Thursday, December 3, 2015

Only An Idiot!!!

If you asked me, "Who would allow themselves to engage on facebook in some contentious thread relating to shootings and such, which included such original phrases as "common sense gun legislation".   Common sense?

Believe me, people in this government who make such statements tend to stay where I work,  I'm here to tell you they wouldn't know sense and logic, common or any other kind, if it bit them in the ass.  Seriously.  If you engaged in any way with these people, you would know that "common sense" is as foreign to them as getting a real job.

But  to answer the original question; only an idiot!   You may ask how I know.  Or not.  I have been such an idiot is how I know.

Really.  Some chick is hassling another chick for being too simplistic and not original.  Then she turns around and basically copies and pastes the usual stuff off of koolaid sites about "common sense" gun laws.  If these latest people are of the Allahu Akbar variety--I doubt I spelled it right.  I hope this is not as bad as drawing a picture of you-know-who, peace be upon him (pbuh).

Maybe I should go back and read more.  The common sense chick is bound to use the word "robust" any second now.  We need common sense legislation to create a body of robust gun regulation in this country.  Never mind that this is about as worthwhile as harassing the public after 9-11 when none of the present day search and grope and shoes on and off would have stopped the attack on the trade center.  Profiling, and alerting the crews to the intelligence that they sat on would have helped.  They knew suicide attacks were possible.  Crews were trained to be compliant and acquiesce.  Had crews been aware of the intelligence that the government had, they would have played differently, no doubt.

Don't know if it would have prevented anything or not.  But none of the screening we deal with would have done the trick. Only profiling known lunatics and people learning to fly jets but not land them.

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