Thursday, May 10, 2012 a friggin handbasket!!!

I read the news today, oh boy

Seriously? Are the present big picture (and little picture) difficulties and problems, which have to do with the few proper functions of government, and the myriad of century old over reaches of same, actually there by design, and, to divert attention, we have campaign tactics of going back close to fifty years to dig up dirt from high school or before, and we put something called "attachment parenting" on the front page? (recent cover of Time magazine)

No, I'm not going to steal the pic and put here. The mom is hot, but the hotness dies with the look and the age of the kid and the whole thing. To each her own. I have a right to say you are nuts and full of pretense.

As far as parenting, even adherents to all aspects of The Great Pretense are aware that a huge problem is the limited number of parents per household, and the fact that so many expect school and everyone else to take responsibility.

I suppose a corollary to that is the fact that way too many people lack the sense of values required to teach a kid a code of conduct. In short, there are a lot of very stupid people running around with very minimal sense of right and wrong. Not long on conscience. And they are too dumb or selfish to know that they should not multiply.

It is safer to blame everyone else. Or suggest that nursing a child until he/she loses all his/her/its baby teeth is the new, revolutionary answer. Shoot, let 'em feed until they go to college, get drafted, or spend time in prison. But don't cut 'em off when they come home to visit. You can save a lot of money and time at Thanksgiving under this plan.

I've heard stories of Obama in high school and now, Romney. I wasn't there, and I have to wonder why someone, especially a lawyer, insists on coming up with such stories. Maybe true, maybe not.

In the latest allegation about Romney the victim is dead and his sister says it is ridiculous. She never heard the tale. Who cares? High school! I'm not a big fan of Mitt, but come on, is that all you got? I don't care about, and won't address the tales of Obama's early life, because it is not relevant to what is going on now.

Let's address the job and the philosophy regarding power and a host of other things--like weighing in on the Zimmerman case with no real information. Not your call, Barack. ou have that power, don't subvert the judicial system and local law enforcement for self aggrandizing grandstanding hijinx.

High school sucked because everyone from kids to teachers were insane. You should live a week in Miami high school back in my day. OK. Some days weren't bad. Mostly that place was devoid of values. It was cultural.

Regardless if you hate one these politicians or not, when the attack is garbage, resist jumping on just because others are. It makes it look like you have no analytical skills. I see the hair splitting come from both sides. I guess it is like wearing a Che T-shirt because ou heard it was cool. Talk to some old timer Cuban refugees, educate yourself before you go idolizing a psychopathic murderer.

And the thing of everyone who did or didn't have sex with a celebrity==rich and famous person, has got to go. If some one tries to grope an adult male, the gropee can walk away, get violent, cooperate, say "no thanks", etc. It is not worth millions or even hundreds. I have a feeling the women who come out in droves when the ball starts rolling against someone are making money.

I have no respect for lack of discretion. Playing people because they are wealthy or because you can hurt them due to their fame, and only doing so to satisfy your envy and greed, should be frowned upon. It certainly ought not be entertained seriously in the courts. That costs the taxpayer. Besides, it is wrong, banal, low down, and sleazy.

You should be warned now, if I get significant votes, both Obama's Chicago thug machine and Romney's wherever machine will have so much ammo on me it will make your head spin--fights in school, trouble, not very nice a few times.

There is a lot I did not know at 15 or 16 or 25. It is what it is. But if I have the right philosophy now, and am shown not to have committed capital offenses, and have demonstrably grown in character, you should judge by that and vote for me because I'm the only one who believes in individual liberty, puppies, and Subarus.

Sell the Car to Afford Gas in the Rental

A rental car is part of the insurance deal while they fix the damage Bambi's relative did to my car. By the way, at 7 this morning Ms Bambi was gone, Either she woke up and trotted off or someone picked her up and sold her to the glue factory. Coyotes wouldn't be that neat, and buzzards and crows wouldn't have had time to devour the poor critter.

All they had available was a Chevy Colossus--a Tahoe. You can visibly watch the dial on the gas meter move downward, even while parked with the engine off. It is an unnecessarily large vehicle. Big for the point of being big, or so it seems. It is OK to drive because the side mirrors are very good. They should be--the are in the adjacent lanes.

Anyway, I called the number on the card the pretty girl gave me and got the guy at the main office. He was clearly blowing smoke. I've been in companies, and been in middle management. I know the routine, especially when you get a by the book, leave the brain at home, sort of person.

Obviously, Enterprise ordered too many big vehicles before the gas prices went through the roof. Now no one wants to rent them, so if the insurance company's deal is with them, they can stick the desperate with cars that guzzle gas like a frat boy binge drinker.

I'll try to get back with Anastasia at the other location and see if we can't switch. She was on board with that when I left in this freight train of a ride. She did her part at first telling what a bargain I was getting because they normally rent for way more than what insurance is paying. To her credit, she did not stick to the story, and instead acknowledged the reasons I prefer a puddle jumper, and also et me know that all they had were gigantic cars at that moment.

That company man from the main office is sending all the stuff they can't rent to the collision center where people drop their deer damaged vehicles and pick up the loaner. It has now become a matter at beating him at this game.

I'll drop by tomorrow and bring a siphon hose, in case I can't get another car. I'll drain the gas from the monsters he sent there to screw the helpless. He knows if your car is toast, you have to have something or else you walk.

Al the while I felt lucky, though. There was a time, not long ago, when I would not have had the coverage or means to take care of this and have any alternative transportation. I think the car will come out of this is great shape. Poor babies could not find any cheap aftermarket or reconditioned parts, so they are going with all genuine factory goods. It think they expect to come out under 4k. Bumpers and fenders and such cost, not to mention labor.

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