Friday, February 17, 2017

Remembering The LA "we clean your toilets" Mayor; while contemplating privilege

So, there I was, cleaning toilets at a resort home owned by a black billionaire and often used by black and white, alike.  I think someone should ask why Latinos (stupid word, I think, but there you have it) are not better represented among the guests who visit this home.  As I worked I recall the ex LA mayor screaming, "We clean your toilets!", in efforts to justify illegal immigrant labor.

Has anyone yet figured out that an immigrant, and and illegal immigrant are two different animals?  It does not sound that way from the rhetoric around various protests and general nonsensical victim babble going on.  That does not change the hardships many good people endure etc.  But ignoring the distinction is dishonest, naive, and clearly a ploy to get some desired nefarious outcome--like an easily manipulated voting bloc, and fuel to ensure your related government agencies get continued funding.

Anyway, I thought, "No, Senor Villagrosomierdeman, (or however you spell your changed name to sound more Mexican), I clean Your toilets, you ingrate and bigot!!

You have no idea how effective the usual propaganda can be.  They have California Mexicans, and a huge percentage of Black Americans believing that White people are born to luxury, great treatment by authorities of all kinds, and a healthy bank account.  They are wrong.  Probably my privilege showing.

So, I was thinking, I bet the mayor never cleaned anything for anyone.  So shut up.  Why is my privilege failing me?   I do menial tasks for the downtrodden (if we see everything through the lens of race and ethnicity) and hope they are pleased and don't fire me or thoughtlessly create hardship through their lack of consideration and tendency to create messes, break things and hide the evidence, etc.  By "they", I mean the various guests, in general, no specific group.  The classic was when someone knocked the shutters to pieces with a basketball in a guest room, and never said a word.  They even left the ball in there on the floor.  Poor downtrodden souls.

That I would even notice such things screams PRIVILEGE like crazy.

Here's the other side of it.  The Black employer pays better than any White folks I know.  And it is a good gig in the realm of part time, flexible jobs.  No benefits, though.  Of course it was a white lady that hired me when she was overseeing the place.  Before I had a chance to try to replace her when she left, a guy from the main Chicago office of the owner had it locked up.  And now we have him down here.  Also white, and privileged.  And possibly mentally or intellectually challenged.

It comes in waves, but I often wonder if he is serious or just testing.  I fear he's serious.  A sincere actor in the theater of the absurd.  Often it just defies words and logic what he does or does not do.  I am convinced he has no clue what I and my co-worker do.

I'd explain but I don't even know how to start. Strange.  Nice people though, even if crazy and challenged. But do not put the mentally challenged ones in charge of cerebrally dependent agendas.  The trick is do not ask if you should do this or that.  Invariably he nixes what ought to be done then wants a two week project done in half a day.  Concepts like it takes time for paint to dry do not compute.  "can't more people make it go quicker?'  Not always.

Such nonsense is promoted so people will support those who want your resources and control of your labor.  And it works.  Who can resist being a victim?   We are the ones who clean your toilets!!

Seriously, cleaning a toilet in a fancy mansion is not that bad at all.  Especially if the pay is right.  Two days work plus a little and rent is paid.  OK.  But we both know I should be the one with the major bucks and great company paying others to do stuff.  But I am not, and this is OK.

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