few of the most hip were tolerant or even honest.  Just out to get the chicks--dumb ones apparently--and the drugs and be cool.  Philosophy?

The hippy philosophy was mostly spouted by parrots who had no clue what any of it meant.   I hate them more for being disingenuous than for their alleged philosophy.  I don't like the draft or war either.   They were the most useful of idiots and have no idea that this is so.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

What Does This Mean?

Every time I think about writing letters to a few different people who mean a lot to me, I always begin with "I'm sorry...".  Then I put it out of my mind and never write the letter.  I may be sorry but I doubt I could have changed it, given the hill I stumbled down.  That's a metaphor for my childhood experience.  Like falling down a very rocky hill.  Not enough to kill you, just keep you ever disoriented.

Something is wrong if every letter you have thought of writing for awhile began in your mind with the words, "I'm sorry.".


And Another Thing

Mr. Schmizer, who may have been republican, was my 12th grade physics teacher.  I got A's on all tests, but because I was not Jewish, he and much of the class were sure I was somehow cheating, even though I could always answer any oral question.

I did hate homework but I liked the material and wanted a suitable grade.  Mostly I ignored grades so mine were all over the map.  But I wanted the A in that class.  Partly because I so richly deserved it for once and had made a shred of effort to be sure I understood the information given.

Anyway, another jewel in the public school crown, Mr. spit spit Schmizer.  His way to prevent me from getting an A was to give me a D as an "attitude grade" and count it as much as a test.  He claimed I talked but that wasn't true, the haters of non-Jews around me weren't people I was talking to.  They made their own noise.  He then decided I got the grade because I did not come to help sessions after school the day before the test.

I worked. The slave labor spear gun factory.  Satan's little tool of torture in the Ballistictour household.  That and the draft.  Geez.  Besides, if I am acing the tests, and I mean generally with 100% unless Schmizo could invent deductions of a point or two here and there, why would I need a help session?

Why would I go into a hotbed of people who just assumed I was stupid because of my riffraff friends and because I wasn't an Israelite?    They were so sure I was trouble.  But they got mad when I would play "hide the other guy's band candy", but instead returned it to its proper owner.  Then that guy was sure I took it to begin with, despite evidence to the contrary.  After all I was a dumbass, who wasn't part of the Jewish click.  Only Kenny Marx.  We skipped school and rode around Coral gables and Key Biscayne quite often.   I had actually defended some of them against bullies in grade school.  Most people I defended never reciprocated when it would have been nice.

So another public school success story.  And they possibly wonder why I want to write obscenities in response to memes on Facebook which tout the undying selflessness and dedication of teachers.

By teachers they mean those with that official title, not necessarily people who help you in furthering your knowledge and skills.

I'd Give A Lot

Right now I would sign over half of what I own to anyone who could straighten out this mess and get me up to date in the world of officialdom.  The place would have to be really good and squeaky clean, streamlined and organized.
By it would be a very good pay day.
Any takers?  I may tend to negotiate down but we are talking some good money.  Like taking cigarette butts from a junkie.  Or something.  Hey, I don't smoke.  Still.  That is helpful, but no guarantee I won't kick the bucket before I get all straight and right.  So, I am betting God wants you to fix this mess and help me not implode for a final time.
lots of love )LOL

What if I Am Wrong?

Everything, almost, in my life has been done wrong.  What if all my views are really nonsense and I can't see it?  That would be bad.  I hope I start doing things right.  Then I won't care if the other stuff is right or wrong because I will have other things occupying my mind and that will be much better.
OK.   Happy Holidays.  I really would like to hide now.

The Secret Points of Importance

In all the nonsense I see online about the Electoral College and other matters dealing with politics and The Election there seems to be a real dearth of insight when it comes to these very important elements to consider.

Concepts to ponder: republic. tyranny of majority. what is an intrinsic-to-being-human-right? God given right, if you will. Lack of grasp of this explains why so many continually seek solace from the very monster which promotes so many woes.

Democrats can't afford for the word "right" to be defined properly. In pandering for votes, they try to convince people that it is their right to judge and control how others spend their earnings. That's democracy. Actually, with no qualifiers, it is.

I don't really know what republicans think. I really have always disliked the democratic party. I think Mr. Bobo was a democrat, and I know my civics teacher was. What a creep. He asked for discussion about a progressive income tax, for or against, pro and con. I was against but very articulate in my reasoning. He then did the typical democrat thing and tried to bully this 14 year old kid, in his class. Coward.  

He tried making fun of me to get the class in on the ridicule. It didn't work. I had friends back then and girls liked me. He really pushed it. I got kicked out for the rest of the hour. Even back then democrats used ridicule and abuse to battle logic and true diversity; diversity of thought. They hate it. And they've been assaulting the institutions of higher learning and public education for 100 years I'm guessing.

You can do very well in that system as long as you are of the right stuff. The right thinking.

Every time I think republicans might offer a good alternative they parade out these bizarre goof ball creeps like Mitch McConnell. He's a panderer and people know it. You may halfway agree with him bit when it really counts he is unreliable and tends to blow smoke. After seeing some of these characters I begin to realize why they call everyone else, "of color". Its like a friggin enclave of vampires. Some of those people really are transparent. I shouldn't be talking looks.

Republicans make me mad because they do such a poor job of being a good alternative to the democrats. Both parties will march us toward an eventual totalitarian state and world after that. That is what I think. They will both keep us in military conflicts overseas while restricting freedoms at home in response to "the growing threat".

Remember the outrage when people did not embrace president Obama. And remember how he went around with all these "Office of The President-elect of the United States of America". Lots of official looking seals. He was on it full tilt screwing with Bush until he was actually there. If weren't a fan you were racist. Now the same people say you are racist if you didn't like their recent candidate. Now they unload the misogyny word.

Anyone know the counterpart word? Do any of these misandrists know? Doubtful, yet their pictures are right there in the dictionary beside the word.

I'm thinking a good cause for this first lady would be to promote a healthy nudist lifestyle due to the vitamin D deficiency all across America. It is the vitamin D crisis. She can be the poster girl for this worthy effort.

And I have to say, I have a lot of questions about the pres-elect. I am kind of holding my breath, hoping nothing awful happens which would prevent his inauguration. That could be worse that whatever damage he plans to do. I do not actually find him more dangerous than Hillary, still. Or than most at that level of politics. In his case it is like a loose cannon on the grounds.  

In the other case it is a very tangled but strong web, (I would say "robust" but I have come to believe that is some sort of progressive code word, and I do not want to make contact) woven by crony capitalists, international bankers, and of course the people who make bullets and such. If you honestly
Just because. No real reason

think the entrenched Clintons, Schumers, and that ilk are driven by high ideals and not deals, you are someone to whom I would like to sell all the junk I own and the rainbow rights to Mt. Laguna.

By the way a natural right, God given right, does not include your right to forced labor or the property of another. None of that. Politicians often promote the result as the right, rather than the choice to pursue a thing as the right. You have a right to exercise. You do not have a right to be Mr Universe. You may or may not do that.

You have a right to seek shelter but not to demand it. Now people may choose to see to it that no one has to be out in they rain unless they want that. But it is not a natural right. Anything involving time and effort of another is not your automatic natural right.

Contracts of various types entitle one to whatever was promised but that is different. Defining things properly does not mean I think the fake rights lists from people like FDR or the UN are all awful things but they are not natural rights. I wish they were. I could demand the right to peace of mind and somehow finally have it.

I could demand the perfect mate because it is my right not to be a lonely loser. Why do my demands not get met?

It has been about a decade since I felt this bad and freaky inside. I shall once again overcome. I cannot dies until there is no mess and no hassle. And we ain't there yet. I suspect that when we are I will be loving life and be worth someone's time for the long haul. But right now I am not there yet.

Your Selective Anti-Racism is Racist

There was a highly edited clip of some guy talking at a conference to a group of people.  I had not paid any attention to this guy in the past.   Apparently he is all into the white this and that movement, although I think movement is an exaggeration.   I seriously doubt there are as many neo nazis and white supremacists as is implied lately.

Certainly not enough to elect a president.  But the democrats insist upon spinning the loss any number of ways, always avoiding the fact that the other people weren't voted for, the dems were voted against.  The smug, insulting culture they've developed, the INTOLERANCE of the democratic party and the tendency to bully.  Those are the reasons.

I know they would be outraged that I called them bullies.  But they are whenever they can get away with it.  You do not see the same violence on an every day basis from others.  Others hold a big event, or demonstration, they often even clean up after themselves.  A moveon or democratic demonstration will have property damage, animal abuse, Bullying, violence.

Not that those groups who clean up and don't be violent aren't off on lunacy too.  Wearing a three cornered hat does not make a political statement. Really.  During the revolutionary war, the British wore similar garb.  You just look silly wearing period clothes and pretending to be Ben Franklin.  He did it better. Just be your own crazy self.

Just how it is.  I know it is all couched under righteous indignation and any number of anger justifying excuses but the facts remain.

So the guy I just now heard, Richard Spencer, is a manipulator, apparently.  I am cautious about the video because it is so highly, and obviously edited.  It sounded racial, but there was no suggestion of violence toward others, etc.  It was hard to tell the point because the thing was chopped up to provide sound bites and footage of cheering people, some of whom did the outstretched arm, like the Hitler salute, or before that the original pledge of allegiance salute. (changed to hand over heart in the 1930's)

OK. So it is bad and on and on. They are using this guy as the face of the "alt right".  I am not sure of the term, but clearly the news uses it interchangeably with kkk and white nationalist/supremacist sorts of things.  I am thinking they are trying to cast others as racist who actually aren't by lumping them all in together.

That is like lumping democrats in with the alt left--those who want totalitarian communism and all that.  OK, many of us tend to think that is the logical end to the path democrats love, but it is still a stretch.   Republicans are not racists, they just tend to be there to make democrats mad enough to win some votes.  I have no idea what they want, honestly.  What I would have called the reasonable less government people is alt. right, before the media or someone hijacked the term.  So what to call myself or others like me, I don't know. Nothing left.

Anyway, this Spencer guy does not speak for me.  I don't think.  The video I saw only paints an impression, and I find it slightly suspect.  He could have been doing a parody but the context was so edited out, I would never know.  And I've seen some outright lies portrayed in video as truth, and done through clever editing. (See Michael Moore movies for many examples)

OK so racist, and let's blame Trump, who is obnoxious, perhaps, but racist is over the top.   I am islamophobic so I do not fault him or care if he is accused of that.  Many religions and cultures creep me out.  Islam is right up there on that list, along with many cultures of the world.  And I like different people and places, just not wacko goat buggering, women stoning lunatics.

OK. So there is outrage.  But the guy did not advocate violence.  Yet, to the left this is awful racism, yet when a Black Panther rants about hating "every iota of a cracker", and black muslims proclaim that all whites and white babies should be killed, they don't even take the rant off of Youtube, and we hear no outrage.  Some people are so stupid they claim that only whites can be racist. Impossible for blacks, etc.

La Raza, a racist group.  Black lives matter, racist and promoters of false information to create hatred. There are far more people wrapped up in other racist groups than white race groups.  Because whites are the least racist, per capita, of any other group in this country.

Maybe that was not always the way of things. It is now.  Or was.  People are doing their best to create racism and tribalism in every group.  Then you can pander to their emotions and control them better.

I'm saying that by denying the racism of la raza and every other race based conflict craving outfit, yet pretending the klan is riding through in legions and whites are all on some racism kick, you show how racist you are.  You think so little of non whites, those of color, not transparent, that you will not even hold them to the same standard when it comes to being haters.

Much of that racism is right out in the open and self hating whites try to pretend to take up their cause, which is oddly to free the world of you.  I may join them in that sentiment.

It is OK to violently assault some trump hat wearing character and it is not hate.  But please do not let the attackers be white and the vic an of color person. Now it is hate and gets notice.  Neither is a good thing.  It is the pretense and hypocrisy that annoys me.  Trying to have these double and triple standards is not good.  What do you think was racially wrong in the past?  If you can't guess, I will tell you--Double Standards!

The real elephant in the room is the gradual celebration among white people of misandry.  It has increased and become the norm, as long as the object of hate is white.   That is the flip side of the misogyny coin.  Male hate.  That enabled the manipulators of society to lump together women and minorities when seeking special treatment.  If you are a minority you can be either man or woman, it is not gender specific.  Throw in "and women" and it is clear what you mean is white women.  The others were already included.  Easier just to say white men need not apply.  And by today's double and triple standards, that is acceptable.

And you think Trump is racist?  I have no idea, but I do know that movements on campus for zones that exclude everyone "not of color" are highly racist. And they are bullies, crying about how white privilege triggers their angst.

I give up.
A world of lies, and I am thinking I will never just get my miserable life organized before I die, and everyone will hate me for being a loser who left a big mess.  So, what the hell do I care if people are stupid, and lie, and pretend to be thoughtful when they are creepy bullies, racists and morons?

Monday, November 21, 2016

People Know It Is Censorship, Right?

All the latest about fake news is sort of like a play within a play.  A rather transparent attempt to take over the job of arbiter of information.  A job that the individual often decides to do for him/herself.
Lack of universal pronouns which have the right flow and rhythm is one of the more really stupid manifestations of 21st century sensitivity and solidarinosc.

Anyway.  Quite often the established networks and cable channels have been known to edit stories in such a way as to create a fictitious picture.  Like the Trayvon deal.  Zimmerman is part black.  He was also not the one who brought up race in the 911 call.  But the question from 911 asking race was edited out of what they broadcast.  I wonder how much violence that helped provoke.

So, you think the government or some social platform providers or search engines should decide who is the news the people are allowed to see?  When people aren't pandered to in ways that result in purposeful idiocy they often double check things and figure it out for themselves.  Some people do not want other people determining what they see, read, write, etc.   They definitely do not want the government, those with the guns, insisting that they believe or don't believe anything.

But it looks like the fake news assault will be pushed full steam ahead.  It is clearly just more temper tantrums because they cannot face it that the "we know best" attitude is what so many voted against.  I think the Penguin could have run against that, with a platform of f''' you pandering dems who cannot quit trying to create wars between classes, races, sexes, other sort of sexes, ethnicities, etc.   I've heard it called identity politics.   It certainly has nothing to do with universal principles.

For someone to pretend that in matters of law, of government, that only someone of a certain race can represent them, is far too shallow to even comprehend a universal principle.  Or perhaps they have something personal gain by keeping the interpretation stupid and off base.

If they stop all news that is actually written using propaganda techniques so it basically not all true, then no news will get through. Not much, anyway.

There is clearly a concerted effort by some to censor others while pretending to be defenders of truth, justice, and the American way.  The fact that it is the new buzz phrase in progressiveland, is a little bit alarming.  That means the idiots are pushing for censorship.  But they are too self righteous and myopic to admit that is what it is.

It's like these damn people never quit.  They just keep trying to find new ways to screw with your life. It is amazing.


Sunday, November 20, 2016

Moving Forward. What?

Where are we going?  I have so many questions.  I have for many years.  Way back when Clinton was building the bridge to the 21st century.

I never have seen the bridge.  Not even on a map.   Just like I  have no sense of forward or reverse or travel of any sort which involves people who claim they are "moving us forward"(or words to that effect).

I'm not sure I am all for some things the forward people like.  I'm not comfortable with the prospect of a cashless society.  To me that is a totalitarian state which never had to fire a shot to enslave the population.  You get on the wrong side of anyone with influence and you can be shut down without a chance.
Forward!!! (notice they are moving to the left, but in some circles that would be to the right)

So, if that is what moving forward means, I prefer turning off ahead of time.  Change direction or don't go anywhere.  You are floating on a ball.  There is no up or down, and most of what you see beyond your planet happened before people are known to have even existed.  So throw out time.  We don't know squat about it, in reality.

Like I know reality.

I'm guessing Megyn Kelly will not be White House press secretary.  Too bad.

It is interesting how some people are more OK with the known corruption, lying, irresponsible compromising of military special ops people, etc. than they are the unknown, possibly loose cannon who bickers endlessly with people like Rosie O'D.  The main fallacy is all the talk of Trump being racist, and this and that.  It is phony talk.  He is like a ton of people from that general region.  They are crude and nuts.

But the racist bit is really a stretch.  I will buy loose cannon, likely lunatic, and blindly reactionary over trivia.  It is dangerous to stretch the truth.  We do not know the full truth,  but the fear inspiring nonsense is largely fiction.  It is hard to know where to start because people have gone so thrid world kind of French Revolution lately.  No possible way to do anything but keep your head down, so it seems.

I have no idea what is to come, but those who wanted moving forward actually got it.  No idea where we may be going but I know where we aren't going and that is wherever we used to be headed.  Get it? be headed; beheaded  hahahaha

Oh I forgot. PBUH

Saturday, November 19, 2016

War on Fake News; is this a joke?

So, the usual suspects, NBC, ABC, AP, CNN and innumerable other tools to deceive fools are now chirping along with other haters of freedom, i.e. progressives and other logically deprived activists have declared war on FAKE NEWS!!!  Oh no.  Will they be injecting one another with the triad of death penalty drugs, or strapping themselves into electric chairs, or what?

The idea that now poor Facebook and Google are agreeing that maybe they can DO Something! (that is the other battle cry of useful idiots and those who exploit them--we must do SOMETHING!!! [no matter how irrelevant or idiotic.  TSA, as we know it would not have prevented 911.  Homeland security is another abuse, excused by fear.  We were better off without it.

Like the war on drugs masked the war on personal sanctity.  Now we have more drugs and less personal autonomy and protections from governmental abuse.  As much as democrats love laws and government oversight, insight, and control of all, I would think they would have been in love with W for using the crisis to introduce homeland security in all its abusive 4th amendment obliterating splendor. Another tool against the citizenry in case they get frisky.

So now the whole fake news thing has come into its own as a very real threat to free expression.  To opposing views from what powers that be want to use in their never ending meddling into the lives of innocent people.

Many of the fake news things seemed made up by the opposite side from what the meme pretended to support.  If I can act like a total moron while touting Hillary, that hurts Hillary.  So that is what I do because I am not for her.  I play little trick.  It was obvious on both sides of the election hooplah--those who saw only Clinton or Donald as the choices---that there were instances of pretending to be your opponent in order to make them look bad.

The constant meme about Trump is nazi and bigot, etc. is not substantiated.  The fact that he can be boorish and petty at times is documented.  I dread any more feuds like with Rosie--as boorish and annoying as they get.  I am at least glad she is not president.

They do not consider it fake when a network edits quotes and interviews to make it seem like a person supports what they don't or gave an opinion they don't hold.   However if someone gives an opinion about them or their puppeteers, then it must be fake and has to be forbidden.

Don't be fooled.  These people are far more afraid of people becoming informed than being duped by hoax news.  These are the people who made duping the voter a vocation and artform many decades ago.

But because they make the easily pandered to think it is responsible to react to elections like third world banana republics, and OK top suspend respect decency etc., because VICTIM!, this effort will gain some mob support.  Just go poll the people stopping traffic, they'll give the thumbs up.  Violating rights is their forte.  Checking their premises or even knowing what that means, not so much.

Unbelievable.  There are simply tactics I abhor.  I see it on both sides but the mob thing of a billion people harassing one, like at their home or in a theater or with the family is very much a left wing tactic.  All is OK because VICTIM!  I do not like that.

As much as I disdain certain officials, like that Johnny Sutton prosecutor from hell that seemed to be doing GW Bush's bidding, inexplicably.  I would expect he should be exiled from the country, but I would not support a mob at his house, harassing his family or calling him out in a church or theater or even a grocery store.  Do they not see what that slope is?

Talk about a tool for injustice, pumping up a mob your idiot friends or supporters in public, surrounding the opponent is base, potentially cruel, and a small minded way of thinly masking a cruel and sadistic motive.  Maybe you call it revenge.  Wrong way to go about it.

But mobs and looters and people who reason off of false assumptions will continue to stop traffic and be a general nuisance until we just hit the horn, out of courtesy, and put our foot on the accelerator.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

They Lied Right to My Face

So, I am at the house of my employ this evening.  Saves fuel and works better to come in work evening, stick around and work morning.

OK.  I decide to see what CNN had to say.  Of course it is still all Trump.  The graphic below the panel says, "Trump's transition team in disarray".  The only one on the show who had actually been there in the middle of it, as a journalist, or as anything, said that there was no disarray, that it was going well.  I did not get the idea that he was a supporter either.

Don Lemon basically called him a liar even though the reports of disarray have no named sources or reporters who were there.  Then they went on with another segment, again scrolling the news scroll, "Trump's Transition In Disarray".   You can bet you'll hear the word "disarray" on every major news outlet, msnbc, cbs, etc.   It just had the feel to it.

So, if you are upset, don't like the guy, does it somehow make it better to lie to the public?  Why is it necessary to lie if the truth is bad enough?  They still do not realize that this is what lost them so much of the country.   If you are not a very slick phony, people will easily detect your phoniness.  That is the case with so many in the news.  Don Lemon included.

I was stunned.  Really.

They also conjectured about nepotism, claiming it is against the rules for a relative or in-law to receive a salaried position in an administration.   At first I thought, "yea, that makes sense".

Then I remembered that John Kennedy appointed his brother, Bobby to the post of attorney general.  Of course CNN didn't back up the statement or explain Bobby.  Just on to something else unrelated, yet the graphic about disarray reappeared.

I do not care how bad a politician, person, etc., is.  But lying in order to manipulate opinion just does not cut it.  It is hard to believe almost anything you see lately.  In the schools and elsewhere it appears that they are manufacturing fake crises.

I'm trying to see if maybe some of the talk is exaggerated regarding various people and events.  It seems to be less that straight out fact.  But I am finding every source to be biased in some way, and not professional enough not to throw in subtle propaganda techniques to shape your viewpoint.

The hysteria, I do understand.  But at this point, nothing constructive will result from it.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Let Them Eat Cake

Really??? San Diego chick and others enamored with marches,

Do you honestly believe than promoting your billions of women march here there and everywhere by comparing it to a women's market protest which ended up being a huge mob rampage in the French Revolution is a good plan?   I am almost speechless.

Probably my sexist, homophobia or xenophobia or phobiphobia and privilege showing.  People just hop on bandwagons and click on dumb no information memes without a single thought.

The French revolution was brutal, unjust, cruel and base.  So they have an illustration which depicts the riot which the French women protesting against prices set off.  Obviously they are just using it because they were female.  They could have been a mob of mass murderers and because they were women these dimwits would claim some bond of sisterhood.

That brings me to a news flash.  These many new groups of victims, like the wannabe French women, are convinced that the bulk of men back each other up and have that same sort of bond, like, "who cares what you did, we're all men so, OK!"  You won't believe this but I swear it is true;  men do not generally back one another like that.   Especially white men.  Some of the elite crowd may--the government workers and some cops.  Normal people are not that way, in general.  But ethnic cops are easily as jerky as white cops for the most part.  It sucks but it is true.

And I know a disclaimer is in order.  Many cops are OK.  Very few cops, if any, are in a situation where the stuff they enforce is not over the top and the methods more entrapment than legit sting, etc.  Participating in no knock raids and such, in which babies and other innocents have been maimed or killed puts your true character and motives in question.  In my mind.  It is wrong but you "are just doing your job".   I have heard cops say that as they are screwing someone over who doesn't deserve it, and they know it.

Anyway, marching women, please do not model yourself after the French revolution.  Maybe get your moveon sponsors or whoever to find another illustration to motivate the downtrodden chicks who are all into this.   I'm glad the window smashers and guillotine loving women are mostly white.  So the majority of this violence is white on white.  That gives us a little break from being sure it is because all black people hate everyone.  Which they clearly don't.  Point is--if you think the news videos and reports are the true picture of life, you may be wrong.   And give black on black violence a rest.   Maybe they quit showing it so much, those stuck in that world won't think it is expected of them to die at 23 and be violent and crazy.

I realize there is a bunch needs changing. Doesn't change the issue at hand.  Have to anticipate the smug and self righteous.  If the left one don't get you, the right one will.  Pow.  They become invested in trying to laugh at people like me, more than disprove or discuss their point.  (see the article re my disdain for public schools).  People hate a point of view which includes very minimal instance of forcing others to do things.  Most of the time that can be avoided.

Just like rap wannabes, we now have rioting 'hood wannabes trying to do the white on white violence thing as a sort of negative image of the black on black.   They have videos of punks and thugs breaking store and car windows for no reason.  Turns out most of them did not even vote in Oregon, or vote at all.  This is astroturf.

Now let's see if the millions of women will follow through on the French Revolution plan.  If so, they will cheer as heads roll.  I forgot what anyone wants.  I think I read it is a demo for safety, safe spaces(it seriously said that), inclusive of people of color, gay, etc.  They never mention people of no color in their talk about being inclusive.  Since they are mostly white, I guess it is like, "Hey, we welcome the Blacks, and the other conditions of birth we are here to save because we are better".   Notice the Trumpian "the"?   It means "are they all operating from one brain and mind?"  Yikes, don't hurt me.

Pushing the concept that all women think alike fell alike, have the same degree of insight, intuition, and other magic is pure and utter nonsense.  And all women's interests are no more the same than all mens'.  Although with men of a certain age you can easily narrow some common overriding interest.

Of course they are.  Anyone in a group like that who thinks differently than self appointed leaders is a traitor.  Off with his head!

Really, dear neo bolshevik kin, and others who love hierarchy, I get it.   I really do.  I just don't think you realize how some of that under the thumb humiliation exists across the board where government is concerned, in modern years.  Like how the democrats made freedom so difficult for Blacks for so long after emancipation.  It is horrible to do that to people.  Generations later, we are into generations of affirmative action, simply allowing one to succeed on merit, etc.   That is improvement.

Why  parts of Africa and Asia still get away with slavery, I do not know.  I would expect activists like Al Sharpton, who is only concerned with race, to at least speak out.  No.

People have exploited these sad and bad events, customs and stretches of history, not to improve things, but to enrich themselves by keeping people sad, poor and angry.  It is only natural, really.  If you were convinced you were a freedom fighter, a liberator of some sort, and then you actually were being listened to and accommodated, you would see your present occupation as becoming obsolete.  To prevent that from happening you need to find some sort of racial thing to exploit and to anger and divide the people.  That is in your interest.  It is cruel what is happening.  Big chunks of the population are avoiding education and refuse to do something about their ignorance.

And it is encouraged.  Much as I dislike public school, you can probably still learn some stuff.  Experimentally verifiable science, math; those things can be learned and are hard to make into political platforms.  The other stuff is really transparent.   The right parent can help a kid game that absurdity.  With no parent, the kid may or may not learn to read well enough that it triggers the ability to think critically.

.Viva la biblioteca!

Monday, November 14, 2016

Why My Resentment Against Government Run (public) Schools?

Aside from the fact that half of Dade county's public school employees were abusive perverts, here are some of my reasons:

From kindergarten through 3rd grade they labeled me as not bright, a dimwit.  A little bit slow.  Then eventually raised hell because I allegedly did not try hard enough--that was when I began acing math tests and they figured out I retained what I read.   Either way, denied real progress, so may as well kept me labeled weak minded child.

They pronounced me tone deaf, never realizing I had no idea what they were asking me re higher or lower pitch.  Still tone deaf, yet I am the first one to stop a group with which I am playing to make them narrow down who has a string or two out of tune.   Players who know me do not argue anymore because I have proven to be right when I say a string is out.

They refused me an advanced class in 6th grade because of who my friends were.  So, associating with other students that weren't their pets landed you on an odd sort of black list.
Not a Dade County school.  This is where I would have rather gone

These reasons and more are why I do not encourage those self aggrandizing teacher memes that public school employees circulate.  Most of my teachers did me more harm than  good.  The good ones were few and far between.  I forgot some of their names but I did appreciate the good ones.

The rest of the body of reasons to dislike that institution, public education, would take awhile to list, and I'd get worked up.  It was the same ilk that cautions us about privilege and pretends like they embrace "our differences"  who all but killed me for being a little different in how I function and learn.

Nothing has changed.  I see their stamp all over rabid democrat endeavors and that is much of why I have such disdain for that party.  When they behave just like my old teachers did, I react.  Bizarre.  I never realized the connection until recently.  I seriously hate to remember it.  Those days were when I first began to feel completely disassociated with real humans. I was and am not one who really feels like he's whole and in the right place.  And I hate people who constantly have to flaunt their imagined intelligence.  You are not that smart.  Really.  You aren't.  You just have enough smarts and use them in such an annoying way that I feel like slapping those people.  Even the ones I love.,

But they burned into my psyche the idea that I am not ...just that, that I am not

For reasons of some odd phenomena in my life, I underwent extensive testing in adulthood.  Way up into adulthood.   If not for all those tests I would not have enough proof to satisfy me that, by the usual measures, I tend to outscore most teachers I ever had.  Believe me, this does not make life any easier.  And, not that deep down, I still think I am defective and wrong, and a little bit dumb.

Obviously not dumb.  Can't shut me up.  I can't even shut myself up. So not dumb.  Perhaps dimwitted.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Hit Person

I've figured it out.  I will sock away a little bit of cash or some item, and if I fail to dig out of this mess, I'll contract a hit on myself.  It is just that I feel better with a plan B.  Just in case.

Times are actually that hard many days, lately, but then some things get me all worked up and angry and I figure I'll stick around long enough to vent a little.  People are so full of it when they look at others so damned sure they know they could do so much better with the same raw material.

Often people make these ignorant judgements on people who do not harm them or anyone.  They just don't quite get how to live like the happy sheep who fit this societal mold very well, or who were smart enough to see the game for the manipulative propaganda fest is and beat the system.

I was always sure people could not really be so stupid, duplicitous, conniving, and disloyal as they are.  So I figured I must be all wrong and rebelled against myself   Is that idiotic or what?  True story, though.  Story of my life.  Confused and dazed.

What a difficult thing it is to exist with all the proper permits and updates required.  Once I was all up to date and copesetic with the big Government machine.  Not so much now or most of my life.  It is not malicious.   I just have extreme difficulty with it.  And I hate hate hate government language, which is much like public school language and it hits a nerve.  Big time.

Why bother with wait and see?  I should put notice out that I need a hit person sooner than later.  I do not expect that I will ever change.  If that is the case, then I cannot last long.

Alright, I will give it a try.   Maybe.  I hate this hollow aching bewilderment and dread.  That should be for nitwits and statists.  The ones who make life more difficult for everyone else while pretending to be compassionate or victims or any number of things they aren't.

Big trouble in life---too many people minding too many other people's business.   That and the misguided notion that islamophobia is an irrational fear.

Post Number Plenty for Today; Always the misfit never the One

Philosophically, I have generally leaned libertarian, or almost anarchist, when it comes to government.  I find paternalistic/maternalistic, mind-your-business governments to be highly intrusive, and somewhat insulting.   Rather stupid people monitoring my behavior and business without cause.

But things are what they are, which is way too complex to redo over night.  And, considering that much of the human race is insanely stubborn when it comes to not being self destructive nutcases, perhaps some armed authority is necessary.

Just look how quickly people rationalize that they are victims so they can loot and riot and shout and get lucky with other protester types looking for a fix.  That's where you go if you are young and looking for sex or drugs.  So, that hasn't changed since 1969.

There was mention of minimum wage somewhere.  I still do not see it as government's job to fix wages.   But I do recall being puzzled by the attitudes of my more wealthy and enterprising peers growing up.

They would be describing some initiative to make money which required some labor.  High profit thing, but I do not recall exactly what was the job.  The general thinking I'm about to convey was encountered many times.    There was always that point where they talk about hiring day labor off the corner and paying some ridiculously low figure.  "Yea, only have to pay them $(hardly anything) per hour!   Make out like a bandit!

And here I am, Mr. No Unions-No Government, asking why pay so little if you make so much.  I'm trying to figure out the formula that pays the most.  Some see that as contradiction. I think not.  Government is a thieving outfit and ripe for corruption by its very nature.

Anyway, the most exploitative of these people was the wheel of the young Democrats.  He's the one who said you back the winning politician and then they owe you.  He said the rhetoric and "little guy" stuff was just how you get votes but that the real business was done for those who paid.

I still would seek the most pay for those helping me.  I see no purpose for a union if everyone is sane.  But they aren't.  Unions and all the rest just perpetuate trouble.  They idea that you milk your workers for all you can and milk employer for all you can is not good.  The adversarial approach, even to law and justice, has been over rated and extrapolated out to an absurdity.  Like defending a true scumbag rapist or murderer, knowing his guilt but getting him off because you're slick.  That is wrong.  Prosecuting insanely is wrong too.  But they all rationalize, just like the young democrat.

But, I have to wonder sometimes.  Maybe people are so base and small minded and greedy that you have to have unions, and companies have to own politicians to help counter them (though unions own many politicians too).

Now we have people saying you cannot question the rationale of their half truths or acts of aggression if you are white because it shows your privilege.  A genius had to invent that one.  No possible way to discuss the matter with the koolaid addled believer.

So many false or staged events have come down the pike attempting to depict white racism and such that I do not know how many, if any, of the supposed white power hate crimes or events are true.  The videos of beatings circulating don't tend to find the white person doing the punching and ganging up.

I've seen rednecks in action.  Some white, far more, on a percentage basis, are of color.  Sorry but crime stats bear that out.  I get it is complicated but it won't get better if we keep pretending that which is not true.

If I am lying, then let's just get a diverse crowd together and drop them all in different neighborhoods from their own.  I would suggest that it is far less likely anyone gets mugged shot or beat for skin color in the white neighborhood than any of the others.  And I don't even like white people that much.  Just fact.  You know it and I know it.

The point here is not that there are not white bullies.  The point is that they are really the least of the random violence problem and not enough to justify the open season called for by many on all whites who aren't part of the activist program.

Doesn't make any nitwits who really are being idiots less criminal.   Just saying, look at yourself before going off on the white privilege rant.  And if you are white and do that, I think you are a moron who secretly feels guilty for secretly being a racist.  Otherwise why do all these others need your great white hope protection?  Who're you?

So we got the prized victim badge opportunities and white people joining the imaginary fight so they won't get beat up by those they consider inferior, and so certain organizations can group dumbass voters into reliable voting blocs.  That is such an insult, but no one gets it.  You can bet George Soros does.

Oh well.  I would still pay labor as much as I could, rather than as little.  I feel so unrepresented in the world.  Really.  I used to cry sometimes in frustration for being a misfit.  Now I just curse loudly into the wind at no one in particular, "%^&* You!!!  You sorry M^**()$##@'s Go **&^ *&^%*(* and the horse you ride in on!!!"   Or I may just drive by yelling "You big hell!! Dammit!"

The Devil; part 2

After some investigation, I realize just how dangerous the mess could be.  The commenters who seem to take relatively neutral comments and turn them into wild political statements with which they can argue have interesting pages.   Walls, in fb speak, but I refuse to call the damned page a wall.  Since writing my brother's name on a wall as a child, I don't write on walls.

The thinking was, "I really want to write on the wall, now that I can write.  I always get in trouble.  My brother never gets in trouble.  Hey, if I write his name no one gets busted.  A win all around".
Guess what?  It worked exactly as planned.  No one ever said a word to him, and no one blamed me either.  The little fake signature stayed until forever.  It was behind the door a couple of feet off the ground.  "Tommy", it said.

I even tried to make it messy like his handwriting.  I took forever to write anything because it had to be perfect.  This trait did not serve me well when it came to note taking and much else.  That slow writing and reading is still with me, but I compensate and it has improved slightly.

So, talk about your privilege and institutional discrimination, I grew up being the oppressed, unprivileged one in that universe.  Crazy.  Makes me want to go around writing his name everywhere.  Just because.

So, I see things on this one lady's page that indicate it is hopeless if you think these hysterical people will chill.  One thing say that if you say things like "it will be OK", "relax, and see what the guy does when he's in", or protesting and stopping traffic, confronting people for being alleged white Trump supporters is no good"  then "your privilege is showing".

I kid you not.  Now you cannot say, hey, ease up, no one can legally hurt you or whatever.  No that shows you know nothing.  The thing is, she is white.  She is also somehow a victim.  I think it is ok to be a white female, or trans of some kind.  Garden variety white male cannot speak or think unless he says exactly what daily kos or other progressive site considers OK.  Even then, he must avoid treading near another's self proclaimed of color only zone.

Bigots of the world unite!!!   Oh, you already have.  I can find you in safe spaces and on progressive sites.  You think just like the worst of the kkk. You should band together.

So, there is no way to reason.  Their current talking points consist of memes explaining why they need to suspend civility--because they think Trump is not civil, so no we must riot.  This is just intellectual laziness.  And that greed for attention and power, and an excuse to damage people or property. Yippee, a sadism fix!  And a masochist fantasy.  wowsers!!!

It Is The Devil

Why do I respond to facebook hysteria?  If you point out the error in being hysterical and demanding the immunity victimhood provides, you are the enemy.  People are too goddam dumb to figure out that this hysteria over lies is just that.

No way to settle them down.  Their "civil rights are directly threatened".  Presumably by the president-elect.   I'll concede that I feel all of our civil rights have been threatened and violated by our own government and an accelerating rate for decades.  But they aren't talking that.

They are too goddam caught up in this manufactured drama to just clear the mind for a second.  Come on, facebook nutjobs.  Having enemies is not a thrilling passtime.  The lack of truth and the reasoning that amounts to convincing the greedy and gullible that their back is against the wall like a cornered animal is a dangerous thing.  They then feel it is justified to do any violent or vandal thing they choose.  Self defense, even though no one has even threatened them.

It is what happens when you say things in a dumbass way, then people exaggerate and lie about what it means, and you go ahead because you have dumbasses who think it is cool.  So we have a battle of nitwits.

I say I do not believe people are coming in the night to attack "off color" people or the colorless.  All of a sudden I am full of privilege and have never known anyone harassed or harmed due to race.  The sick part is, I have.  Inconveniently I have known more people harmed, raped etc. for apparently being white, though I have known victims of white redneck fools too.  Just because you were told Trump is white power, does not make it true.

I suspect both the white power dimwits and frothing at the mouth progressives both buy the story.  Just what the doctor ordered.

The point is, Obama is still president.  Blame him until Jan 20, if you must.  But the "Oh I am an of color victim, because Trump!!"  is pure and simple nonsense.  I think many more of the colorless can claim to be victim because of your reaction to Trump.  So, once again, it is because of Trump, who is not even president yet.

Always Miss The Last One

Almost always.  I missed Clinton even though I did not agree with some of his governmental policies and wars.  With Bush I worried he'd say something that would get mocked, even when he was mostly right.  Did not ultimately like his mideast policy.  Skeptical but not outspoken re Iraq war, but I was openly opposed to first one.  His forming of the homeland security agency was a blow to American style freedom.  Bad bad thing.

Anyway, I already miss Obama and I think he is very much on the wrong side of a lot, and that he's screwed the mideast worse than ever.   I missed Bush when Barack was weighing in on police incidents in other states, with no real knowledge except that maybe there was a black person involved.  He was divisive.  And in the pockets of billionaires who called the shots.  Crazy that people imagine otherwise.

But, I miss Obama because I am afraid of what Trump is liable to say.  When you know a thing you say is ripe for being twisted and used as weapon, do not say it.  Or at least state it differently.  Nothing annoys me more than the little na nah nah nitpickers other than those who can't resist baiting them.

Hell, Donald could start up his tit for tat with Rosie again.  That was embarrassing even before he was running for office.  Both of them are shallow and of that petty kind of New York City redneck attitude.  Obnoxious.  Only a segment of the city is that way but it is a distinctly NYC brand of redneck idiot.  Versions found everywhere to one degree or another.

So, I suppose all I can look forward to is Melania sunbathing on the roof.   I hope she breaks tradition and does not sap the treasury for some dumbass cause like school lunch diets or roadside flowers or whatever.  I don't care if it is a big "save the children" push.  You weren't elected so please butt out!
They never do.  That is bad, too, because the expectation implies a thinly veiled attempt at royalty.

We are not that.  So, first spouses should shut up and do something which does not use tax money or the office to gain prestige power, attention and money for their cause.

So, to you, Melania,  don't go on any tax draining crusades, and stay naked.  We'll get along just fine. It would be OK for you to say the previous power greedy first spouses will not be your role model, that you understand how disrespectful it is to pretend to be an elected official or a queen when one is neither.

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Clutter and Voodoo

It is overwhelming, my lack of planning throughout life.   Odd, because at the height of my hyper focussed phase, I planned every last detail of the project at hand.  But my lovely wife cleaned the house, even though I thought I tried to help.

Obviously a mental disorder.  I live like a hoarder and I don't even want the stuff.  As much as I worry about fire, because that is what you do in East County, I catch myself thinking it would be a relief if it all vanished in smoke or by any other means.

I sent an inquiry to an outfit that specializes in straightening out the messes created by defective people such as myself.  We'll see if they get in touch and what they say.

In the past I liked to blame Bush for this problem.  Now I blame Trump.  Blaming Obama, or any democrat for that matter, would be racist of course.  Or sexist and a whole host of phobias.  The only phobia I own up to, without apology is islamophobia.  Islam gives me the creeps and I avoid all contact if possible.  I do not go out harassing, I just detest the whole vibe.  Sometimes I get it from other bigoted religious sects too.

However if ambassadors from the religion of peace want to clean and fix up my hovel, allah akbarrio and yeehah! PBUH

So, there it is.  That is how we can all just get along. Send in the ninjas and penguin types.

Some days I find I do not want to be me any more.  What to do with that?  You can't flee yourself so easily.

If only I could believe the nonsense about how I could make the world better by protesting the election, maybe throw rocks at police horses and such.  Wait.  I could go out and throw rocks at the rock and bottle throwers.  Make life hell for the ones damaging property.  That would be cooler than harassing police horses.

That really did it for me; when these funded, astroturf, "ground roots" protesters hurt horses.  That was the final line.  And they do because they get to wear a victim badge.  What garbage.  I would like to visit some macro aggressions upon them.  Make them forget the microscopic micro aggressions which cloud their limited imaginations.

Probably filing last year's tax, finding W-2 and all that is the first order of biz.  No tax file, no insurance and you don't get to subsidize my efforts to stay alive.  I would feel guilty but half of whoever "you" are pushed for this state of affairs.    You wanted "them" to subsidize worthless reprobates like me.  At the same time you promoted crony boondoggles like the Powerlink, which some think increases likelihood of various cancerous type maladies.

I tend to think so.  The ultra high voltage and such does affect people.  Electro magnetic issues do affect people.  Some are so visibly and obviously affected that they move.  I won't argue it here.  But what so many people fail to recognize is that you have no idea the range of human maladies and conditions, let alone what it is like.  Many are judgmental, thinking they know how others feel.  They conclude that others are weak or lazy without really knowing.

Some are lazy and weak, but some are fighting in ways the busy body bastards wouldn't guess.

Alright, so I will blame them for the mess and chaos of my life.

We shall overcome.   Or else we won't.  I saw someone comment how happy she is to see the protests.  This is not a person who would personally assault animals and throw bottles, but she seems condone it.  Of course in maddening left wing fashion, she ignores what these organized assaults on the public really are.

And these biassed assertions and attacks happen far more than the supposed white militias sweeping the nation.  Nonsense.  For every ten vicious attacks on people for their views by the left, there is maybe one semi confirmed incident from these mostly non existent white backlashers.  There are some but most white men do not give a damn about 90% of what they are painted as thinking. They are not mugging you, and beating you.  Maybe they'll send you to perpetual war, but that is something else altogether.  And race is not the motivating factor there.

White people, in general, do not give a damn about race.  That is what I believe.  There are some but they are not as numerous on a per capita basis as the black bigots and the hispanic bigots.  The ones who lie to promote their point, and subsequently promote themselves, enjoy the destruction and the emotional frenzy that keeps the lockstep jingoists of their group as ill informed and stupid as possible.

Crowds; mobs make people stupid.  Anger makes people stupid if it is cultivated.  We have people orchestrating events which incorporate both of those de-edifying factors.

Oh but I'd so much rather find old naked pictures of Melania Trump, because I am against bullying and hate and being a meanie.

The coolest thing though is seeing rants by these nincompoops citing white privilege, and other not measurable spirits, and ending by calling people ignorant, uneducated "hippocrates".   I have seen it more than once.   Off to swear my hypocritic oath

Friday, November 11, 2016

Movie Reviews: Snowden. The Accountant.

I thought Snowden was pretty good.  I've never thought he was ill motivated.  Beyond that, I don't know.  Good movie.

The Accountant was great, I thought.  I liked the character and the story.  I don't keep up enough to know it seems I've heard negative attitudes toward Ben Affleck.  No idea why.  Rather not know, actually.  There may have been some violence but nothing too bad.  They mostly had it coming.
So, there you have it.

I don't go into analysis of the story the cinematography or the emoting of the actors.  I say if it is bad.

These two movies were good and the latter was especially good.  OK.  Snowden was Good +.

Would You Remain Ignorant forever, If That is The Price of the Victim Badge?

Hell yes!!!! they say, as they destroy things, assault people and stop traffic, with signs like "Love Trumps Hate".  Those events are hard to fabricate because of the scale and video from many sources. Harder to edit to create desired content.  Not that it is not done a lot.

Then I hear about white Trump supporters in various bigoted, bullying attacks.  But the real evidence is mostly lacking.  I suspect there are many bogus, staged events.  I believe the violence is purposely instigated by those who stand to gain.  They know the triggers to pull, the rewards to offer and how to control information and people.

The number one prize being offered these days is membership in a specific victim group.  Best if it is race based, but pretty much any form of human, including white male, is claiming victimhood somewhere.  When it is time to quit being a victim, or to quit pointing to that which is not your enemy pretending it is, because of fact, logic, reason, the victim recoils.

You have to supply a really healthy reward for an habitual victim to give up the hobby.  It will not happen.  People make their living off of herding people into victim groups, making every effort to keep them down while pretending to care, and blaming others who are not trying to do any such thing.

I do not doubt that there are some classic fools who want to play the absurd white supremacist routine.  Incredulous as that is.  Then there seems to be an increasing number of Black separatists.  On some campuses they demand white free zones.  "Of color" only safe areas.  And they yell at, and push back the white devils who try to get by on their way to student union or wherever--common, public spaces.   While decrying their victimhood and shouting "white privilege !!"

What I am saying is that people who see everything through race and other irrelevant filters never seem to learn what universal principles are.  They become addicted to finding offense, whether or not it is there.

Do you have any idea how selfish it is to stop traffic in a big city?  Or really anywhere.  You have no idea what is going on in their lives, but because you don't like how something unrelated went, and because you love the lies you tell and believe,  you think throwing your fit is more important than the lives of strangers.  I sincerely wish it were legal for the traffic to just run you down and keep going.  You could care less if you cause a death as you violate the rights of others.

I hate mobs.  I can accept a demonstration, if that's what you want, but violating rights, no.  And there is absolutely no justification for the violence.  Stopping traffic is an act of force.  Violent, in reality.  I do think people should just plow through.  But they won't.  That's because normal people minding their own business do not gather in herds.  They are not so prone to mob action.

This is what pisses me off about democrats.  Instead of calling it for what it is they will pretend there is justification.  They tacitly encourage mob action and the warping of the truth so many of the mob people believe the easy lies, because they have no desire to check for truth.  It is really sick.  It is not justified.

That's redneck behavior.  I hate it. Not confined to any race.  Ignorant nonsense used to work one's self into a frenzy, and convincing one's self that any violence or injustice you commit is OK because you are a victim.   Self defense.

People do not want the truth.  And those special elites who think they know best prefer that people know less than they do.  That way they can include the reaction they are after in their pontifications about matters of government.   If you tell the story correctly, your dimwitted audience will react in the manner that suits you.

I'm not talking about the talking point, face book meme truths.  Both sides put out garbage and are transparently, unashamedly hypocritical.

That is why people do not want the truth.  They think they are somehow invested in a predetermined outcome.    If only the democrats had their way, we'd all do fine.  Same with republican. What annoys me about republican is they are just democrats wrapped in some kind of neo-Calvinist gel made out of misguided zeal.

Ge sus H kee reist!  This would not be better off being a theocracy.  Actually, I do not think the Constitution is involved in marriage, or even abortion, except it was ruled that a person's right to their own body trumps any living thing growing in there, still attached.

I guess how it works is that what's outside and has seniority takes precedence over what's inside.  And if anything is growing inside the inside entity, then it would be last in line.   Last to be considered.  Rights subservient to the host being, and to its host being.   I need to get the guy who thought Guam might capsize to make my case.

I really wish they would make their point if they choose, practice what they know is right, but just get government out of it.  If you have to be forced to keep your baby, let heaven and hell settle it.  There is a point at which you are using faulty logic to justify some harsh action.  It is not in the top five issues that have any business on the government docket.

It is horrible of me, but there are so many people I would hope do not multiply.  Some facets of the process ought to just be out of bounds.  Why are so many things everyone's business, and responsibility?  I do think making it free at taxpayer expense is a stretch.  But so are wars at taxpayer expense in places, for reasons that I do not support.

I am not much of a Hillary fan, but I question assertions of being Satan's little warrior woman, or whatever.  I could be wrong though.

Despite the insane and creepy stuff said or played during the campaign, Hillary saying, "We came, we saw. He died!!  hahahahahaha." creeped me out the most.  She laughed about a brutal death.  He was a bad guy dictator, but the result of engineering his ouster has been less than stellar.

Don't get me wrong, I cringe every time Trump opens his mouth, even before he says anything.  He either says something bizarre, or in a way where the press can make something out of nothing.  The result is the same.  People think he'll come in the night and throw their children over the wall back into Mexico, then execute the parents.

The irony is, many people are getting a taste of how hard it is to really move to another country, or most of them.  Any I looked at, years ago out of curiosity, had a lot of hoops to jump through and not so easy for a misfit without tons of money.  Po folk are stuck in the USA.  Odd that Po folk from elsewhere manage to survive here better than at home.

The real problem is BS.  People believe whatever helps them lose conscience so they can be self righteously violent, and bully strangers with justification


Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Caught In The Middle

And I'm not a middle of the roader.  But what can you do when people go off the deep end?  If they are refusing to reason and denying logic, I can't pretend to be into it.  I run.

It is crazy.  It is a form of greed.  Ignoring the truth to further your own ends.

Each side thinks they are the only ones who see the other side for the lowlife morons they are.  Results tend to be as expected.

Someone is making money off of this.  I wish I had that sort of motivation with money.  I just glaze over.

I really wish people would shut up for a minute.  The insane fear mongering things the left puts out drives me nuts.  The insane and somewhat purposeless agenda of the alleged right regarding this president really annoys me, too.  So, I have to tune out for the moment.

No one knows what to expect.  So, just be quiet.  I cannot fathom the nonsense surrounding this election. And the aftermath.

A lot of people were not happy when Obama got elected.  Where I work, the lady in an adjacent property refused to let the secret service have access.  We got the idea it was because she did not like Obama.  My thinking is that you be nice to president.  I met the woman.  She is an insane neighborhood commando, searching for reasons to gripe.

Face it, Trump is just like the ACA, in the words of Pelosi.  We had to elect him to find out what he will do.  Had to pass the ACA to find out what was in it (Obamacare), and we still don't know.  Seems to change now and then.

I wonder if the parallel between the ACA and Trump will continue.  Hard to imagine it all carrying on that long.  Be best if it does; no security issues or chaotic national events designed to wreak havoc.

Call whatever, I really do not like mobs and protests which damage property, beat up people, stop traffic, intimidate or harm the innocent.  They redefine "innocent" to suit themselves so their baser tactics and sadistic tendencies can be indulged in good conscience.

Here's the real story behind the whole shebang.   Clinton and Trump in cahoots.   He is press just long enough to wave his hands over Hillary's legal nuisances and make them go away.  Hill exerts her influence to make his legal problems go away.  Maybe some witness have a change of heart or sudden strokes.

Then Trump has to step down because of a fictitious medical issue.  No one in their right mind wants to be POTUS, especially if you already have a cool plane.

Both go off into relative obscurity, except Trump pops up now and then to say something peculiar then vanish again.

Hillary goes off to live in an all organic, high end, posh, cross trans metro and meandering sexual commune.   They're a bit different.  Their rainbow flag has the "Don't Tread on Me" rattlesnake on it.


Glad I've Avoided Much Audio Visual

Never really saw that coming.  Maybe something close but a Clinton win.  By hook or by crook.  Then I wonder:  Do they all get in by hook or by crook?  Or both?

It is so third world to mob up and harass traffic if an election on a national level doesn't go your way. It is kind of third world to pretend all these people will be herded together just for how they look; yanked out of bed in the middle of the night.

Maybe one of the things wisdom influences is the tendency to got all hyper self righteous.  A frenzy of self righteousness can lead to erroneous conclusions, and harmful treatment of others.  It can result in unjust situations.

I often think that I may not know an erroneous conclusion from the other kind.

I Like Ike

Saturday, November 5, 2016

If Only I Cared

I should be wound up about The Election, but I am not.  My life is in such disarray that concerns over government hijinx are of waning interest.  That part is good, in a way.

If you can get worked up over which sneaky liar to vote against, then your life is probably in order and you are following human nature which leads you to seek or manufacture drama.   So many people love excuses to hate people and hope they suffer in some way.  I see that in this election stuff.

She should be locked up.  He should be in jail, or worse.  It is sick.  Really, it is.  How do you think it came down to this?   Because people are so easily bought with little excuses given to hate or even retaliate once given the gift of victimhood.

In the USA our version of knighthood is granting a person or group victim status.  It is unreal and it is a joke, but a very bad, painful one.  Our title of nobility; With the power invested in me as elected, or appointed, charlatan and creep I dub you victim.

The big threat is that if Trump wins, there will be riots.  That definitely puts me at odds with would be rioters.  I hate being threatened in that way.  On the other side, if Hillary is elected,  no riots but probably a lot more talk of secession.   Something I personally consider a right for a state or region.
It may or may not be a bad idea.  I have never bought into that house divided nonsense.

But I don't buy into most things that made public schools as terror camps and propaganda factories possible.  Those who love it tend to get very angry with me.

And that is the other thing I notice, the progressive left is far more hateful in speech and action than  even Trump or conservative talk.  They claim those people are all hate, but if you listen, far more hateful and hostile language comes from elsewhere.  But, it is wrapped in victimhood and righteous indignation which is supposed to make it OK.

Not to say there aren't unbelievably bizarre utterances from the far right, and religious entities.  Hillary may suck, but would you really announce publicly that she sold her soul to the devil, or that she is possessed, in order to further your own cause?

Really, on both sides I suspect false flag stuff---let's pretend to be democrats and threaten to confiscate bibles.  That will help.  Or let's burn a black church and write "for Trump" on the side.  --my guess on that one, all facts haven't come through yet, but I seriously doubt this was a pro Trump people.

Reminiscent of the students being terrorized by nooses placed strategically at some CA colleges.  Turns out the alleged victims were actually the perps.  And yet people wanted to believe the false picture of racism and harassment.

Even if I agree with a point, I distance myself from those who include all the violent nonsense in the package they drop to make the point.

But it is nothing new.  Double standards.  I have to say, though, I see no major accepted side of the coin that I respect a lot.  Humans are not philosophically, spiritually, culturally advanced enough to keep up with their technology.  And small minded idiocy is still accepted and promoted; like white free zones touted as spaces "of color" only.

Of color used to be as bad as calling people colored or whatever.  100% idiocy.  As a person devoid of color--transparent actually--I resent it all.


Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Such a Slacker

All these people on the email forum for seem to have endless energy to delve into medical minutiae which glazes my eyes in less than a second.  Am I just too stupid?

Of course, I don't believe that.  I could have been an Air Guard pilot, allegedly (I was a civilian licensed pilot) , or a doctor, and that means I have plenty of ego and think I'm real dang smart.  (airline and military pilots, and doctors are known among therapists as the hardest ones to treat because they are each, as a group, extreme ego maniacs, with a hint of a God complex. They know they are just a little better)  But I have never been one who enjoys cataloging boring facts so I can convince people I know something.   Deriving facts is another thing.  That can interest me.

But I'm hip to the abbreviations in the world of myleoproliferative neoplasms (MPN) for the most part.  I only read what seems to apply or what might be useful.  It is happening, and I am fighting it; the allure of becoming a healthcare hobbyist.

It only seems right that I be informed an all that.  It may be I am still trying to cultivate a healthy case of denial.  I like denial, when I buy it.   Every once in awhile there is talk of "raising awareness", etc.
It is disconcerting that so few physicians are really in tune with this set of diseases and the symptoms.
I think the guy I deal with is on top of things.
They are having a big conference, or convention, at a medical place in AZ.  Scottsdale?  Don't know. That place has a lot of experts on these conditions.   Cutting edge, etc.  Doctors, patients, families? From near and far.  Got the whole lodging and itinerary worked out.  Better sign up now while there are still rooms available.

I would rather spend a road trip or vacation another way, at this point.   Not time or money for either so a moot point.

There are things that can probably be done to make life better.  They are things that I have to do.

Health care hobbyist.  Did I not tell someone out there to shoot me if I ever showed signs of becoming one?

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