Saturday, September 23, 2017

Double Check Prior to Outrage

I watch posts on FB designed to incite anger.  They cover extremes of left and right political jingoism.  I just saw one claiming Megyn Kelly banned Trump from her show.  The article said nothing of the sort, and she just recently said she would not deny a sitting president's request to be on her show.  Ellen said she would deny Trump because...every tired litany of false or half false characterizations.  And I don't like the guy.  I just have no need or desire to experience that cheap thrill of piling on for no reason.

But all the racist stuff is pretty lame and many things have been highly twisted to the point of total fabrication.  The lies have been repeated like a mantra over and over.  It has been effective.  That does not make it right. That does not make those who piled on out of desperate need for peer acceptance anything remotely associated with courageous or principled.

So, I knew the headline was false.  I read the article which did not mention Trump.  The comments reflected knee-jerk outrage.  That glee that comes when you feel it OK to be as hostile as you like at someone you don't know.

They let loose on Megyn like crazy.  Obviously they did not even read the article.  And they never double checked the headline claim.  It would have been a downer to them if they knew there was no reason for outrage.  It is the thing that brings right and left together, that love of self righteous nitwittery, self righteous anger.  The more remote the subject of their ire, the better.  But we can take it out on everyone in our path right here.

Health and Wealth Divide

Even now I have little idea of what the Affordable Care Act is supposed to do, or how it works.  What I do know is that some reap the benefits and others are nearly bankrupt due to the mandate.

That is what seems to not be addressed.   They talk about repeal but they do not adequately explain why.  They talk replace but with what is as vague as the description of the act before they finagled to get Obamacare passed.  "We have to pass the bill so that you can find out what's in it--away from the fog of the controversy", was the famous viewpoint of the never out of a fog, Rep. Pelosi, grand dame of demagoguery and pandermonium (should be a word).

The ultra crowd even tired to pretend that out of context versions of that quote were changing the meaning, intent, etc.  No, I do not think so.  Did you ever hear a straight truthful answer regarding exactly what was this bill?  Did you ever try to find it and read it?

Remember flow charts?  It amounts to flow charts in the Rube Goldberg tradition of complexity.  Oddly, item after item was ultimately left to the judgement of appointed administrators deep in the bowels of the bureaucracy.

I think bills like that are mostly vehicles for paying back the big guns who keep you in office.  It is like a tractor trailer load of pork.  You can put any thing in.  The more complicated and convoluted the bill, the more opportunity for measures that benefit some companies and screw others, benefit some people while screwing others.

I know that under current conditions you are better off being fairly poor.  But not quite poverty level. They take away your choices if you have too little money.  If you have just a little bit, at least in CA., you can pay a little and gain all kinds of choice healthcare-wise.  If you earn too little, they won't even let you pay that $125 and have some choice.   If you have a rare disease of any seriousness, you'll likely die.  The free and mandatory care goes the way of the hmo.  And that is not the best way to go sometimes.   I despise HMOs.  An awful plan.

Anyway, how can I be scared or happy about possible republican obamacare antics?  I have little idea of the reality.  I know the usual meme factories regularly show maps and graphs of the disaster that will occur if the republicans get their way.  I am not happy when either side refuses to just define their damn bill.  They go off on "what this will do...", "what this will mean to working families (or whatever)...".  Basically opinions and hyperbole.  What IS the bill?  What does it say?  And why does it, like all bills begin with its alleged purpose followed by, "...and other purposes."   Really?  We actually allow this?  My bill to "save the children, and other purposes" also includes a section making paying me a fee every time you use a crosswalk mandatory, or we take your property.

Unbelievable.  The deal is, there are people and small businesses that cannot afford the affordable care act.  They duped those who don't feel the crunch.  I probably benefitted.  Not sure.  No question that tax money subsidized me greatly.  Even so, actual costs over time are probably less than I paid in, even with a chronic mutant disease.  But if I had been showing much more income, I may not have been able to afford the test that determined the gene mutation.

There are people in dire need of expensive treatment or medication who are broke, mostly due to their health, and convinced they will be without the medicine or treatment they need.  Some involves pain, so the stress can panic them.  I do not know and this time I haven't bothered to check it out.  Which cronies get the spoils this time?

I notice that medicare pulls all kinds of nonsense tricks on people in an effort to save money.  They can be good, and they can be asinine.

Anyway, without absolute specifics, and specifics I find right, I can't say I support the ACA, or its repeal.  I don't even know much about the mess we've got, and I know less about the mess they are proposing.  I suppose my disdain of the smarmy portion of the democratic party could cause me to react on a my-team-is-better knee jerk tribal response.  But I am rather bothered by republicans too.  I guess they weren't running the show in my school days, and dems were.  And I still object to progressive income taxes.  Besides being ridiculous, they opened the door to the complicated tax code that gives insiders a pass.   Stuff you have to know in order to be rich for more than a minute.

Anyway, it is almost as if the setup is to either screw much of the middle class, or to absolutely pull the rug out from under poor people, old or not.  Sick people.  If you are poor but healthy, you can probably change your conditions if you choose.  If you are poor and sick,  you are doomed. It is life, and life is cruel sometimes.  Really life is life.  And that's it.  Trace all the cause and effect, anything can happen.  Reasons can be complex and maybe that butterfly ripple in the air was the trigger.

Repeal the mandate.  Some think it risky.  I think if the companies see you are not forced to buy, they may quit with those outrageous deductibles and premiums.  I have heard of many people who pay far more than my care has cost, per person in their families.   Totally nuts.  That is gouging.

I think I may be in just the right spot--for the despised state's purposes.  Just poor enough to have no power and be somewhat dependent--medicare.  But not so poor that they can't badger me and suck some blood now and then.

I don't even know any more.

Friday, September 22, 2017

Reminiscent of Rosie. yay

Reason number whoknowswhat why I avoid watching too much news.  I'll read some, but not too much of that, either.

The biggest annoyance to me re Pres. Trump has always been his pettiness in public feuds or disagreements.  I remember when he and Rosie O'D were publicly feuding.  It garnered each of them attention, and it gave me the creeps.  Both of them gave me the creeps.  Each had to respond to the other with a lower, more meaningless cheap shot.  Zero class, all around.  That's the irony of Alec Baldwin's impersonation of Trump on SNL, he is basically playing himself, classless, base, petty, and annoying.

But, yay, the Donald brought the hobby of public insult to the presidency.  That's got to work well.   I do not disagree that Kim is a deranged despot.   But is a public feud on the same level as the Rosie feud really constructive?   I doubt it.

Much of what he said to the UN was fine with me.  It is a phony institution.  A mockery of reality and truth.  He was right to call them out for having terrorist states on their Human Rights council--or whatever it is called.

The United Nations is one the world's foremost money laundering operations.  The corruption is fairly transparent.   It's a joke but someone is profiting.   Powers that be and the largest of monied interests know no national boundaries or loyalties.  The UN is a useful tool.

Despite the dubious gravitas of the UN, I see no benefit in calling out psycho dictators and taunting them like an obnoxious child with name calling.   If the people of N.Korea don't want the system they have, they could change it. Maybe they are unaware, or the army is trouble.  Why don't they revolt?  Maybe too weak and hungry.

I also disapprove of presidents engaging on a personal smear war with networks they chastise by name.  I know they are all over him with anything they can dream up, and that there are different standards depending upon what serves their purpose, but the whole cnn war and all that is not needed.  Let others do that.

When you are president the personal nonsense is not needed.  It is bad for the office.  Obama did it with Fox and with getting in the middle of incidents without knowing the facts.  He weighed in before investigations were conducted, and often in defiance of actual facts.  Trayvon case was one such, so was the thing about a professor being questioned by a cop while drunk, breaking in to his own house.  Obama was wrong.  But he at least did not have Rosie wars.  Not to say he was opposed to ridicule as a tactic.  He wasn't.

I think they all have gone to the dark side, the Alinsky school of public discourse.  Ridicule, play the mindless bandwagon mentality of people, and repeat the lie you want believed over and over and over, despite any contrary evidence.

So, in short I thoroughly enjoyed seeing the UN charlatans taken aback, and called out for being hypocrites.   But, the easy personal attacks on N. Korea's boy wonder were stupid and beside the point.  And that just added to the mindless press reaction.   As much as I despise the standard news outfit slant, and their reactions and reporting, I get a little angry at people who self lampoon in a way sure to kill any credibility a legitimate viewpoint would have.  Plays right into the totalitarian loving left's hands. Referring to the president's compulsion to create controversy over nothing, and to walk into obvious little pr traps boldly laid out in broad daylight by his alleged enemies.

I have yet to figure out why they are so enamored with an all powerful, all knowing state having total power over our lives.  There is a limit, I would think.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Another Lie

"Misery loves company".
If it were true, my house would be loaded with people.  It is not.

Another one I wonder about lately.   Not exactly a lie, I guess, but a worry nonetheless.
I think I have had it with being a fake musician.  I'm not a real musician, and neither are most people you see out performing, mostly for nothing.

I am tired of it.  Hopefully I will get tired of feeling how I feel.  Every time I see anything, I think of how I missed the whole boat; never lived.  I thought I could blame drinking, many years ago.  But I quit, and I only became more useless.

It is not hard to see how it all happened, if you are me.  It has taken years to see the enormity of the farce which was my introduction and time on this planet.  It brings anxiety, anger, fear, madness, sense of no worth.  Hopelessness.

Now, even the unstable, neurotic, and lost can spot truths and lies outside of themselves.   And they are abundant.  Those lies are the ones designed to keep people in manageable herds, voting blocs. Also much appears to be devoted to promoting fear.  It matters not what the fear is, just promote it.  Fear of playgrounds, peanuts, meteors, weather, weather events, weather in a hundred years, opposing views, fear of being perceived as questioning "settled science" or "privilege", and much much more.

There are some implied lies which have been used to promote that which was almost non-extent prior to the PR effort.  Charlottesville is a prime example.   Groups with little or no support came in from other areas to make a scene, knowing the governor and mayor would help it explode into a big advertisement for the aberrant.

Supposed white nationalists or supremacists make a big march with tiki torches.   They had a permit. Then other groups get bussed in and they wear bandanas and help seek violence, in the name of protesting fascism.  Neither group would have made a ripple had not the mayor and police, with a complicit governor ensured that violent confrontation would occur.

They have lied portraying white racism as rampant and the biggest racial problem going.  White racism is minimal compared to Black or Hispanic racism.   May or may not account for crime statistics of present day this race on that race crime.  May only be a piece of the story.  But keep lying about it, keep attacking non racists as racists, and you'll get the violence and hatred you seek.

The bussed in antifa and blm phonies were not just peaceful people protesting nazis and white racists.  They were their allies, in reality.  Each needs the other in order to instill fear in their demographics, helping to recruit new morons into the world of self-rightoeous anger, violence, bliss, and usefulness to political criminals.    Both groups were what might be called astroturf.   Both had mostly out of town members.  Both knew that they were escalating the show.  Both just taunting, looking for violent confrontation.  Both looking for the camera.

And America played into it.  You have those who never pass up a good racial incident even when it isn't racial, and you have whatever the hell it is that these neo nazi, kkk types are.  I guarantee you this attention has bolstered their support.  You have just militarized more idiots of every ilk.  The new wave of hate whites for being white, and do it self righteously, has become seriously hateful.  They justify it because of the tiny piece of the population who actually support that neo-nazi routine has been shown under a magnifying glass so it looks like a huge force.  It is not.

We are back to a world in which too many people think of nothing but race 24/7.  And, like the Cracker Barrel girl, they think everyone is as racist and race obsessed as they are.  That is not at all the norm with most people.  Especially with most white people.  But throw in white liberal democrats, and they pretend to be fighting for every legal, perceived, or invented minority, claiming their own race is the evil devil.  I say, shoot yourself for your crimes then.

But noooo.  They won't shoot themselves.  They somehow find this routine helps them gain power of some kind.  Political in some cases.  They think so little of others, purely based on race, that they feel they have to be the saviors and disavow their dna similar white devil relatives.  Puke.

What really kills a lot of these people is that their insistence that all blacks must think alike or else they aren't really Black, and similar nonsense for other groups does not hold up.  More and more people are refusing to bend to petty peer pressure.  Not all Blacks or Africans, or even Russians think the same.  You cannot be outraged at stereotypes while simultaneously insisting everyone of a particular race or ethnicity think alike or else they are traitors.

Another off the wall lie, is the one they promote in order to paint ghetto crime culture as African-American culture.  It is not.  It is redneck style crime culture.  Black white or indifferent, redneck behavior knows no racial divide.  Surprising but true.  Not talking funny trailer rednecks skiing behind lawn mowers and such.

People will go into privilege and selected history.   It is troubling, for sure, every time a group gains power over or possession of, a territory of some kind.   Imagine the heartbreak of indigenous peoples of Mexico when the Aztecs started conquering, enslaving, sacrificing--cutting out the still beating heart-of your tribe.  Bastards.   Then they got theirs.  The upshot?  La Raza.  The Mexican race, Aztec and Spaniard.  Oops.  But it has been celebrated for a century or more.    So, before they take California, how about we just go all the way back through everyone's history and undo it all.

I am convinced people are enamored with self righteous anger.  Really just anger without consequence.  They invent stuff to fuel anger, ignore mitigating factors and off they go.  Maybe they'll break windows, harass and stop traffic,  throw paint, rocks, whatever.  But if they can claim a holy cause, and label you racist, misogynist, homophobe, etc.-phobe,  they will pretend that their violence is pure self defense.   Even though they initiated it.

The more squeamish settle for being outraged and offended.   Then we just have the big pretense in the press.  People claiming harm when no violence has occurred.  Someone did not say something as prescribed and now we need an apology.  It is all fake.  Most of the time, no one was truly outraged, and the perp is not even sorry for the substance of the statement, only that a mob of idiots jumped him for it.  Lots of times it is one who would normally be in the mob who got caught by surprise in the game of apology tag.

We had talk of the age of Aquarius.  This is the age of self righteous idiocy.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Arguing (and agreeing) With Nietzsche

Friedrich N is one of those guys whom people quote.  There is a bushel of oft quoted people.  I often find it annoying, truth be told.  The one that really gets me is, "Someone once said...".  No kidding.
Someone once said, "I like to go to the store."

Geez, someone once said almost anything.  That someone could have been me.  I could say, "Nietzsche wasn't entirely correct in his assessment of human behavior", then hide behind the "Someone once said" motif.  Takes the heat off me, and I can pretend to be as mad at "someone" as you are, should you not like what I/they said.  So watch out for paths of the socio or psycho variety when it comes to the "someone said" game.  It may all be a trick.

The thing about Fred is he is quoted as saying "Man is the cruelest animal".  Of course there are pure dumbasses in positions of academic power and authority, today, who probably bristle at the word "man" being used in the universal human experience sense.  Or they would say even the Nietz knew how awful men are.  Seriously the fake attempts to level all of life's challenges and opportunities has devolved for many years into a form of dadaism.

So screw it.  I will address the quote as written.  I will probably not split things up by gender, race, perceived sex or race, or any possible variation of condition of birth, real or imagined.

My thought was, maybe that is true.  But cats of all types can be pretty rough on squirrels, birds, mice and the like.   The game of cat and mouse can often go on for awhile.  The cat bats the prey around, then makes it think there may be hope, then bats it some more.  They keep doing that, giving the prey hope, then violently mocking them for it.

But humans have done some brutal stuff no question.   The trouble is, man is the kindest animal as well.  That statement is equally true.   Although I doubt any species has more members who hate themselves and others of their kind the way many humans do.   It is very hip in many circles.
I would say a certain ilk of white liberal takes the cake on glorifying hatred of humanity.  In a totally self righteous, somewhat removed way.  As if they too aren't human white devils.

But still, humans are absolutely the kindest creatures on earth.  You can find tons of aberrant humans who are in no way kind.  That does not change the fact that no other animals include so many individuals who step up to rescue their fellows in time of need.  It is a shame that both extremes are in our potential.

It's always hipper to take the cynical view, "we're the cruelest bastards of all life forms ever!", rather than the optimistic one.  When you see events like the NYC boat lift of 9/11/2001, it is clear no other creature would find such numbers of people risking, giving, doing everything to save other humans.

So, I agree that man is cruelest, but I submit that (universal) he is also the kindest.  And the most academically confused.  See the saga of what's his/her name Manning and Harvard.

Fads and nonsense rule much.  Peer acceptance is behind at least 83.5% of all people in demonstrations, marches and other activities in which mobs pretend to be serious aBout some issue, or non-issue.  They won't admit it of course.  Following the groups helps them be considered smart. Parroting talking points and propaganda wins tons of points.

Humans are the most self destructive creatures around, as far as I know.  Of course, not all are.  Just enough to rouse the rabble.   And oh, does the rabble love rousing.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Comment Reply Won't Work, Misconceiving Slow Boat

In the comment on the post below, Slow somebody, lives up to the name.

I never said anyone had to be sexy to have value.  Something Joy said or did on whatever clip I saw elicited that unfiltered response.  I don't like any of the people in the post, and find them somewhat repulsive, hence not sexy.  Then again there are those who immediately strike me as sexy at a given moment.
You are looking for divides.  The constant filter of everything by race or other involuntary condition is shallow and does not help modern civilization.  It used to be that tribal attitudes protected the community.  Now they divide it.

Race is neither virtue nor fault.  But people do not believe that.  They have behaved like race was a virtue or fault throughout history.  Competing tribes, cultures, races.  All wanting to raid and pillage and get your stuff.

There are people so warped and looking for anger that they believe the whole natural system of human reproduction is repressive and misogynistic.

Self righteous anger is so good because you can suspend reason, substituting indignation, you can suspend listening or reading well enough to actually understand what's there, you can suspend any reasonable respect.   It is truly the coward's, and the bully's, way out.

I expect people to become mentally slower, en masse, before a significant backlash occurs.  What is depressing is that it won't just calmly drift toward a peaceful, respectful equilibrium.

Even so, it is maddening when some pit-bull-at-large searching for an angry cause and someone to jump on, reads all the koolaid points into material where it doesn't really apply.  Find an enemy at all costs.  Anyone who is not taken in by identity merchants.   You realize that what they are ultimately selling is violence?   That they help create it?

Slow acted as if he/she/it knows me.  Reading in everything they show you how to do at useful idiot school, whether it is actually there or not.

It is no use, I know.  People are just smart enough to convolute logic, but not to spot half facts and truths.  Not smart enough to see their biggest enemies.

And it is easy to find misandrist remarks out of Joy, almost nonstop.

I'm going to stop short of what declarative sentence is on my mind.

Really. You are pretty much all wet on this one, Slow.
I am talking current , last several decades, violent crime statistics.   And I am sure you skewed the context.  That is the trap when you want to measure all by race or other things you had nothing to do with manifesting.   Some things work for your goals or team, and some don't.   But those are facts.

It hurts people to pretend rather than change things.  When I can walk through Liberty City, fairly sure I'll survive rather than being attacked for not looking right, I'll begin to think that people finally get it.

Tell that to my friend in Miami who was raped, walking out of Jackson Memorial Hosp. from her job, by approximately 11 Black men, left for dead.  She just has no use of her right arm, and only partial use of her right leg.   It doesn't make it better or worse, but that is what happened.

So, your eagerness for a race competition on who is horrible can bring up ugly incidents on all sides.  A fool's game if you ever want harmony.  I won't mention two more incidents involving dismemberment and worse.  Because that is not, and never was the point.

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Weirdly, A New York Thing, I Guess

Seriously, to me, Joy Behar is one of the least sexy women ever.  But so is Rosie.   Now, I do think President Trump is a horrendous mess, no doubt for different reasons than people like Alec Baldwin.  Another who has that petty New Yorker thing going.  It is just one sub-culture amid the larger NY fabric, so we can't say all are cheap shot, petty bickerers.  

I admit, I can't listen to any of them for more than a minute, if that.  I actually like Trump better than the other three although I am usually angry with how he feeds the uber statists while pretending not to.

He's the least of the people I blame for the Charlottesville fiasco.  He did not ask the police to stand down.  He was right the first time when he called out all sides involved in that propaganda ploy, and PR coup,  as violent and wrong.  They were.

What has happened in this clever manipulation and massive assault is that a teeny spec of a group has been given a huge boost, and made to look far more numerous and powerful than they are.   By doing this, these neo bolshevik types and ISIS and Crips look-a-likes can play victim, yell racism, collect their pay for participating in this community activity, and hop on the bus back home.

You have idiots in both the really stupid groups who actually believe this nonsense, having no idea they are being used and duped.

I wish I liked what democrats do, but I do not.  I am used to no alternative, but that doesn't stop me from observing and making note of the lies and embellishments being pumped out like raw sewage in the Baja.

By making it look like white nationalists, nazis, etc, are powerful and big, then they can tie it to Trump because the white power bunch has turned on their own, and they don't like democrats either.

He should have had sense enough to say that he refused to be used to promote idiots, and racist tribalists. and identity bigots.  Kind of redundant there.  The fanatics have repeated certain mantras so much that they really believe it.  So, they basically accuse Trump of riding through the night in hooded robes burning crosses.  It is nonsense. He is not a nazi.

Some of the extreme left goes so far as to say anyone who voted for Trump/and/or who is not on the blind bashing bandwagon is therefore a climate denier, racist, etc., and therefore a threat to humanity, therefore should be jailed or executed.   It is nuts.

Like the immigration thing.  He does away with a presidential thing that is not a well defined law.  It is not permanent.  But he defers doing anything about it for six months, with no real indication what happens then.  I would expect very little change in the real policing of the people at issue.  They must sleep well.  RIM sleep.  Dreamers.  Lucky ducks.  Insomnia, guilt, worry, angst and emotional turmoil aren't what they're cracked up to be.

Thursday, August 31, 2017

All Temporary

After Hurricane Andrew, way back then, I remember thinking how temporary things in life are.
More people are affected in Houston and area than were by Andrew.  Plus this flooding is another world.   Seems to be the trend in Gulf cities.  Time to cut it out.  No more floods.

The clever mayor told everyone not to leave.  Until it was too late.  You'd think they would have info on where the low lying areas are. Plus cities, airports, anyone like that is supposed to have plans in place and go through mock exercises modeling various emergency situations.   He acted like he was concerned about traffic.  If you have a plan, it should work.

So, lots of people were just trusting their local officials not to be dimwits, too lazy to talk to the weather professionals, civil engineers, etc. before pronouncing the best thing for people to do.

It is hard when hurricanes are coming.  The local press and everyone emotional cripple looking for an excuse to freak out over states the case with every hint of a storm.  It is the principle illustrated by the fable, "The Boy Who Cried Wolf".  "Nobody believes a liar, even when he is telling the truth."  Aesop had it going on.

The result is people stuck in a mess.  This time the local authority advised hunkering down.  No one ever advises hunkering up, as far as I know.  Wonder why.

I do not know where you are free of possible cataclysmic events.  I'm thinking the trick is to pick your poison, but still try to land where the threat is mitigated somewhat.  Do you hate fire more than floods and tornadoes?  Do you worry about earthquakes?  Volcanoes?  Location, Baby.  See how it is?  One man's Worst Calamities, especially as listed here, may fall in a different order than his colleague's list.

Not much went wrong in Greensboro, except occasional ice storms taking down powerlines so no power.  They would put it back the way it was and act as surprised as they could when it happened again.  It was crazy. Probably still is.  But no big fire scare, rarely any hurricane influence, not many tornadoes.  But it is not the same town.  Last time I was there, it seemed kind of hostile and ugly.  Not completely, but moreso than back when.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Yay, September is Blood Cancer Awareness Month

I have been improving over the last year, but not always.  My energy level peaked when I was in Texas, but began to wane, even before I left.  Still it is better overall.  Mentally, and I suppose emotionally, I am a mess.  Who cares, you can change your own mind easier than physical malfunctions.

The MPN people sent out an email discussing the reasons why re awareness, I guess.  People always talk about awareness related to this that or the other.  I generally scoff and become annoyed. Great, I am aware that wars are rarely what they appear to be.  That sure helps. Not

BTW, MPN means myeloproliferative neoplasms = bone marrow malfunction.  Got a mutation and blablabla.   ET is what they settled on for me after first thinking PV.   ET= essential thrombocythemia---more platelets than is good.  Way too many if unchecked.   PV polycythemia vera= over production of red blood cells.  Those are simplifications.  Lots of overlap and that sort of thing.  Biological stuff is like that.  Messy, with vaguely defined parameters and boundaries.

Here's the first part of what they sent.   I have no idea what friends and family think. It is not that relevant.  I am the one who generally refuses to believe I have any other problem than that I am a defective, weak minded person, and I imagined all this.

Deep down, I do not think I have a disease, I think I am just no good and can't manage to live a good life like most or some people.

Here's prt of the mpn outfit's message:
What does an "awareness" campaign have to do with PV, ET or MF?

Dear (My name, which I will pretend you do not know) 

In a few days, the  month will change to September, which is recognized nationally as Blood Cancer Awareness Month. While you are already aware of MPNs, or myeloproliferative neoplasms, there are many factors indirectly but adversely affecting people living with Polycythemia Vera, Essential Thrombocythemia and Myelofibrosis. A few we hear from patients frequently are
  • Friends or family not believing they are "really" sick or have cancer
  • Insurance or disability denying coverage or a claim
  • Problems getting medication, either because it is too expensive, their deductible is too high, or the medication is not approved for MPN
  • No suitable clinical trials for their diagnosis of PV or ET
  • No way to prevent progression
  • (Since I am doing well on the cheapest, easiest pill, Hydrea, I have had no coverage issues.  I have not sought any sort of disability or any of that.  Not disabled. Especially now.  Far worse 2 or 3 years ago.  Medicare and others play a game. If you let them they will screw you.  It is how they max profits/cut costs/meet budget.  Certain things they flag automatically  hoping you are too sick to argue, then you die--problem solved>  And therein lies the biggest question over single payer---will they actually be more dogmatic and arbitrary, leaving you less recourse than you have now?  I said it was a question. I don't know. Sometimes, I don't care)

Here we are playing heart of Georgetown, TX.  We drew and held a crowd.  I am on far right. The fiddle and I were getting used to one another.  He is stellar.

They go on:
These are problems being addressed by the MPN Research Foundation and other advocacy groups 12 months of the year through education, research funding, and advocacy. Although a month of awareness won't resolve the issue completely, it is a good opportunity for us to work together toward improving the lives of people with PV, ET, and MF. Here are a few activities you can share with friends and family during September to spread awareness about MPNs:...

That's end of them and what follows is my point of view.  I left off their list of things.  Not making an MPN-centric twitter profile pic.  They actually have it, you just click here and there.  I do not do twitter. 

In that I am trying to lead by example.  It may take time before enough of the country follows that example.  Especially elected officials.   Twitter would improve if they banned politicians, 501c and any other blatant power vehicle.  I probably would still ignore it.

               In Texas in early August.  There is absolutely no way I could have done this 2 or 3 years ago.  Even a year ago, I think.  It would have resulted in a pruritus attack like you have no idea.  Unless, of course, you do.  Seriously, a big step.  Other factors, too, besides the intractable itch attacks.  No hives but feels like attack of hyper active ants running all over.  That day was energy peak for last year or more.  Now I wonder how all the big houses built up high on the banks fared with all the flooding.  This was closer to San Antonio, but rivers don't always care.

OK, I am not doing the social media and battery of links they have in their message to me.   If anyone cared to look it up they can go to or other place.  

The Houston flooding will influence some of the ongoing research and upcoming stem cell transplants.  
I think Houston has a nit wit mayor, like New Orleans when Katrina hit.  Maybe not as bad as that, but still a nit wit.  The governor of Texas seems competent in this scenario.  Plus the people of Houston are less dimwitted overall than New Orleans people were.  Like it or not, they were dumb as rocks.   People try to blame Bush, but the governor and mayor involved with Katrina were absolutely incompetent, negligent, and too stupid to know they were worthless.  Remember footage of even the cops looting?

Oh well.   This really sucks.  I can only hope that Spike Lee doesn't get involved and try to make another natural disaster into a racial issue.  Those people ought to have enough money by now, so playing on hate and fear and lies should be a thing of the past for them.  Give it up race fanatics.  You are dumber than you think.

OK.  Sande, the lady in whose band I play, won the Western Country Music Assoc. entertainer and vocalist of the year, in her age category and for female.  Genre was called "new country".  Despite all the categorization it is a big win.  She goes to Nashville vicinity for nationals in March.  I guess that is probably a solo adventure, as was this round.  No telling, I may be in Texas by then.  Hard to say.

I'd just like to go see what those people think of what I do.  So, if I had a chance to go, and maybe back her on a show or even open mic at the Bluebird, I'd like to try it. I think I taught her everything that scored her these awards. Two trophies, vocalist and entertainer. 

I bet hematologists and oncologists just made up the whole mpn deal.  They didn't used to know what it was.  I guess the test for chromosomal mutation is their tangible proof.  It is bogus.  Or could be.  Easily.  Something that people can live with for years.  Somewhat active years.  So, my guess is that it is a designer disease.

That's OK. Pretty sure blunt force trauma, resulting from something stupid I may do, is much more likely to do me in than this nonsense.  

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Not Everyone Has Heard This Story---kkk back east over thirty years ago.

So, I was heading toward my big slam into the earth, nose diving in life.  Drinking days.  And I was playing harmonica for Marvin's Rockabillys.  Exceporot he stuck letters on his vintage Les Paul misspelling his name.  The klittle raised aluminum mailbox letters spelled out, "Mavrin's Rockabillys".

I did not say anything for a couple of months, if I recall correctly.  When I did, it broke my heart because he never noticed.  I ruined his bliss by compromising his ignorance of that spelling fact.  It is not always noble to enlighten the ignorant if there's no need.  That's my new stance on that issue.

One time we had a gig at the Men's Gun Club of Whitset (NC).  It was this sort of clubhouse, dance hall out in the sticks.  Outside of Greensboro, Burlington, outside of everywhere.   I thought people were just ribbing me when they said they thought it was a klan place.

It was unimaginable to me that people would still be that nuts.   They were, and I guess a few still are.

The stage had a big wooden cross on the wall behind the stage.   Red lightbulbs, maybe 40 watters, running vertically and horizontally to spice up the cross.  On one side stretched the American flag.  On the other, the stars and bars of the Confederacy.

What a bizarre gig. I think Mavrin may have been one of them.  It was a great dance.   All the underage klan girls were trying to use me to get caught right there with their pants down.  To keep one of them pacified, I had to set a time and place.  And I did, in another town, and I never showed up.

No one said or did anything racist, but I am pretty sure they would have been problematic if any black musicians sat in or danced with their aggressive, under-age daughters.  Girls like that are either hard core rebelling, or a bit too close to kin.   Precocious in an idiot savant sort of way.
I was so much wanting Greensboro to be perfect, or at least not mean and backward.  I was naive.  And nuts.  Still am.

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