Friday, July 17, 2009

Another Good Day, in the grand scheme of things

Well, today was far different than yesterday. I drove to north county to do a favor. That went well enough. I dislike north county though.

Anyway, I was back nearer to home when the journey came to an end, at the end of a flat bed trailer that was sticking out in the road in the dark, stopped. The guy pulled his truck in this place leaving the back in the road, and got out. Under the circumstances you just could not see it until after it took out the passenger side, all the way down the side of the vehicle.

Maybe the tour mobile will live to tour again. The jury is out on that. At least the incident motivated the trucker to move it the rest of the way off the road. It could have killed a biker or passenger in a smaller car. I think I have the glass out of my hair now.

What an odd turn of events.

I had friends willing to come in the middle of the night and help me through the drama. Imagine that. They took me to their home. Of course we had planned to move a large object in the morning anyway so it works out from that end. But the idea that I not only had someone to call, but I could have called others as well, is amazing. Not sure the others would have been as able to come, and their reception is spotty, but still, I could have tried. The point is, people were willing to help and it was at a highly inconvenient time and a long way off. I think that is worth noting.

The other big picture aspect of the deal is that I am insured, even though the deductible is almost 2 months rent. And the nature of the hazard was such that it could have killed someone, possibly me. It sucks, and I was/am very fond of that vehicle. Mobility is something I value highly. But, it looks like we shall resolve it one way or another and I hope to be safely mobile again soon. Glad I have some rental coverage, even if it is somewhat limited.

Life is a dangerous and often costly hobby.

It would be stupid and bratty to be too wound up. It does kind of bother me that I can't think of anything I could have done to avoid it, considering all the factors involved. I was being alert and was paying attention. Thank God a pedestrian wasn't there instead of the truck. You can only see so much at night. Usually I can rely on intuition. All I knew was something wasn't right over there, bam. Too late now.

What a shame I had to ruin someone's sleep to come get me. That was pretty nice.

I can't figure out the cops, though. Very hostile and not at all helpful or considerate. I was beginning to feel like Rodney King.

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